Zero Dimension Z Promo Art

The Zero Dimension (零次元, Zero Jigen; alternatively written as ゼロ次元), also known as Platform Zero (プラットフォームゼロ, Purattofōmu Zero), is one of the three dimensions featured in Megadimension Neptunia VII.


The Zero Dimension looks like a corrupted and destroyed version of Gamindustri. It has a violet sky with cracks running throughout the earth and sky. The areas attacked by the Dark CPUs have their matter erased and replaced with floating translucent squares.

The cities are filled with considerably worn down or destroyed buildings, chunks of which have fallen apart and now cover the roads. The roads themselves are a mess too, being cracked and unearthed from the occasional earthquakes.

Despite the destruction found throughout most of the dimension, the areas surrounding Share Crystals are in much nicer condition. Jingu Sakura Park is filled with grass and blooming cherry blossom trees, and even has a river flowing through the middle of the park.


The intelligent inhabitants of this dimension consist of Uzume Tennouboshi, Umio, Arfoire and monsters such as Baby Bugs and Dogoos. The intelligent monsters are harmless and attacked by more fearsome monsters. As they are monsters, they cannot provide shares to Uzume despite the faith they have in her until a certain event occurs. However share crystals which are strangely only uncommon in this dimension can serve as a replacement.

The technology of this dimension is largely in ruins. However, the early internet does exist as well as broken terminals that were used to transport between cities. Most of the world's history can be found on various terminals around the dimension but key parts are corrupted. The technology of this dimension is less developed than the technology in the Hyper Dimension but there is still lots of old and collectible gadgets for the likes of Nepgear to enjoy.


Pre-Game History

Megadimension Neptunia VII

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