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In the battle to determine who will be the True Goddess of Gamindustri, Noire teams up against Neptune with the other CPUs. Together, they manage to defeat her and throw her down to the human world below Celestia. After this, Noire and the others descend to Gamindustri and go to their individual nations.

Find the Key Fragments

When Neptune visits Lastation in search of one of the Key Fragments, Noire relentlessly pursues her in her goddess form. She challenges her to battle several times, losing on each account. After one of their battles, she flees and reverts to her human form due to fatigue. Neptune ends up finding in her search for looking for Noire's goddess form. Noire is taken back into town with Neptune and her party and has her injuries treated.

Noire fakes having amnesia to avoid exposing her true identity. During their time together, she and Neptune form somewhat of a bond as they talk, which is something they rarely ever did in Celestia. Noire leaves the next day, leaving nothing more than a note saying she recovered her memory and returned home. This saddens Neptune.

After Neptune saves the Technology Expo using Chian's weapon. Noire appears in her goddess form, thanking Neptune before leaving. When the group is granted an audience with the CPU of Lastation, they are surprised to see that it is Noire. In exchange for their help in getting rid of Avenir and saving the Expo, she gives the location of where the Key Fragment may be held. However, as they go to get it, Noire fights Neptune one last time in her goddess form.

The Path to Celestia

Due to the events regarding Avenir, Noire decides to resign as CPU under the belief that it was a mistake for her to get involved with the human world. When Neptune comes to ask for her help in defeating Arfoire, Noire blatantly refuses, partially because of Neptune not remembering her past as a goddess. When Neptune returns, this time with her memory back, Noire allows Neptune to fight her one on one to determine if she'll join up or not.

Upon her defeat, Noire joins the party as promised and assists Neptune in her efforts to defeat Arfoire. Right before the final battle, Noire states that she has come to terms with her mistakes and says she won't give up. Together with Neptune and the other CPUs, Noire defeats Arfoire and saves Gamindustri.

However, the monsters are still a threat in Gamindustri despite Arfoire being defeated. Histoire states that by combining their power, the CPUs can removes the monsters from each of the nation's records. After they do this, Noire and the others decide they wish to live as humans and give up their powers to Histoire so she can give them to the new goddess who will succeed them.

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Beginning of the End

In the beginning, Noire and the other CPUs along with Nepgear are defeated by CFW Magic which results in them being imprisoned in the Gamindustri Graveyard for three years. When Compa and IF come to rescue them, they find their Sharicite only strong enough to help Nepgear and not the others, resulting in them having to leave Noire and the others behind.

Goddess Awakening

After Nepgear, who had be rescued by Compa and IF, returns with the other CPU Candidates, she is rescued along with the other CPUs and is reunited with her sister Uni. She and the other CPUs are taken to the Planeptune Basilicom to rest after finally being free from captivity.

Approaching Shadows

When Nepgear and the others go to the Gamindustri Graveyard to check out the disturbance only to be defeated by CFW Magic, Noire and the other CPUs arrive just in time and save them. It is that she and the other goddesses reveal their human forms and she admits to being tired due to the lack of shares.

Noire accompanies the party to deal with the threat of ASIC by helping them to take down CFW Brave and destroy Arfoire's Factory, defeating Underling and saving Leanbox (only for them to later learn it was distraction so that ASIC could take over Planeptune), and then helping save the CPU Candidates and Histoire by defeating CFW Trick in LAN Castle.

Noire takes her revenge on CFW Magic along with the other CPUs by defeating her which results in Arfoire reviving due to them having defeated each of the CFWs who were originally apart of her to begin with.

Evil's Fading Silhouette

The party arrives in the Gamindustri Graveyard and see the incompletely revived Arfoire in her new vessel, the party readies themselves for the final showdown and proceeds in taking her on. After beating her her vessels begin to collapse but it is soon revealed that she is not truly defeated. Arfoire makes preparations to move to another vessel and Vert deduces that unless they stop her core they will be unable to defeat Arfoire. Nisa and Neptune try to fight Arfoire again only to see that their attacks go right through her. Arfoire begins to merge with the Gamindustri Graveyard which calls for the party to retreat and think of another countermeasure. Noire and the others head to LAN Castle Secret Hall to find the ancient CPU Caelus to request her aid in figuring out how to defeat Arfoire.

Final: Defenders

After learning what to do they all head to the Heart of the Gamindustri Graveyard for their final showdown against her perfected form DOS Arfoire. They manage to defeat her and save the world from imminent destruction. In the ending of the game, Noire is shown to be working with Uni. Uni finishes her work before Noire and points out that Noire made a mistake which leads to her having to do everything all over again.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory


In the Hyperdimension, Noire, Vert, and Blanc defeat Neptune in a video game 3 to 1 in the Planeptune Basilicom and hastily make their exit when Histoire comes to lecture Neptune about what it means to be a CPU. She returns to her own Basilicom in Lastation and locks herself up in her office to work (according to Uni when Neptune and Nepgear come to visit).

Lowee's Golden Era

When Neptune gets sent to the Ultradimension by the Hyperdimesion Rei Ryghts, she meets another Noire who initially comes off as completely unfriendly towards her but even admits (during gameplay as her Gamipic) that she cannot bring herself to actually hate Neptune despite how she acts. Noire does not believe Neptune when she says she's a goddess and the fact of Neptune being unable to transform due to having lost her powers makes her believe her words even less.

When she, Neptune, and Plutia head out to find a CPU Memory they are faced with Arfoire and Pirachu. Arfoire gives the CPU Memories to Pirachu to escape while she faces off against Neptune and Noire and of course defeats them easily. Plutia returns with the CPU Memories and reveals herself in her own goddess form while holding Pirachu by the tail. She eventually gives the CPU Memories to Noire and Neptune after forcing them to agree to her terms and conditions. Noire and Neptune use the CPU Memories and finally become able to access HDD. Together, they all defeat Arfoire easily.

Lastation's Rise to Fame

Now being a goddess, Noire goes to form her own nation which is of course Lastation. The establishment of this nation causes her country to take a great portion of the shares and Histoire sends the Neptune and Plutia to her to learn how to work like proper CPUs. Noire teaches them how to use the scout system and offers for them to stay for a sleepover but they quickly leave.

Later on, Blanc pays a visits to Lastation as White Heart to confront Noire but doesn't know she's being used as a decoy so that the Seven Sages can attack one of Lastation's factories. Pirachu and Copypaste trick Noire into believing that it was all part of Blanc's plan for this to happen.

Three Nation's Contesting

The events in the previous chapter results in Noire going to Lowee to confront Blanc. It is in Lowee that she along with others meet Vert who everyone, with the exception of Neptune, does not is the CPU of Leanbox. They infiltrate the Basilicom and face off against Blanc on a live broadcast, defeating her easily before being imprisoned along with Blanc in the underground cells. Noire assist Blanc in reclaiming Lowee but the two still do not become friends for obvious reasons.

A Chance for Hegemony

After the events in the last chapter, Vert reveals herself to be the CPU of Leanbox and declares "war" on the other nations but Noire, nor anyone else is really concerned about her. Just when it seemed like Neptune was about to go home, Nepgear falls through the portal and comes to the Ultradimension landing on Noire. It is revealed that she cannot transform either so they head to Leanbox to ask if Vert can give her a CPU Memory. This results in Vert convincing Nepgear that she's her sister which causes them all to have to fight both Vert and Nepgear and of course winning. Noire and the others then find out a Leanbox Factory is being attacked by Copypaste and Arfoire and deal with the threat swiftly.

Era of Four Nations

Noire later has to deal with Anonydeath who had not only hacked Lastation but had also been spying on her for the longest time. She doesn't truly defeat him because he is able to get away by blackmailing videos and images of her cosplaying.

Momentary Peace

Abnes visits the Basilicom to request the CPUs' aid in freeing the abducted children. At the first they do not believe her due to her being a member of the Seven Sages who were the ones responsible behind the kidnappings in the first place. Abnes states that she left the Seven Sages and had no knowledge of their actions because if she did she would have tried to prevent it. Plutia trusts Abnes' words and everyone else eventually falls in suit.

When they make it to the where the children are being held, they see the strange creatures who were in Leanbox with Mr. Badd not too long ago. As they search for the children they see Mr. Badd himself along with the strange creatures and demand to know where the children are being held. When Mr. Badd doesn't comply they fight him and the strange creatures only to later find out that the creatures are in fact the children they have been looking for and that each child had a CPU Memory forced on them. While the wished to take down Mr. Badd once and for all after hearing this, they merely flee due to knowing the children will protect him.

Once they exit the base, they are encountered by another CPU who claims to go by the name of Yellow Heart. She attacks the group and despite their efforts she easily defeats them all, being powerful enough to knock them all out of goddess form. She flies away shortly after this and the CPUs, defeated, return to the Basilicom where they see a broadcast on television declaring the founding a new nation known as Eden lead by Yellow Heart.

A New Nation's Menace

Not too long after this she has to deal with creation of Eden which results in the reduction of the majority of every nations shares. They find out that they CPU of this nation is none other than Peashy who had been kidnapped by Anonydeath and Rei Ryghts who were posing her parents.

The Four Nations's Reprisal

Noire accompanies Neptune and Plutia to the Seven Sages Base where they used their memory item set to help jog Peashy's memory. This works out in thier favor and Peashy remembers everyone and returns to Planeptune. This event marks the end of the nation known as Eden.

The Disturbance Dies

Once she and the others manage to restore her memory they are faced with another issue; that being clones of themselves. They first face off against a Purple Heart clone but then even fight multiple Black Heart clones to "save" Anonydeath. It is around this point that they learn Rei is a goddess and question her about it after defeating her. Soon after Croire appears and tells them that Hyperdimension Rei intends to destroy both dimensions at the same time.

To the Present!

Noire and everyone else head to the Hyperdimension at once to defeat Rei. It is here that Noire meets Uni. Uni refers to her as the "sister who's not her sister" which makes Noire tell her she doesn't have to say it like that. Noire even meets her Hyperdimension counterpart who was upset at having to keep the pathway to Rei open while Vert and Blanc go fight. Ultra-Noire states that she can't believe her other self is whispering pathetic things to herself like that and doesn't even switch places with her when she asks.

The CPUs all head to Rei and face off against her once but end up having to fight her again after Croire takes power away from the Ultra-Rei and gives it to the Hyper-Rei. Regardless, they still manage to win but just barely. In the ending of the game Hyper-Noire is shown not wanting to go see Ultra-Noire with Uni due to feeling weird about to talking to herself. Ultra-Noire returns to her Basilcom and sees that the girls who had become monsters due to using CPU Memories were now normal again thanks to, who remained anonymous, Anonydeath.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: SISTERS GENERATION


Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection

Other Media

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

Planeptune's Goddess (Neptune)

Noire first appears in her transformation, Black Heart signs the friendship treaty disallowing the use of military force to gain shares. When the treaty was praised, she noted that Histoire must have been the one to write it not Neptune. A month later Neptune arrives in Lastation to learn how to be a better CPU. Noire allows Neptune some simple paper work which does not work out. Noire takes Neptune out on monster extermination.

When they run into some villagers, Noire transforms into her HDD form, Black Heart to show off. The villagers say that Dogoos are causing trouble. They find a field of Dogoos in Nasuume Highlands and Neptune attacks them to be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Nepgear, Compa and IF helps out and the Dogoos are taken care of. Black Heart berates Neptune since she is not taking it seriously enough to use her HDD form. Black Heart goes to hunt the remaining monsters in Torunne Cave.

Black Heart heads into Torunne cave to find an Ancient Dragon. She fights it and has the upper hand until a monster knocks Black Heart into a red crystal which reverts her back to Noire. The dragon attacks Noire and in Neptune her HDD form, Purple Heart intercepts the dragon. She mocks Noire saying that she should be in her HDD form and is not taking the fight seriously. Purple Heart fights the dragon. Noire kills the monster that knocked her into the crytstal before it could do the same to Purple Heart. Purple Heart then kills the dragon.

Noire is then thanked by the villagers and Purple Heart who notes that the location of the quest was between Planeptune and Lastation further increasing the shares of Planeptune and legitimacy of the friendship treaty. Noire is happy but wonders what happen inside the cave and why did her transformation cease?

The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee

A Weekend (Girls' Night) in Leanbox

The Resolve (Turn) of the Younger Sisters

The Resonance (Limit Break) of the Goddesses

The Secret (Your-Eyes-Only) of Lastation

The Fruits (Deep Purple) of Revenge

The Paradise (Island) Forbidden

The Challenge (Rebellion) of Eden

The Emissary (Aggressor) of Old

The Ties (Bifrosts) of Tomorrow

The Eternal Promise (True End)

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