Neptunia Collection
Developer(s) Idea Factory
Publisher(s) Compile Heart
Distributor(s) Gree Inc.
Platform(s) Android OS 2.3 or later
iOS 4.3 or later
Release date(s) Android OS
JP February 15, 2013
JP February 15, 2013
Genre Social Networking Game
Rating(s) Low Maturity
Distribution Download
External Links
Japanese Official Site
Neptune Collection (ネプテューヌコレクション), sometimes called Neptunia Collection, is a mobile card game hosted by GREE where the player can choose one of the four CPUs and compete against other players to increase the shares of their nations.

The game is defunct as of July 31, 2014 and is no longer playable.


Defend the world of Gamindustri, governed by the four goddesses, from an evil organization attempting to harness control of the "Arfoire" for themselves.


  • Select Your Favorite Goddess And Compete Against Others: You can select any of of the four CPUs to play as and compete against others to increase their nation's shares by doing quests.
  • Various Events & Quests: You can fight monsters while searching dungeons to increase the level of cards and strengthen them as well as obtaining items. At the start of quests a conversation event will also start.
  • Card Development: You can level up cards by preforming synthesis and the card illustration can change via card evolution which will make the card more powerful.
  • Avatar Customization: You can change the appearance of your selected goddess in your room. By customizing your avatar you can receive a variety of benefits such as card status enhancements or an increase in player status.




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