I don't care about vegetables, chu! Besides, don't you dare complain about my Compa, chu.
— Warechu
4GO Warechu
Title Chosen One
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Beta Tester
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Neeko

Born and raised in the back-alleys of Gamindustri, he knows just about every crook in town. Ever since Compa cared for him when he was injured, he's had feelings for her. They remain unrequited, however.

He has chosen the Adventurer as his class within this game.

In reality, he's a mouse, but since the Mouse race doesn't exist in 4 Goddesses Online, his avatar is a human like the other players. [1]



Warechu now looks like a human. He has the figure of a male youth. He has large eyes with red irises and black pupil and grey hair in a bowl cut. His attire is essentially a cosplay of his form as a rat. He has a hood that is in the shape of a rat's head. He wears a black shirt then a gray t-shirt over it and black pants. He has a black scarf with the broken heart design. He carries a beige bag and there is a tail that hangs out behind him. Behind him, is a pair of small red wings.


Warechu is foul-mouthed, dislikes being called a rat, and knows when fighting is futile. In order to play this game for free, he managed to get a hold of a ticket. He doesn't like working very hard though, so he hasn't even been raising his levels while playing. Instead, he earns money by selling recovery items at excessively high rates right outside various dungeons. He is also smitten with Compa, comparing her voice to that of an angel.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

In Wishuel, Arfoire has finished planting her eggplants and hopes they grow well. Warechu wonders why Arfoire would take up farming in the game as well. He tells her he will not help her this time around. Arfoire does not want him touching her eggplants anyways but points Warechu to the eggplants' item description. Eggplants are forbidden meaning they must be an important item. She encourages Warechu to learn the Cultivation Skill and get his own field. The city has quite a bit of space still.

Warechu admits he is interested in cultivating a few eggplants just because they are taboo, however he is too busy selling recovery items at marked up prices in remote areas. Arfoire acknowledges that he will make money but she points out that it may not be worth the cost and effort to stockpile items and make it to remote areas in the first place. Arfoire declares that she will amass a massive amount of wealth by mass producing the ultimate Forbidden Fruit and selling it without leaving the city then laughs.

Warechu points out that the item can actually be worthless. All Arfoire can do is pray that it isn't.






Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Characters

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