Ah. Sorry, Nep, I can't go on this adventure with ya. I'm trying to play solo so I can boost my stats.
— Uzume
Uzume Tennouboshi
Tennōboshi Uzume
4GO Uzume Tennouboshi
Title Chosen One
Gender Female
Cup C
Weapon Bare Hands
Personification Sega Dreamcast
Personal Status
Occupation Beta Tester
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Mariko Honda

On the surface, she seems like a very stubborn and blunt individual. At heart, however, she's incredibly warm, kind, and reliable. She so desperately aspires to be cool. Her one true weakness is for someone to tell her that she is. There is a girly side to her, and she occasionally has some pretty intense daydreams...

She has chosen the Fighter class. To fight with no weapons, using only her bare hands, is very impressive. In order to get stronger, she's playing the game solo. [1]



Uzume's figure remains the same but her outfit has changed. She wears two golden hairpins. Her attire consists of a small olive green cape with a plum underside to it, a black tank top that exposes her belly, black bandages on her left arm, black gloves with spiked brass knuckles, a gray and black skirt with belts attached to them, a tattered sock on her right leg and a pair of olive green boots that have spiked accessories on the lower end.


She is blunt, but deep in she is loyal and passionate. Her words and deeds are strong-minded, but she is also naive. Unlike her other incarnations, this Uzume does not daydream but still maintains a hidden girly side.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

In Wishuel, Neptune runs into Uzume. She notes it has been a long time. Uzume is happy to see Nepsy and apologizes for not visiting in a while. Neptune did not know that Uzume is beta testing. She wants to form a party with her. Uzume apologizes as she cannot form a party with Neptune. She is playing solo to boost her stats. Neptune is in awe and notes that it is classic for Uzume to be so cool. If Uzume ever changes her mind, she can always find Neptune to form a party with.

Uzume understands and she is cheering Neptune from the sidelines. Uzume just remembers that she wants Nepsy to tell Gearsy that she said what's up. Neptune assures her that she will pass her message. Uzume knows that she is playing solo but she would like Neptune if she runs into to her later to say hi. Uzume says her goodbyes.

In Wishuel, near a pond, Uzume sighs. Something is really bothering her. She remembers talking to IF and Compa. Compa tells her about the spirit that exists in the pond that can grant any one wish for someone. However, IF admits that setting up the conditions to summon it is very difficult. IF explains that they have been here a lot but they have never actually seen the spirit show up.

Uzume regrets making her character the way it is. She wanted to dress her character in cute clothes but she ended up making it look like her in real life. With a spirit that can grant any wish, she decides to make it do some work for her.

Uzume calls out to the pond spirit and wants it to grant her wish. A moment of silence passes, Uzume wonders what the conditions are to summoning it. She doubts she will be able to fish it out. Uzume notices that she is close to the Training Grounds. It is really quiet here so she should be able to get some training while paying attention to any spirit. Uzume begins training. She works up a sweat and Neptune comes in with sparkling eyes and finds her cool.

Uzume is surprised by Neptune's sudden appearance. Neptune asks if Uzume is practicing here. She is near the Training Ground but since it is so full, Neptune asks if she is trying to get away from the noise. Either way, Neptune finds that cool. Uzume takes the compliment and laughs awkwardly. Uzume is happy that someone compliments her in being cool but she could not complete her objective today.

Near a pond, Uzume sighs as no longer how much she waits, the spirit is not showing up. In the end, she is just fishing in the pond but... Neptune arrives and finds it a coincidence that they meet again. Uzume greets Neptune. Neptune asks if she knows of the wish granting spirit in the pond. Uzume is surprised. Neptune smirks and asks if she is trying to get her wish granted as well.

Uzume tells Neptune not to be ridiculous as what good would be done to rely on something like that. One has to use their own two hands to make their wishes come true. Neptune finds what Uzume said incredibly cool but that should be expected of Uzume to say something like that. Uzume is surprised as she never saw herself like that. Neptune remembers that Nepgear and the others are waiting for her so she has to get going. She tells Uzume if she catches any good fish, let her know.

Uzume thinks back to what Neptune said about her. She guesses she can put a little more effort instead of asking a spirit for help. Alright, Uzume is off to grant her own wish with her hands.

Near a river in Wishuel, Neptune greets Uzume. Uzume praises Neptune for her good timing and shows off her fresh 22.5cm Herabung she just fished up. Neptune notes that it is lively and finds that cool. She asks if Uzume has been working hard on her Fishing skill. Uzume has been and notes that it does get a little boring just sitting around when taking breaks. She has only been catching small fish so this feels great.

Neptune wonders about the 22.5cm size and says that is the same size as her shoes. When Neptune puts it like that, Uzume notes that the fish is on the small side. She guesses that means she needs to not settle for this tiny victory. Uzume is determined to catch the Guardian of the River and show it off to Neptune. Neptune tells Uzume to let her know if she catches something amazing and she will get everyone together to help her chop it up for dinner.

Near a river, Uzume calls for Neptune. Neptune greets Uzume and asks her about her fishing. Uzume has caught a weird fish, a 30cm lampfish. She points out that it has a crazy lantern on its head. It is pretty big compared to all the other stuff she has been able to fish up. She asks Neptune if she thinks they can roast it and eat it like the other river fish. Neptune wonders if they can considering its slimy green color. It doesn't look appetizing. Neptune remembers that Compa loves cooking. If they are lucky, she might have a Cooking Skill that all MMOs have.

Compa arrives and asks if Nep-Nep was calling for her. Neptune did and from her heart. Uzume greets Compa and asks her if she thinks they can eat a fish like this. Compa thinks it looks like a monkfish. If it is a monkfish, one can usually cook it in a hot pot or just boiling is okay. The liver is edible but one should be careful to not get food poisoning. Neptune wonders if they just got real world information on monkfish. She tells Compa they want to now if they can eat this in game. Neptune asks Compa if she thinks she can cook it with her Cooking Skill.

Compa explains that being an Apothecary and a Cook are two different things. Compa does not think she can cook it. If there was a Cooking Skill, she would have made Neptune a lot of pudding. Neptune tells Compa if it is about pudding, she would rather her make pudding in real life rather than a game. Compa laughs and decides to make some today or tomorrow to bring to Neptune. Neptune cheers and waits eagerly for that.

Uzume guesses that there is only one way to find out whether it is edible or not. If Uzume finds a way to cook it, she can try eating it. Compa thinks Uzume is so daring. Neptune tells Uzume if anything goes wrong, she will rush over with medicine asap. Uzume laughs and tells Neptune she is counting on her.






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