This page contains information regarding Parameters in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


  • HP (Hit Points): Determines the amount of damage a character can take. When HP reaches 0 the character will become knocked out. It is possible to revive them if you possess the necessary revival items or skills.
  • AP (Action Points): Determines how often a character can attack during a combo on their turn or whether or not they can use certain items and skills. Each skill consumes a different amount of AP when used. If you do not have enough AP to preform an action after attacking then your turn will end.
  • STR (Strength): Determines the physical power of a character.
  • VIT (Vitality): Determines the physical defense of a character.
  • INT (Intelligence): Determines the magical power of a character.
  • MEN (Mentality): Determines the magical defense of a character.
  • Elemental Attribute Defense: This is determined by the equipment a character has on whether it be processors or rings. Elemental defense ranges from Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth and is specified with percentages.

Character Parameters

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