This page contains information regarding quests that can be done in Hyperdimension Neptunia. Each set of quests will be categorized under its specific nation.



Quest Client Details Clear Conditions Dungeon Rec. Level Share Inc. Share Dec.
Keeping Peace and Order Planeptune Resident There are more monsters, but less manpower to deal with them. Please help get rid of the monsters in Planeptune! It's simple. Just go to the ruin and take down five Jakis. Defeat Jaki x5 Sealed Ruin – Lower Level 6 Purple Green
Giant Bull Awakens The Sanctified The Big Buffalo at the Sealed Ruin has awakened. We can't risk it coming near town. Could someone go take care of it? Defeat the Big Bull Sealed Ruin – Middle Level 7 Purple Black
Golden Dragon Elder Every year, a Golden Dragon pays a visit to the ruins around this time. I used to fight it when I was young, but never beat it. I'm offering a reward to whoever can defeat this dragon. Anyone up for the challenge? Defeat the Shining Dragon Sealed Ruin – Upper Level 35 Purple White
Lineage of Justice Sealed Ruin – Deep End Purple Black, Gold
A Goddess' Memory Histoire Hello, this is Histoire. Would you like to test your strength against the goddesses you have fought so far? I have Green Heart, Black Heart, White Heart, and Arfoire. Defeat the Goddesses Sealed Ruin – Between Memories 800 Purple Green
Speedy Blue Shadow Director Yuzawa Hi, I'm Yuzawa, the Director of the company ZECA. Recently, mysterious blue shadows have been attacking out cargo trucks. Could you please find the sources and defeat them? Clear Condition: Defeat the Mysterious Blue Shadow Neo-Geo Front – Sector 1 3 Purple Black
Planeptune Reconstruction Reconstruction Committee We want to produce a body pillow with Lady Purple Heart's print to increase Planeptune's popularity. Please obtain an Ultimate Fiber from a Mandrake. Obtain Ultimate Fiber x5 Neo-Geo Front – Sector 2 50 Purple White
Rampaging Dragon Planeptune Defense Force You know about the illegal discs containing violent game characters, right? We need more volunteers to fight against this threat. Stop the Dark King Neo-Geo Front – Sector 3 30 Purple Black
Worst Machine of the Year Event Coordinator The annual Worst Machine of the Year is opened to select the crappiest invention for this year. One of the machines has gone out of control. Please stop this rampage. Defeat Betelguese Neo-Geo Front – Sector 4 45 Purple White, Gold
Bug King Neo-Geo Front –Closed Sector Purple White
Revenge for the Betrayal Wounded Adventurer I went to fight a monster as requested by the Basilicom, but one of our allies started attacking us instead. He stole all of our belongings... He can't be forgiven. Please go beat him up for me! Defeat the Traitor Knight Norma Tower – Floor 1 30 Purple White
Indomitable Spirit Planeptune Defense Force We want you to defeat ten Dogoos in the tower. Be careful though. I have a feeling something else really powerful exists in the tower besides the Dogoos. Defeat Dogoo x10 Norma Tower – Floor 2 6 Purple Black
Take Down the Fake Purple Heart Norma Tower – Floor 4 Purple Green
Gamindustri Memories Histoire This is Histoire. Are you up for a challenge against one of the enemies you have fought before? It is a replica, but I swear by its strength. Defeat the Bosses Norma Tower – Floor 5 999 Purple Black, Green, White, Gold
Soaring Development Fees Director Yuzawa Hi, I'm Yuzawa, Director of the company ZECA. We're developing a new product, but its material is very expensive. A Dogoo's Gelatin Cell can be used a substitute. Could you please obtain five of them? Obtain Gelatin Cell x5 Evil Cave – Near The Entrance 4 Purple White
Botroll Bounty Planeptune Defense Force There are countless illegal discs produced in Evil Cave. This is going to drive more residents away from out land. Please, someone help us get rid of them. Defeat Botroll x5 Evil Cave – Center 18 Purple Green
Lost Employee Sundry Shop Owner One of your employees left for Evil Cave to give you the receipt you forgot, but she hasn’t returned. I can't leave the shop, so could you go save her instead? Defeat Macaroon Evil Cave – Deep End 200 Purple Black
Defeat the Seven Dragons The Sanctified Seven Dragons have appeared on Planeptune. They're threatening to invade Gamindustri. We need your help to save the world from this crisis. Defeat the Dragon Kings Evil Cave – Closed Sector 80 Purple Green, White, Black
Revenge of the Seven Dragons The Sanctified Those seven dragons have come back for revenge. Please go defeat them once more to keep peace and order on Gamindustri. Defeat the Dragon Kings Evil Cave – No Trespassing Area 900 Purple Black, Green, White
The Bell Tolls for a Goddess Celestial Path – Hero's Road  Purple Green, White, Black


Quest Client Details Clear Conditions Dungeon Rec. Level Share Inc. Share Dec,
Doggy Delusion Boy I went to the Sealed Ruin with my pet Pochi, and were attacked by a Stray Dog. Pochi died protecting me... Please, someone go avenge my dearest puppy! Defeat the Stray Dog Sealed Ruin – Lower Level 6 Black Purple
Disastrous Flames Historian The seal binding the bird of disaster, Phoenix, broke. I hope nothing bad will happen, but could someone please go take care of it before it causes any damage? Defeat the Phoenix Sealed Ruin – Lower: Sealed Area 25 Black Green
War Against Creation Historian I had no idea this god actually existed... According to myth, he will end up destroying Gamindustri. Anyone! Please take care of him! Defeat the Jormungandr Sealed Ruin – Upper Level 35 Black Purple
Together Forever Sealed Ruin  Upper: Danger Zone Black Green
Anti-Work Hermit Boy Working is like becoming a loser... but my parents will kicks me out if I don't work. Can someone go defeat a monster and say it was me? I promise I'll pay well. Defeat Gyuki x5 Mega Storage 3 – Data Storage 1 10 Black White
Out-of-Control Robot Sir President Stringer Ten Automatic Cannons in Massive Storage 3 are going out of Control due to virus infestations. Can you please go destroy them before they causes any damage? Defeat ATW-9 x10 Mega Storage 3 – Data Storage 2 15 Black Purple
Invasion Sir President Stringer Oh, gimme a break. One of the Gunners stored in Massive Storage 4 is a counterfeit. The hell's going on here?! Someone find the fake Gunner now, or the storage unit will be destroyed! Defeat the REN-4 Mega Storage 4 – Machine Storage 1 30
Dear Neptune Ganache Hello, it's been a while. This is Ganache. We've made some nice tweaks to our previous robot. I'd like to request your party to do a functionality test. Oh, but please sign the waiver beforehand, in case something bad happens... Defeat the Killachine 1.01 Mega Storage 4 – Machine Storage 2 55 Black White, Gold
Operation Bounty Moderator Witnesses have sighted multiple Augustuses in Massive Storage 5. We need someone to go take care of them, as they can be quite dangerous. Anyone out there confident enough to take this job? Defeat Augustus x10 Mega Storage 5 – Massive Storage 1 27 Black Green, Gold
Alchemy Helper Student Alchemist Our next assignment is to create a Ruby Prism. I need a Giant's Sol, which is only found inside the body of a Deity Megalith. Obtain Giant's Soul Mega Storage 5 – Massive Storage 2 25 Black Purple
Threat Letter Singe, the Avenir Representative

Dear Neptune,

I'd like to declare another challenge with my masterpiece to prove the power of machinery. I will wait for you in Massive Storage 6.

Defeat the CPU Breaker + Mega Storage 6 – Garage 1 75 White Gold
Steel Soul Singe I'm not giving up. Only one or two losses doesn't mean humans are better than machines. I'm proposing another challenge, and I'll prove I am right! Defeat the machines! Mega Storage 6 – Secret Garage 95 Black Purple, Green, White
Emergency Request Lastation Resident Planeptune's Guild Extremists are threatening that if we don't migrate 30% of our residents to their lands, they'll spread monsters here. They've already proven their serious by releasing one monster. We need your help to take care of it. Defeat the Frog Baby Challenge Cave – Near the Entrance 17 Black Green
For Our Goddess Planeptune Guild Extremist I admit we were wrong... We can't gain faith by forcing people to migrate here. It's only going to upset Lady Purple Heart... I know we shouldn't ask, but will you please help take care of our released monsters? Defeat the Mijaguji Challenge Cave – Middle Level 25 Black Purple
Arfoire's Spirit Challenge Cave  Deep End  White Green, Purple
Request from an Overlord Level 1 Overlord My power has deteriorated while I was asleep. There's a perfect spot for me to train, but a Rahab is interfering. Can you go take care of it for me, so I can concentrate on my training? Defeat Rahab 459th Metal Tower – Lower Level 70 Black Green, White
Glistening Memorial Female Student In Lastation, there's a saying where a couple born under this one legendary tree will be happy forever. I wanted to ask a guy out under it, but a poisonous butterfly killed it before I could. I'm pissed! Go kill that butterfly! Defeat Deadly Butterflies 459th Metal Tower – Middle Level 100 Black Purple, White
Versus Fake Black Heart 459th Metal Tower  Upper Level White Gold
How Dare You! Noob Goddess! Underground Overlord It's not fair the goddesses get the spotlight in this world. I'd like to challenge them for the title of main character. I will await you in the dungeon created by the Dark God! Defeat Hell's Lord Windy Wasteland – Dark God's Cave 8 Black Purple
Whistling in the Wasteland The Sanctified Seigfried and Haken are causing trouble on Lastation. They've taken refuge in a cave beneath the wasteland. Please, someone defeat these two delinquents. Clear Condition: Defeat Haken and Siegfried Windy Wasteland – Wasteland's Vent 28 Gold Purple


Quest Client Details Clear Conditions Dungeon Rec. Level Share Inc. Share Dec,
Abnormality in Snowland The Sanctified Large amount of Slapping Lobsters were found a the ruins. They normally don't breed there, so we went to investigate the cause. Looks like heretics were summoning monsters using some suspicious item. We need help to get rid of these monsters. Defeat Snapping Lobster x10 Sealed Ruin – Lower Level 6 White Purple
Amazing Shrooms Sealed Ruin  Middle Level  White Purple
Shiva's Visit Fortune Teller I feel an evil energy coming from the deep of the ruins... it will eventually bring disaster to Gamindusti if left alone. Oh brave ones, please go subjugate this disaster. Defeat Shiva Sealed Ruin – Deep End 99 White Green
World Labyrinth F.1 Labyrinth Researcher We've discovered a labyrinth on one of Lowee's islands. However, no one has returned alive from there. Can someone go investigate the area and find the cause? Defeat Thanatos Dis Snow Forest – Floor 1 13 White Green
World Labyrinth F.2 Labyrinth Researcher One of our research members was attacked by a monster during our investigation. That giant creature... it must be the ruler of that floor. Please, avenge our comrade! Defeat Labyrinth Dis Snow Forest – Floor 2 25 White Purple
World Labyrinth F.3 Labyrinth Researcher Looks like this is the deep end of the labyrinth. Let's defeat the ruler of this floor and conquer the labyrinth! Defeat Snow Fairy Dis Snow Forest – Floor 3 25 White Green
World Labyrinth F.4 Labyrinth Researcher I had no idea there was another floor to the labyrinth... I have a very bad feeling about this, but I believe you girls can handle it. Please come back alive. Defeat Moon Vermin Dis Snow Forest – Floor 4 700 White
Proof of Purchase Traveling Merchant I was attacked by a Capricorn and it stole my Purchase Permit for a certain product... Can someone go steal it back? Obtain Purchase Permit Schooner TYPE-AL – Near the Entrance 10 White Green
Singing of Lorelei Financier In Lowee, we often hear this beautiful singing coming from somewhere. Its also said to herald impending disaster. I would appreciate you find the source of this voice and, if necessary, defeat it. Defeat Lorelei Schooner TYPE-AL – Middle Level 38 White Purple
Bourne Hazard Mayor A traveling swordsman once defeated this troublesome monsters, but now the monster's spirit has come as an evil spirit for vengeance. Please, someone save my village. Defeat White Bone TYPE-AL – Deep End 600 White Purple, Black, Green, Gold
Upstart Dungeon Merchant A Lamp Fish's Lamp sometimes fetches a good price. My intuition is telling me that chance is coming up, but I'm not strong enough to fish in dungeons. Can someone go obtain five Lamps in my stead? Obtain Lamp x5 Pirate Ship FX – Near the Entrance 5 White Green
Girlfriend's Revenge Earnest Girl My crush is literally in love with this game character. I want to cook his favorite seafood curry to make him acknowledge my feelings, but I'm missing an important ingredient. Can someone please get a Piece of Squid for me so I can finishing cooking? Please! Obtain Piece of Squid x3 Pirate Ship FX – Middle Level 30 White Green
Reverse Survival Broke Student I used up my life savings on gambling and lost it all... I heard any wish will come true by defeating this fairy monster on one of Lowee's islands. Can you please defeat it and wish for me not to starve to death. Defeat Lurian Pirate Ship FX – Deep End 80 White Black
Ancient Medal Medal Collector You've heard of rare ancient medals found on Lowee's islands, right? I'm a collector of those medals and I heard one of them is in this tower. I can't go there, since it's teeming with monsters. Can someone find the medal for me. Obtain Ancient Medal Bruagga Tower – Lower Level 7 White Green
Quality Certification Development Manager We made security robots for Lowee. But only 3,000 units were ordered... I have no idea what's wrong. Can someone test their functionality. Defeat Wing Armor Bruagga Tower – Middle Level 400 White
Versus Fake White Heart Bruagga Tower – Upper Level White Green
Dragon, Baby Bearded Tunnel Man Someone witnessed a green dragon carrying an infant on its back. Apparently, the infant was kidnapped from the nearby village. Oh boy, can someone help before the dragon eats the child? Defeat Guardragon Near the Entrance 12 White Purple
Way of Faith Passionate White Heart Follower Lady White Heart is so cute... I wanna show how much I care about her by getting rid of the monsters around here! Could someone defeat a Baby Shadow for me? Thanks! Defeat Shadow Dragon Convent – Middle Level 15 White Green
King of Dragons Dragon King You want half of the world? Then, come work for me. I will give you the right once I approve of your power. Defeat Dragon King Convent – Dragon's Nest 45 White Green
Ying-Yang Act Financier The dragons, King Yin and Queen Yang, reside within Lowee. However, recent reports say those two have been appearing in residential areas and causing damage. We can't have them keep doing this to our land. Please lend us your powers. Defeat Queen Yang & King Yin Danger Zone 70 White Purple, Gold


Quest Client Details Clear Conditions Dungeon Rec. Level Share Inc. Share Dec,
Accepting Applicants Leanbox Knights Witnesses say a Baby Shadow has been reported near a ruin's entrance. We need to take care of it before any damage is caused. Anyone confident enough to volunteer? Defeat the Evil Dragon Sealed Ruin – Lower Level 8 Green Purple
Sleeping Statue Archeologist I heard there's a moving stone statue called Guard or something at the end of a ruin. I can't resume my research until it's gone. Cold someone go defeat it? Defeat the Guard Sealed Ruin – Middle Level 15 Green Black
Legend of a Hero Hero Hideo Have you heard of Ababab? It's a monster from Lowee that brought disaster a few decades ago. I barely escaped its attack back then after sealing it away, but the seal has weakened. Can someone go defeat it for me? Defeat the Ababab Sealed Ruin – Upper Level 30 Green Purple, Gold
Dancing Butterfly Anti-Parliament Youth The Parliament is hosting an event to clean out a ruin's monster population. Media from all over the world will report on this occasion. Let's go deal with the monsters before the Parliament and steal the show! Defeat the Poison Butterfly Sealed Ruin – Deep End 40 Green White
Fierce, King of Giant Bulls Young Count Witnesses say a King Buffalo has been reported near a ruin's entrance. We need to take care of it before any damage is caused. Anyone confident enough to volunteer? Defeat the King Bull Sealed Ruin – Upper: Sealed Area 75 Green Black
Griffon Hunting Guild Staff Griffon hunting has been popular among the youth these days. Come along and fight the Griffons with us! Defeat the Sub Griffon Hirool Castle – F1 12 Green Purple, Gold
Search for an Employee Sundry Shop Owner One of our employees went missing during a delivery. Can you please go find her for me? I hope she's okay. Defeat Macaroon Hirool Castle – F2 20 Green Black
Griffon Hunting 2 Guild Staff Witnesses report seeing a Sub Griffon. It might have slightly different attacks and weaknesses compared to normal Griffons. Don't let your guards down. Defeat the Rare Griffon Hirool Castle – F3 30 Green Purple, Gold
Three Valkyrie Sisters Son of Low-Class Aristocrat Do you know the Three Valkyrie Sisters of Leanbox? I heard by defeating them, you can go to Valhalla and become a warrior after death. Interested? Either way, go test your strength. Defeat the Three Valkyrie Sisters Hirool Castle – F4 55 Green Black
Versus Fake Green Heart The Sanctified A scientist has committed the crime of replicating our CPU using a character hack. We couldn't contain the damage and now the fake Lady Green Heart is free. Please take care of her ASAP. Clear Condition: Defeat Green Heart Copy. Hirool Castle – F5 90 Green Black
Dragon with a Blue Shadow Boy Help! My shadow has turned into a dragon. It's going out of control and destroying towns. Please go defeat my shadow. It ran towards the tower! Defeat the Boy's Shadow Remnant Tower – Lower Level 20 Green Black
Stargazing Boy Boy I saw a ray of light strike the tower while I was looking up at the sky last night. No one believes me. They tell me to stop playing games so much. Please go confirm the truth. Defeat the Antares Remnant Tower – Middle Level 40 Green Purple, Gold
Leanbox Special Forces Remnant Tower  Upper Level Green White
Innocent Gift Businessman with a Pure Heart Have you heard of this secret society on Leanbox where only people with pure hearts are allowed in? I want to ask a girl out from there. Someone find a rare jewel so I can give it to her as a gift! Obtain the Rare Ore Stella Mines – Near the Entrance 10 Green Black
Disc Search The Sanctified There's an organization conducting illegal business with pirated discs, but no one will spill about where the discs are hidden. We only know they are somewhere in Stella Mines. Can you help us find them? Obtain the Suspicious Box Stella Mines – Middle Level 20 Green Purple
Take My Dragon Dragon Breeder The dragon I raised is super powerful. To prove its power, I need someone willing to fight it. Bring on the challenge, if you're up for it. Defeat the Bahamut Stella Mines – Lower Level 35 Green White
99 Knights Sir Turquoise My knights are getting a little rusty lately. Will you help me train them? Defeat Turquoise Cadet x99 Stella Mines – Deep End 500 Green White
Beast's Forest The Sanctified We've gotten reports about an irregular Gyuki infestation. We need to take care of these violent monsters before they cause any damage. Can you help take down five of them? Defeat Gyuki x5 Maado Forest – Entrance 7

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