Temdinkale is is a large blue armoured robot with a sword, and is first found in the 3* multiplayer mission "Blue Chivalry". Defeating him can get you the Temdin Parts


Temdinkale is a heavily attack based boss, predominantly attacking with its sword. Its main attacks are slashing across in front of it, and a spin attack. It will also quite often jump into the air for an attack from above. It will also do a charge attack, which covers a good distance. On occasion, it will also stab the sword into the ground in front of it. Temdinkale has three parts you can attack, its body and both legs. By disabling its legs you can stun it for a short time. Temdinkale is weak to Blunt attacks, so using Break Patches are helpful


MegaTagmension Blanc Neptune vs Zombies Temdinkale(Better Version)03:21

MegaTagmension Blanc Neptune vs Zombies Temdinkale(Better Version)

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