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Neptune Kisekae
Neptune Kisekae Logo
Developer(s) Idea Factory
Publisher(s) Compile Heart
Distributor(s) Imagineer Co.,Ltd.
Platform(s) Android OS 2.1 or later
Genre Customization
Rating(s) Medium Maturity
Distribution Download
External Links
Japanese Site
Neptune Kisekae! (ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!lit. Neptune Dress-Up) is a mobile customization app by Compile Heart only available on android devices. With Neptune Kisekae you can customize and change the entire theme of your android by downloading any of the Neptune Kisekae apps. When a Neptune Kisekae theme is in use, the App browsing and homescreen UI becomes changed along with the icons to a few default factory apps on your mobile device.

Each nation has it's own theme which features the CPUs, Candidates, and Oracles of each respective nation. In addition there is an app there is also a Friend Pack that features Plutia, Peashy, Compa, and IF as well as an Idol Pack starring all four of the CPUs. The Free Edition of the Neptune Kisekae Theme only has one image of all four CPUs and a Purple Heart lockscreen. 

Neptune Kisekae Theme Apps

App Name Cost Size

ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!無料版
(Neptune Kisekae! Free Edition)

Free 28MB
NKPlaneptune ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!プラネテューヌパック
(Neptune Kisekae! Planeptune Pack)
$5.99 17MB
NKLastation ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!ラステイションパック
(Neptune Kisekae! Lastation Pack)
$5.99 17MB
NKLeanbox ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!リーンボックスパック
(Neptune Kisekae! Leanbox Pack)
$5.99 16MB
NKLowee ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!ルウィーパック
(Neptune Kisekae! Lowee Pack)
$5.99 14MB
NKFriend ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!フレンドパック
(Neptune Kisekae! Friend Pack)
$5.99 17MB
NKIdol ネプテューヌ きせかえっ!アイドルパック
(Neptune Kisekae! Idol Pack)
$5.99 24MB


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