In Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection, stage effects are effects used during live performances to please the crowd and obtain higher scores. Each stage effect has two factors: Level of Satisfaction (How pleasing it is to the audience) and Re-Use Count (How long it takes until you are able to use it again).

Note 1: By using stage effects while the crowd is chanting your name or while in goddess form, the satisfaction levels will increase in response. Likewise, if you use a stage effect while both in goddess form and having your name chanted, you will receive an even larger satisfaction increase.

Note 2: The satisfaction cap is 200%. In order to break past this cap you must use stage effects while your name is being chanted.

List of Effects

Effect Satisfaction Re-Use Count
Spotlight 15% 20
Confetti 2% 10
Stage Gimmick 30% 40
Throbbing Hearts 5% 10
Sparkling Stars 8% 15
Cyber Butterflies 20% 25
Fluffy Snow 25% 35
Burning Passion! 10% 15
Beam Sparks 20% 30


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