This page lists summaries for Rom's Chirper events in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

Chapter 3: A Divine Hunger

"I got dogoo-licked... that was really icky."

  • Affection Increase: Rom, Ram


Mina asks Nepgear for a moment of her time and asks Nepgear to elaborate on what Rom and Ram said about drool ruining the clothes (from CFW Trick). Mina begs Nepgear to tell her what happened what happened with CFW Trick and Mina is appalled, calling him a lascivious villain. Mina says she had never imagined such a way of expressing one's love existed which confuses Nepgear but Mina tells her to forget it. Rom and Ram arrive all muddy after having made a big mountain in the sandbox and a moat. Mina suggests that they all take a bath together and says she'll be so gentle that they'll think she's licking their body. Nepgear hears this and hopes Mina is being figurative.

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