You have done well to come this far, Chosen Ones. We have been waiting a very long time for the day we would meet you all.
— Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Pāpuru Hāto
4GO Purple Heart
Title Goddess of Fate
Gender Female
Race Goddess
Height 164cm
Weight 48kg
Sizes B87-W58-H85
Cup E
Weapon Katanas
Personification Fictitious Sega Console
Personal Status
Occupation Goddess of Fate
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Rie Tanaka
English voice Melissa Fahn

An NPC that appears in 4 Goddesses Online. She was created using Neptune's HDD form in real life as the motif for both her physical form and her demeanor. Her personality is quite collected and she is incredibly mature. Every once in a while, however, a glimpse of her ditzy side can be seen.

According to the story of 4 Goddesses Online, she is one of the four Goddesses who sealed away the Demon King long ago. Her weapon is a one-handed sword, and she purifies enemies with her incredible power. She is, of course, a Goddess class character. [1]



Purple Heart's figure remains the same in the other series but now her outfit is angel-like. Firstly, she has a two-ringed halo and a pair of double wings. Her bodysuit is white and decorated with golden outlines. The bodysuit is somewhat translucent at the both sides of her stomach. She wears white gauntlets that has a lavender accessory attached to it. Those accessories can also be found at her waist. She has wears a pink flower hairclip with golden leaves.


Purple Heart is a serious and mature person. She's often calm and rarely changes facial expressions. She is a very observant and intelligent female, thinking in a rational matter most of the time. She is the complete opposite of her human form in many aspects but her strong sense of justice and confidence remains unchanged. It can be said that Purple Heart is a bit arrogant, having a strong confidence in her abilities and believing that no one can defeat her.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

The Chosen Ones have connected the earth and the Divine Realm. They enter the Divine realm and Neptune is awe. Purple Heart tells the Chosen Ones have done well to come this far. They have been waiting a very long time for the day they would meet. Neptune is impressed with "me". Neptune understands the audience might not understand but in the other games, she actually transforms to Purple Heart.

Black Heart reports that right now, the evil they sealed is trying to revive again. They cannot stop that on their own and asks the Chosen Ones for their help.Noire agrees to help them. They are even ready to do battle with the Demon King himself. Noire thinks talking to her character that looks like her when transformed is kind of strange. Uni thinks this is really Noire. She wonders why she is crying.

White Heart asks the Chosen Ones again if they can entrust the fate of this world to the Chosen Ones. Blanc assures White Heart they can. Rom's eyes sparkle as she comments on how pretty Blanc is. Ram tells her sister that they should make some wings and pretend that they are Goddesses. Blanc tells the twins that they are already Goddesses.

Green Heart understands the intentions of the Chosen Ones. Green Heart believes they will see this through and with the Goddesses' return to earth, they will provide the Chosen Ones with more protection and greater power. Vert thanks the Goddesses. If the Goddesses are controlled by the AI, Vert hopes to have a proper conversation. Vert is impressed so far. Nepgear thinks it would be nice to talk to the Goddesses like they have talked to Bouquet.

Black Heart notes that the Demon King's power is great but if everyone is united in battle, they have a chance in victory. White Heart urges everyone to gather their strength and defeat the Demon King. Green Heart tells them the time for the final battle is soon. It is time for the Goddesses to descend to Alsgard. Vert notes Bouquet will be looking forward to meeting them all. CPU's firepower has increased and Neptune thinks the Demon King is nothing compared to them. Purple Heart laughs and she promises on behalf of the Goddesses that she will show them the power of the Goddesses. Nepgear thinks it is expected that both Neptunes make a great combo.

The Goddesses all return to the altar. Bouquet welcomes everyone back and notes that it is such a honor to behold the countenances of the Goddesses. She asks them to please put an end to the evils in this world. Purple Heart thinks Bouquet has done well to guide this world as the Royal Geist. She wants her to continue her good work. Bouquet promises that she always will. Neptune wants to say something too. She tells her "other me" that they should do their best.

Purple Heart does not understand what Neptune means by "other me". Blanc tells Neptune she shouldn't have to say this to her but their narrative is not going to make sense to the in-game Goddesses. It seems to be case so far and Nepgear tells her "older sister" not to worry about it. Purple Heart has no idea what she means by older sister. Nepgear apologizes and explains that she just looks like so much like her. It will be a hard habit to break. Purple Heart thinks in any case they have descended safely upon earth and they will always be by the Chosen Ones' side. They should fight together from now on. Neptune and others agree.

Back in Wishuel, Bouquet arrives and is glad that they have safely returned from the ruins. She introduces the 4 Goddesses to Wishuel, a hub for adventurers. Purple Heart is grateful that the Cathedral is still standing since that means the people still believe in their blessings remains unchanged. Purple Heart wants to thank everyone in the city for this. The 4 Goddesses are eager to protect the city that still has faith in them to this day. Bouquet knows that the Goddesses have just returned but they are approaching the ultimate battle with Demon King. They have overcome many different trials until now and with all their strength Bouquet truly believes they can save this world.

Green Heart reports that the Demon King's captains have built a gate to the Demon Realm at Atlio City Ruins. It is possible they are trying to revive him as well. White thinks they should get there immediately before he revives. Purple Heart tells White Heart that is difficult as there is a barrier up that prevents outsiders from entering. Bouquet tells them that it is the Demon King's captains, the Paramount Pair, who are maintaining the barrier. The Chosen Ones and Goddesses are eager to defeat them.

Bouquet tells them to be careful. They did receive reports that the Paramount Pair are hiding in a different dimension. Green Heart thinks that is a job for the Goddesses. They will triangulate their location based on the waves of evil they radiate. Vert is happy to leave the navigation to the Goddesses and they will prepare for the quest. Bouquet tells them once they are ready, they should stop by the Cathedral.

In Wishuel, Purple Heart greets Neptune. Neptune asks Purple Heart what she is doing here. Purple Heart explains that she was watching the life of the people down in this world. The world seems peaceful at first but there is a shadow blurring their expressions. Purple Heart has arrived at the conclusion that the people cannot truly be happy unless the Demon King is stopped.

Two friends of Neptune arrive. One of them greets Neptune and notices Purple Heart. The other congratulates Neptune for reviving the Goddesses and encourages her to continue to do her best. Purple Heart asks Neptune who are those two.

Neptune tells the Goddess that they are her friends Iffy and Compa. Purple Heart tells IF and Compa that she has heard a lot about them from Neptune and how they run a shop. IF invites the Goddess to their shop. Compa does the same. Purple Heart thanks them and thinks they will accomplish great things together.

In the Cathedral, Bouquet tells CPU it is finally time to confront the Demon King and his captains, the Paramount Pair. An all-out intense war is inevitable. Vert asks if the Goddesses know where the Paramount Pair are.

Green Heart tells CPU they do. She can sense they evil aura. Both captains should lurking within the backroads of space. Black Heart thought they destroyed the Demon King's captains last time. His following must have grown since they were gone. Purple Heart agrees with Black Heart's assessment. They are now significant enough to attempt to revive the Demon King. The Demon King's darkness must have spread far beyond their range of protection. Green Heart thinks it would be ideal if they could purify those who have been drawn to darkness, the Wicked Believers but... White Heart thinks that can be solved if they beat some sense into them. She tells CPU to call them if they need to borrow their power.

Neptune thinks the Goddesses are all fired up. Once they are all ready, they should accept the quest and move on. After CPU accepts the quest to defeat Minotauros, they head over to Chrono Wasteland. Neptune remembers this place and guesses they got a sneak peak at the story dungeon. Purple Heart tells CPU that one of the Paramount Pair should be waiting for their arrival. Black Heart assures that the Goddesses will be with them. They will destroy the Paramount Pair together.

At the end of the dungeon, CPU has found one of the Paramount Pair. Green Heart tells him to awaken so he may meet his fate. The monster awakens with a roar. Blanc finally gets to see one of the Paramount Pair. Judging by his appearance, she believes this is Minotauros. Vert thinks his appearance is terrifying. Neptune is not scared. She thinks he is probably one of those meat-head characters who are all brawn but no brains. Noire agrees and will attack him with her spear. Ram will blow him with fire using ninjitsu. Rom shwings her sword and shyly joins in the taunts.

Minotauros roars again. This shocks CPU. Purple Heart detects that Minotauros seems to be afraid of humans. She senses a powerful sadness. Black Heart believes the power of darkness must have manipulated whatever negative emotions he harbored inside. White Heart tells the Goddesses not to hold back now and purify the hell out of him. CPU is able to defeat Minotauros.

Green Heart tells Minotauros this is not the place he belongs and asks him to return back to the light. Minotauros roars softly as he fades into the light. Blanc sees that Minotauros' evil aura has been purified. The power of the Demon King has disappeared. White Heart explains that even if Minotauros is a monster, he wasn't originally the type to threaten other creatures.

CPU heads over to Horor Garden. Green Heart senses an evil presence. It is a tremendous power that would not lose to Minotauros. White Heart adds that the presence is aiming at them. She feels its hawkish eyes. Black Heart suggests that he seems ready to give them a warm welcome. They will take him on and Black Heart urges CPU forward.

At the end of the dungeon, Purple Heart alerts CPU to the appearance of Dark Knight. She warns them to be wary when fighting him. Dark Knight wonders why the Goddesses and their servants would stand against him. He asks if they know that he is the most powerful knight under the Demon King Jester. It is a shame that he will be here to witness this. The Dark Knight declares that he will crush every last insect he sees before him.

Nepgear disagrees and they will stop him. She declares that his ambitions will end here. Uni notes that he is a Black Knight like Noire but he has fallen to the dark side. Rom is afraid but she will do whatever it takes to protect Blanc. Ram agrees and encourages everyone to beat up this armor-wearing old man! Dark Knight snaps back saying he is not an old man. Neptune calls him Mr. Middle Management then and asks him if he is ready to lose. He shouldn't even think about offering them competitive benefits or retirement plans. Blanc tells Neptune that someone in middle management wouldn't even... She realizes how absurd the argument she is going to get in and gets ready for the fight against the Dark Knight.

CPU is able to defeat the Dark Knight. Black Heart tells Dark Knight it is time to purify his twisted spirit. Dark Knight tells them there is no need. He tells them it was a truly wonderful battle and thanks the Goddesses for the honor. He charges his lightning attack. White Heart tells everyone to get behind her. Dark Knight uses the lightning to strike himself down.

White Heart was glad she was able to block the attack before he took his life. Purple Heart thanks White Heart but is sad to be unable to save him. White Heart thinks he overcame the darkness on his own. This was probably his way of assuming responsibility for that. However, White Heart does not agree with it. Green Heart wonders if the tiny speck of good in his heart prevented the darkness from making him rampage. Black Heart brings them back to the mission. They have defeated the Paramount Pair and the barrier to the Demon King is waning. Now is the time to strike.

Purple Heart's voice can first be heard when Neptune offers the Amethyst Glass at an altar in Tetyu Temple. She gives the Chosen Ones blessings from the Goddesses and the party acquires the Source of Life.

In Caultprim Cathedral, Purple Heart is in pain. She wonders why someone would offer such a thing. The Planeptune sisters rush in to see her in pain. Neptune knew she would eat the eggplant and is concerned for Purple Heart. Nepgear corrects her sister as in this world, they don't eat the things offered in the altar but receive it as magical energy. Nevertheless, Nepgear is concerned with Purple Heart's condition and asks if she is okay.

Purple Heart assures the sister that she is fine and explains that what is offered to the altar is a gift from the people. It is their sacred duty as Goddesses to partake in it. Purple Heart then continues to reel from the pain caused by the eggplant. Neptune notes that Purple Heart has quite the status effect and wonders if there is anything that can get rid of it. She thinks about it and has an idea. She takes out something.

Purple Heart is intrigued by the object Neptune took out that shines with a golden light. She asks Neptune what it is. Neptune tells her that it is pudding. Nepgear understands her sister's plan. If Purple Heart eating something she hates causes her pain then eating something she should like should make her feel better. Purple Heart asks if Neptune is giving her this lovely item. Neptune tells Purple Heart, she had this synthesized for her and tells her to try out.

Purple Heart tries out the pudding and squeals in joy. She praises the richness of the milk, the mellow eegs, the sweet sugar and the bittersweet caramel as a beautiful representation of the harmony of the 4 Sacred Treasures. The taste is a guard break to Purple Heart's taste buds. Nepgear notes that the Goddess looks like she is from a certain cooking manga. Purple Heart's expression is glowing as she thanks the Planeptune sisters. She will never lose to eggplants again. Nepgear is blinded by how divine Purple Heart is looking right now. Neptune is glad that she is feeling better. She wants to eat pudding after this too.








Lv. Name SP Cost
40 Burst Explosion 40
40 Brave Snow 40
40 Rising Rare 40
40 Cyclone Diva 40
40 Up Slice 16
40 Burn Slayer 32
40 High Slide 17
48 High Cross Edge 20
54 Blade Rush 38
60 Ultimis Blast 26






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