Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Chapter 2: The Crossroads of Defeat


Uni meets Nepgear while attempting to sign up for quests at The Guild. The two become friendly almost immediately and decide to go out on a quest together. They head to Rebeat Resort and finish the task very quickly before intercepted by Underling. 

Both Uni and Nepgear transform and defeat Underling rather easily. Uni is surprised to see that Nepgear is the CPU Candidate of Planeptune. When she arrives back to the Basilicom she begins to feel bad about how she treated Nepgear, knowing that she too has gone through a lot. She also knows that her sister left her behind because she wasn't strong enough which is why she wants to become stronger. She ponders on what she should do if she should run into Nepgear again.

When they arrive to Septent Resort and find the Hematite, Uni shows up and appears to also be looking for the Hematite. Uni is shocked to see Nepgear there and Nepgear asks if she was also looking for Hematite. Uni says yes and then attempts to try to figure out what to say to her but to no avail.

Nepgear says that she is happy Uni is okay since they parted ways so unexpectedly. Nepgear concludes that Kei asked Uni to retrieve the Hematite deposit and wants Uni to help them defeat the enemy together.

Uni tells Nepgear not to take control of the conversation because she had something to say. She then proceeds in attempting to apologize to Nepgear but Nepgear completely ignores her words and continues speaking. Uni becomes upset and then tells Nepgear that she won’t let her have the Hematite.

Nepgear is surprised and doesn't understand why Uni is doing this, coming to the conclusion that she’s still mad at her. Uni tells her to shut up and continues to say she can’t have the Hematite. Nepgear responds to this by saying Uni can’t it either. The monster suddenly goes berserk and attacks, causing Nepgear to bring the argument to an abrupt end to help the others fight it off.

After obtaining the Hematite deposit from the enemy, IF asks if Nepgear and Uni have finally calmed down. Nepgear says yes but Uni doesn't respond.

Uni suddenly transforms and tells Nepgear to fight her. Nepgear accepts and Uni is glad to hear it saying that is she went easy on her she would feel even more upset than she is now. Nepgear declares she will never lose again and faces Uni one on one and wins.

After the match, Uni comments on how she is still inadequate due to her loss but then turns around says that she went easy on Nepgear but won’t let it happen again before running off again. Now alone, Uni comments on how much stronger Nepgear is in comparison to herself even when she’s alone.

After having completed their mission in getting the aid of the mascot character, the group heads back to the Basilicom in Lastation. Nepgear requests to meet with Uni one last time before they head to Lowee. Kei tells her that Uni panicked upon their arrival and dived melodramatically under her desk.

Uni comes from under the desk, upset that Kei told them where she was. Nepgear is happy to see Uni again and asks one more time if she’ll come with them and help save their sisters. Uni says that she can’t go yet due to her own inexperience.

Nepgear randomly begins to sob which takes Uni by surprise. Uni asks why she’s sobbing and Nepgear responds by saying that they became friends but all they ever do is fight and will never make up.

Uni assures her that they are not in a fight and that it isn't the reason she can’t go with her. She also says that it isn’t goodbye forever. Nepgear asks if Uni would like to see her again to which Uni says that if she feels like it maybe someday.

Nepgear becomes happy hearing those words and tells her to promise that they’ll see each other again. Uni promises Nepgear that she’ll see her again and Kei comments on how she has never seen Uni so happy with someone other than her sister. Once farewells are done, Nepgear and the others leave to Lowee.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

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