This page contains information regarding Quests in Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed.


Quests in Hyperdimesion Neptunia U are a means of advancing the story. Therefore, more quests will only become available when you advance further in the story. Some quests are character specific and others Irregular Quests which require you to fulfill a certain objective to complete the mission.


Dynamite de Volcano

Name Mission Info Order Recc. Lv Character Participants Clear Condition Enemy List
Solo! Ram! [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] Hey, Ram. Do this Quest by yourself. I dare you! I bet you can't win! Please prove me wrong! Blank 32 Set (Ram) 1 King Pac LV70!
Noire and Blanc [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] We would like Ladies Noire and Blanc to test our new product. Instead of a reward, we'll spawn a rare monster... Glasses Guy 27 Set (Noire, Blanc) 2 450 KOs near boss
Burning Soul Something's going on in the area around the volcano. I hope it isn't a bad omen. Can you please find out, and then stop whatever's happening Sweaty Man 23 No Limit 2 Three Gamers LV30
Volcanic Liquid the color of the world's despair! Its suffering! Please help! Heroine 17 No Limit 2 Beat all mid-bosses
Discarded Data Discarded materials are turning into monsters! Was the data corrupt...? Be careful, because powerful foes appear here quite often! Scholar 11 No Limit 2 120 KOs near boss
Candidate Article [NOTE!] Candidates only! No abandoning! I hear that you Candidates are doing really well. maybe this Quest is too easy for you then... Famitsu 6 CPU Candidate (Nepgear, Uni, Rom, Ram) 2 Huge Dogoo!

U-Ruin Adventures

Name Mission Info Order Recc. Lv Character Participants Clear Condition Enemy List
Enemy Limit Trial [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] Did you really think I would not make an appearance? (‾‾–‾‾) Neptune, join a journalist and complete my challenge! A Tome 99 Set (Neptune, Dengekiko) 2 DSTT (LV300) Hunt
Solo! Neptune [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] I heard Lady Neptune is taking on Quests. That's so rare! I gotta ask her to clear out all these dogoos. Planeptune 20 Set (Neptune) 1 KO 2000 enemies
Mastery I want to become strong without any effort. Can I watch you fight? Maybe I'll gain some EXP if I tag along and hang back or something. Weak Fighter 25 No Limit 2 Action Machine!
Uni and Dengekiko [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] Is there anyone mech-savvy? Please get the mech otakus out of this area! Otaku 26 Set (Uni, Dengekiko) 2 Defeat 250 enemies
Double Impact Two is better than one! Can you prove that to me?! Twister 2 No Limit 2 Simultaneous kills
Things Change? I feel like the monsters are getting eve stronger. Not that I care, but I'm sure other people do. That said, can you help us out? Curious Kid 27 No Limit 2 400 KOs near boss
Ruin Guardians A powerful monster has bee spotted in these ruins. It is getting in the way our expedition, so could you please exterminate it? Commoner 10 No Limit 2 Dolem!

Six Tyate Island

Name Mission Info Order Recc. Lv Character Participants Clear Condition Enemy List
Solo! Dengekiko [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] Are you sure you're doing your job? Prove it to me by beating this Quest. Top Brass 38 Set (Dengekiko) 1 Shadowem x3
Solo! Nepgear! [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] I want Nepgear to get stronger for Gamindustri's sake. So I'd like her to take o this Quest I made up. Neptune 24 Set (Nepgear) 1 Action Machine!
Vert & Famitsu Only! [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] A tough monster has appeared. Can you fight it? Show me your skills. Craftsman 13 Set (Vert, Famitsu) 2 Do a 500-hit combo
Nepgear & Uni Only! [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] I think the Candidates are stronger than the CPUs! Prove me right by beating up this monster I created! Candidate Fan 23 Set (Nepgear, Uni) 2 Epsilon x3
Studious Pair Only! [CHARACTER SET QUEST!] Let's see you defeat us, who have obtained true power! Can you get through our ultimate defense?! Three Gamers 26 Set (Noire, Dengekiko) 2 Win w/EXE Drive
Ultimate Mech Army Look at my ultimate collection! Can you defeat my beautiful and powerful army?! Entreprenuer 35 No Limit 2 Opportune
Dogoo Got Game My girlfriend loves dogoos. I guess I'm not as cute as they are. Can you bring me back the largest one you can find so I can study it? Broken Love 26 No Limit 2 Huge Dogoo LV20
Chaos Paradise I heard a powerful monster appeared nearby. Um, could you beat it ad let me be at the scene before you win? I'd like to add it to my resume. Hero-to-be 21 No Limit 2 Rival Mech LV10
Rare Species? I found a rare monster species. Thought you'd be interested. And no, it's not like I couldn't beat them or anything! Really! Pro? 20 No Limit 2 Dolem LV15 x2
The Underlord Is that overlord really...okay? It looked strong, but... Ehhh... Anyway, can you stop it before things get out of hand? Scared One 15 No Limit 2 King Pac LV25
Grunt Raid Looks like some grunts are training. If they all get stronger, things may take a turn for the worse, so go and eradicate them now! Rabble 7 No Limit 2 Huge Dogoo LV3
Fight, Dengekiko! [NOTE!] Dengekiko only! Get the device we have developed! It was locked away in a dungeon, but a monster may have it now. Brass 5 Set (Dengekiko) 1 Get Processor x4

Final Labyrinth

Waverunner Coast

Frigid Shock

Valtena's Path

Reef Toyonde Cave

Salutations Park


Name Mission Info Order Recc. Lv Character Participants Clear Condition Enemy List
Final Revival [VERY IMPORTANT!] The threat to Gamindustri appears oce again! End this for good! None 50 No Limit 2 Next-Gen Mech! Next-Gen Mech

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