You'll need pretty strong weapons to beat this game, right? If you've got work to do, don't hesitate to call me.
— Tamsoft
4GO Tamsoft full
Title Chosen One
Gender Female
Race Human
Personification Tamsoft
Personal Status
Occupation Beta Tester
Weapon Salesman
Base of operations Gion Blacksmith
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Ami Koshimizu

Tamsoft won early access to 4 Goddesses Online from a festival lottery and joined the beta test shortly after.

She has chosen the Blacksmith as her class within this game. Her skills in weapon production are utilized to their fullest degree as she strengthens the weaponry of other adventurers. She works quickly and has a great reputation. [1]



Tamsoft's figure remains the same in other spin-offs. She now dons a pirate mixed with a cowgirl like outfit. She wears a red bandana decorated with some hexagonal patterns. She keeps her hair tied using a Tamsoft logo. A white piece of cloth wraps around her chest. Her outfit consists of a black and blue open leather jacket, brown leather gloves, jeans and chaps held up by a black belt with a metal donut-shaped buckle. The belt also holds her wooden hammer. Red ribbons are wrapped on the shoulders of her jacket.


Tamsoft is a girl who loves festivals and many other fun things. Her personality is bright and refreshing, and she occasionally shows glimpses of a heroic side too.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

CPU checks out the Gion Blacksmith. Blanc recognizes the owner of the blacksmith and greets her. She wonders what she is doing here. The owner notes that it has been a long time. Neptune asks Blanc if she knows the owner. Blanc explains that the owner helped her out a long time ago. She never expected to meet her in this game. The owner introduces herself as Tamsoft and her occupation is a Blacksmith. Vert says it is their pleasure and notes that a great thing about playing online games is meeting people that you know in real life.

Rom is shy around Tamsoft and asks Ram if she is safe to talk to. Ram assures her that she is as she is Blanc's friend. The twins decide to introduce themselves to Tamsoft. Tamsoft also greets them and notes that it is difficult to tell the two apart. Neptune then asks Tamsoft since she has a traditional Japanese vibe, if she specializes in sword smithing. Rom excitedly wonders if she can improve her katana. Tamsoft tells them to bring in the materials and she will upgrade them. She is not limiting herself to swords, she can do guns as well.

Uni can't wait to see the extent her guns can be customized. Nepgear notices that Uni has stars in her eyes. Tamsoft notes that they need strong weapons to beat this game so they should not hesitate to call her. Blanc promises that they will and are happy to see her.

In Gion Blacksmith, Tamsoft has run out of materials. She pays a visit to the Chaos Factory and asks IF and Compa for some lively ores. IF does not know what lively ores are but she does have Blacksmith materials available for sale. She asks Tamsoft to take a look. Compa welcomes Tam-Tam. Tamsoft tells Compa she does not need a nickname. Compa decides to call her Soft-Sotht, Soft-Sot, Sofpht but can't get the word right. IF tells Compa she can't use that as an alternative. Tamsoft does not want to trouble Compa and allows her to call her whatever she wants.

IF asks Tamsoft what specifically she is looking for. Tamsoft wants cheap materials for practice. She is paying out of pocket so she accepts any quality. IF tells Tamsoft to give her a minute and she looks for some materials. Compa asks her how her blacksmith is operating. Tamsoft explains that she has a lot of customers but she feels that her quality is lacking. She wants to raise her skill level. Normally, when she messes up for practice, she can break her failed work back into materials for reuse but when dealing with a client. She only has one chance.

Compa admits she would not be able to handle such stress. Her hands would get sweaty. IF returns and suggests that she sell her failed works. That is more profitable than recycling the items. Tamsoft can't sell people failed work. A failure is a failure. IF finds that Tamsoft has quite the professional attitude. She asks that if Tamsoft has made any cool items while practicing that she come back here. IF will buy it off her. IF hands Tamsoft some ores with a little extra as usual.

Tamsoft thanks IF and promises to come back soon. Compa thanks Tamsoft for her business.

Later in Gion Blacksmith, the Planeptune sisters and Uni arrive. Neptune calls for Tamsoft and asks if she has a minute for something they have to ask about. Tamsoft asks what's up. She notices that Neptune is excited. Tamsoft asks if something big happens. Neptune explains that a player they met had a weapon... and... um... She asks Nepgear and Uni to explain the details. Nepgear asks if calling it a laser-esque sword would give Tamsoft a good idea of what it is. Uni admits she did not get a look at it in mid-battle but it had a charge function. If one gathered energy and it could release powerful attack.

Tamsoft finds this interesting. When she gets the chance, she'd like to smith one herself. But for their information Tamsoft is a relatively new Blacksmith. She does not know about all of the weapons. She apologizes for not being much of a help. Nepgear wonders wonders if that was a rare weapon. She tells Tamsoft there is no need to rush and to update them if anything happens. Neptune notes that Nepgear and Uni can't equip swords. She asks if them if that is just for their collection. Nepgear reminds Neptune that she can equip and as long as she can see it in action, she okay with that. Uni is the same, she would be happy just having around.

Tamsoft laughs and notes that they've taking a liking to it. She tells them that she will look out for it. Tamsoft asks them to drop off if anything happens. She would like to see this weapon in order to sharpen her skills. Tamsoft reminds them that she needs the right amount of materials and bells from them. Uni guesses that means materials take precedence between all else. Neptune assures them that drop rates don't affect her. They will collect all the materials while they are completing the story.






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