This page contains summaries for Noire's Chirper events in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

Chapter 5: Approaching Shadows

"I'm home, Lastation. I have to go say hi to Kei, as well."

  • Affection Increase: Noire


Kei acknowledges that Noire has returned home safely. Noire says she's not so sure about the safe part, but she is back. Kei states that she was never really worried, to begin with, because Noire's personality isn't cute enough to be killed off so easily. Noire says that if being cute gets you killed then there is no way she would want to be cute. Noire then asks about how things have been and if Kei has been able to handle everything. Kei says that everything except what for things that require Noire's approval which makes up less than half the work. Noire is not pleased by this, hoping to be able to get a bit of rest in. She states that Kei is very good when it comes to work and that is why she appointed her as Oracle, despite her socially inept tendencies. Noire didn't think someone as blunt as Kei would need her approval over her work, but Kei says that she only hesitates as to not infringe upon the CPU's authority. Noire says that sounds sketchy coming from Kei but requests her work if all that is needed is her signature. Kei says there is too much to carry which prompts Noire to ask how much. Kei states that since Noire was on “vacation” for three years that she shouldn't have expected a binder. Nepgear wonders if Noire and Kei are on bad terms but Uni says they're always like that and their work always comes out flawless.

"Hm... The situation is more serious than I thought."


Noire is trying to catch up on her research related to anime, manga, and voice actresses due to being behind because she was captured for three years. Uni and Kei watch her, and Uni says that they should leave her alone because Noire seems like she's researching intensely. However, Kei doubts it's anything of actual importance.

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