Support characters in MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies are equipped to your playable characters to give various effects, such as attack, defense and healing powers. The gauges take roughly 20 seconds to charge, and can be used as many times as needed

List of Support Characters

Picture Name Effect How to Obtain
IF Mega Tag IF Increases POW 15% for 15 secs Default
Compa Mega Tag Compa Increases DEF 15% for 15 secs Default
Dogoo Lady Mega Tag Dogoo Lady Recovers 20% of the the EXE Drive Gauge
Dogoo Man Mega Tag Dogoo Man Recovers 15% HP
Baby Bug Mega Tag Babybug POW and DEF increases for 15 secs
Dogoo Mega Tag Dogoo Recovers 15% HP
Nepgya Mega Tag Nepgya Grants 10 secs of invincibility DLC


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