Neppy~! Wowie, I'm so happy to see you~!
— Plutia
4GO Plutia
Title Chosen One
Gender Female
Height 148cm
Weight 38kg
Sizes B74-W56-H79
Cup A
Personification Sega Mega Drive
Personal Status
Occupation Beta Testser
Accessory Salesman
Base of operations Fancy Shop
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Kana Hanazawa
English voice Cherami Leigh

She's always relaxed, but she's also a full-blown airhead. It's generally very difficult to know what she's thinking. Her nickname is Plutie. Her hobbies include making plushies and, of course, napping. She rarely gets angry, but when it occasionally does occur... terrible things happen.

She has chosen the Tailor class. As a Tailor, she's able to turn materials into accessories and sell them for money and EXP. Together with Peashy, she runs an accessory shop.[1]



Plutia's figure remains the same from the rest of her series but her outfit has changed to look more gothic-like. She wears a blue beret with two accessories and two pins on it. On the bottom of her ponytail is a black ribbon with gold outlines. She wears a collared white, black and red dress and leather guards. At her waist appears to be the handle of scissors and a messenger bag. Her dress in general is decorated with crosses at the skirt and waistline. There is a cross hanging just below her collar.


Plutia is very calm, almost to the point of always seeming tired. This is most noticeable by the fact that she speaks rather slowly. She is kind and somewhat of a ditz but with minor sadistic tendencies. Much like Neptune, she tends to leave her duties as goddess ignored and spends most of her time either sleeping, making dolls, or playing around with Neptune. Plutia, also like Neptune, makes friends very easily due to her relaxed and caring nature.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Plutia and Peashy decide to start up Fancy Shop. A familiar face visits the shop. Plutia is very happy to see Neppy. Peashy is excited to see her Neptuna. Neptune is glad to see the two and asks what`s up and if they are okay. Plutia tells her they are doing great. Peashy reports that she is always full of energy. Neptune notices that the audience want her to introduce the two. Neptune obliges.

Neptune first introduces Plutia. Plutia or Plutie loves naps and is really good at sewing. She is very relaxed and moves at her own speed. Neptune warns all the good girls and boys to ignore any S-vibes that might linger at the end of her sentences. Neptune has not further comment.

Neptune moves on to Peashy, Pea or P-ko. She is a five year old girl that Plutia cares for, for complicated reasons. Peashy is very rambunctious and usually likes tackling Neptune. Also, Neptune likes to write Nep's on all her pudding in the fridge but that only makes Peashy want to eat them. Neptune wrote her name to prevent this but maybe that only makes it an easier target. Plutia wants Neptune to come back to them. Neptune wraps up the introductions.

Peashy shows Neptuna some accessories. Plutia asks Neppy if she would like one. Neptune realizes that the two are running an accessory shop. She thinks it suits Plutia. Neptune realizes that Peashy is playing an online game which is something she is too young for. Plutia explains that when she brought Peashy here, she really liked the shop so they started one up in order to play pretend shopkeeper. Neptune gets it, this shop would attract more customers than if they started a pretend shop in her room. Plutia confirms Neptune's statement.

Peashy explains that she is the posterchild of the shop. Since they just opened, she asks Neptune to buy something. Neptune laughs and notes that this is expected for the little shopkeeper. Neptune promises to bring everyone so she asks Peashy to wait a little bit. Peashy's eyes sparkle as she asks if more people will really come. Plutia decides to put her nap off to wait for the customers. Neptune tells her not to worry as even if she did fall asleep, Peashy would wake her up. Neptune asks them to have their best items stocked up when she returns.

Later, a customer has finished purchasing something. Plutia thanks her for her patronage and asks her to come again. The customer is about to leave but asks her if she heard about the rumor about the pond. Plutia does not this rumor and asks what it is. The customer explains that if you throw an item that is important to you to the pond, a spirit will appear and grant a wish. Plutia understands. The customer reminds her that it is just a rumor. Peashy eyes sparkle then she runs off. Plutia asks if Peashy is heading out and since she already left, Plutia tells her to be careful.

Later, in the Fancy Shop, Plutia is visited by an old friend, Noire. She greets her kindly and thanks her for coming in. Noire greets Plutia and asks if she can look around her shop a bit. Plutia tells her to take her time as it is always nice to have an old friend drop by. Noire gets flustered and tells her not to say things like that. Noire tries to shift the conversation away and notices that Plutia's inventory has changed again. She asks if Plutia bought a bunch of new materials. Plutia explains that Peashy likes to give her things that she doesn't want anymore.

Peashy pops up and greets Noire. She wonders if she going to buy things and urges her to be a customer. Noire is surprised by Peashy's sudden appearance. She then greets Peashy and tells Peashy that she surprised her. She tells Peashy that she heard from Uni that she barters for jewels. Noire asks if Peashy would like to trade her for this ore she picked up earlier. It looks like a nice shiny gem. Peashy's eyes sparkles and she wants it. She tells Noire she will give her anything for it.

Noire is surprised with the value of the things Peashy wants to give Noire in return for her ore. She wonders if the value of Peashy's stock is supposed to increase this much after a barter. Plutia explains that Peashy's exchange rate on the stuff she likes and doesn't like isn't exactly one on one. Noire understands and wonders how much bells would she get if she sold all of this. Noire believes that she get the best set of equipment available right now if she sold what Peashy is willing to trade her. Noire asks Peashy if she was going to sell her materials to buy equipment. Peashy gets confused but she does not want equipment. All Peashy wants are shinies and that's that. Plutia adds that Peashy's objectives are to have this shop and collect all shiny things. Peashy excitedly adds that it is her collection!

Noire is torn apart. People are free to do what they want and play the game however they like. Noire continues to think about the market price of the materials and how to maximize her profits but she stops herself. She can't do this to kid who doesn't know any better. Plutia reminds Noire that Peashy will trade anything for that ore. Plutia always takes what she likes when Peashy offers her things but... Noire tells Plutia she is not considering the price. Noire decides to trade Peashy for a cheaper material. She believes that is perfectly fair.

Peashy is happy to offer her 10 of the cheaper material. Noire tells Peashy that is too favorable for her. She warns Peashy if she keeps selling things like this, some lowly degenerate will cheat her someday. Peashy remembers what a degenerate is and wonders if she is talking about Bert. Plutia cannot believe that Vert is an evil merchant. Noire wonders why the two of them are talking about Vert. However, she can start to understand why but talking about Vert is cruel since this is behind her back.

Noire coughs and will trade Peashy her ore for one of the cheaper material. She asks if that is okay with Peashy. Peashy thinks if it is okay with Noire, it is okay with her. Noire is happy that this is settled and tells Peashy it is nice to do business with her. Peashy adores the shiny ore and thanks Noire. Plutia tells Peashy she is happy for her. Noire thinks she did take a bit of a loss trading for only one material but some things can't be helped especially dealing with a face like that. Plutia is glad that all the customers are such nice people. Peashy agrees and thinks Noire is a sweet lady.






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