The following page contains Super Dimension Nisa's quotes for each game she appears in.

Hyperdimension Neptunia


  • "I've no name to give a villain except Justice!"
  • "I'll take you both to the cleaners and bleach your souls pure once more!"
  • "Justice wins yet again!"
  • "Even if nobody likes you in real life, you can depend on your party and guild members in online games!"
  • "Go get 'em Tiger!"
  • "A heroine's eyes shine with the clarity of truth."
  • "I know you're hiding them somewhere! Now hand them over before I rip your clothes off and laugh at your inadequacy!"
  • "You pissed me off and this is your divine punishment!"
  • "Even a boy in elementary school can pretend to be a girl, trick other boys, and get married online."
  • "Sorry. I went full-force on that one. She might wake up in a few weeks."
  • "If reality doesn't work, rely on those 2D girls and your online friends!"
  • "You have the nerve to keep chatting colloquially about my beautiful breast...!"
  • "Unfortunately, I don't discriminate when it comes to people in need of saving."
  • "Lady White Heart, I'll be your wingman."
  • "Kill all those who deny the allure of modest breasted girls!"
  • "If you persist, for great justice, I shall rearrange your face again!"
  • "The heroine of justice subsists only on the crushed dreams of evil!"
  • "Don't ever use the word "flat" around me!"




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