Nep-ko has logged in!
— Neptune
4GO Neptune
Title Chosen One
Gender Female
Height 146cm
Weight 38kg
Sizes B73-W54-H76
Cup A
Weapon Double Edged Sword
Personification Fictitious Sega Console
Personal Status
Relatives Nepgear
Occupation Beta Tester
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Rie Tanaka

The Goddess of Planeptune. The shining protagonist, not to mention the postergirl of this series, whose name is in the very title! Her joyfully outspoken and excessively energetic personality is as bright as ever, unchanging even in the midst of an online game. She wields the deeply mysterious power that allows her to break through both intimidating adversities and... overly serious situations.

She has chosen the Paladin class. There's a rumor going around that she's a very strong character who performs melee and magic attacks with ease. She can even heal others! [1]



Neptune's short lilac hair still runs down to her collar bone. In her hair, her hair-clips are now in the shape of a shield. She wears a white and blue vest mixed with a dress and a breastplate. On her arms, wears white gauntlets and contrasting black finger-less gloves. Her footwear consists of white greaves decorated with a wing accessory on her knees that extend to her thighs. Her hairpins, and armor in general is decorated with crosses with a diamond gem that is blue or yellow in the middle.


She is a happy, excitable girl with a very strong sense of justice. Her ditzy personality causes her to be very careless at times which can either help her or land her into serious trouble. She makes friends rather easily due to her friendly nature and often gives them cute nicknames. People admire her optimistic outlook and confidence. She never gives up or backs down when the going gets tough and she makes sure to see her objective through to the very end. Neptune does not like fighting and is rather pacifistic, prefering to avoid conflicts whenever possible. But when she has to fight, she can act seriously.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Neptune has logged into 4 Goddesses Online. She is ecstatic about the graphics, the smoothness of the control and how cute her avatar looks. She made her avatar as close to her in real life. Neptune then introduces herself to the audience. She is the Goddess of Planeptune, and currently on break playing this game as an apprentice paladin. She wonders where her friends are.

Noire and Blanc logs in. Neptune praises Blanc's priest outfit as it gives her goosebumps and is incredible. Noire wonders what Neptune thinks about her outfit. Neptune notices that Noire is a Black Knight, a rival to her paladin class. She teases Noire for going for the rival theme. Noire tells her that is not the case but she will never lose to Neptune in games.

Vert then logs in. Neptune greets her and wonders what her outfit and class is. It looks elven. Vert explains that she is the Enchanter class, the only class to bestow attributes to players depending on the situation. Neptune observes that Noire and Vert have switched the weapons, they wield in real life. Vert notices that everyone did change but with all the balance of their classes, they will be a splendid party.

With the initial dialogue out of the way, Neptune decides to introduce everyone else to the player. She starts off with Noire, the Goddess of Lastation. She is a lonely loner but now that she is in a party, she is not lonely anymore. Good for Noire. Noire's sassy wit is a great foil to Neptune's finely tuned sense of slapstick.

Next off, is Blanc, Goddess of Lowee. She is a shy homely girl who loves to read but once she loses her temper, she is unstoppable. Blanc is frustrated with her "shortcomings" in the chest area but her loyal subjects don't mind.

Vert may seem calm but she is a hardcore gamer above everyone. She also has a lot of "volume" and acts like the older sister to everyone but she does not actually have a little sister of her own.

Her friends wonders what Neptune is doing but are annoyed at her commentary of them. Neptune gets worried and tells the girls that this was their imagination. Noire does not buy it. Neptune quickly shifts the party's focus to the tutorial and runs off. Noire chases her.

Afterwards, Vert takes the time to appreciate the fact that while they normally compete they can work together in this game. Vert tells them the party shares a common destiny and no one should go off and solo.

Noire and Blanc think Vert is the first to go solo out of all of them. Neptune can't keep up with Vert's play style. She does not stay up all night and will leave that to Vert. Vert assures them for this one time, she will not concern herself with rank or completion. She will sincerely explore the world, make new friends and tell others about the game as this is her responsibility of being granted early-access by the 4 Goddesses Online management.

Blanc is shocked. Neptune asks someone to pick up her jaw from the ground. Noire praises Vert for her decision. Vert thanks Noire explains that this episode of 4 Goddesses Online takes place in a different world.

Neptune then finds the tutorial event point. A NPC arrives and introduces herself as Bouquet , a guardian spirit, Royal Geist. She is sent by the Goddesses to guide them. Bouquet begins to explain the story of the world but Vert grabs her and embraces her. She asks Bouquet to be her little sister. Bouquet notes that her vision is blocked by the "bouncy bouncy". Noire pulls Vert back.

Blanc can't stand the "bouncy bouncy" but she notices that Bouquet reacted in real time to Vert's actions which should not be possible. Vert explains that this is a feature of the game, an advanced communication AI that can learn. Neptune summarizes her understanding of this as the ability to converse with NPCs in real time and finds that cool. Noire notes that this is Planeptune's tech and asks Neptune why she isn't aware of that.

Neptune was unaware of that but since Planeptune's technology is number one, it really is not surprising. Noire and Blanc take offense to that and try to justify why their nation is better. Vert reminds the girls that the real world is irrelevant.

Bouquet has a nosebleed. Neptune wonders if Bouquet is okay and scolds Vert for her earlier actions. Vert whines. Noire calms Vert down and urges everyone to listen to Bouquet's story.

Bouquet explains that long ago the 4 Goddesses descended from the Divine Realm to an empty world. Purple Heart, the Goddess of Fate, Black Heart, the Goddess of Prosperity, White Heart, the Goddess of Order, and Green Heart, the Goddess of Fertility created Alsgard, home to the World Tree Leanverde aka Tree of Life. That tree is the source of all magic in this world and created all life. 1000 years ago, the Goddesses sealed up the Demon King Jester, who tried to take Leanverde's magic. However, that took a toll of them and Leanverde's restorative magic could not restore the Goddesses. The Goddesses left Sacred Treasures which housed their remaining power and retreated to the Divine Realm to heal.

Before the Goddesses left, they told Bouquet's great great great grandmother, the Royal Geist at the time that "When the world is in danger once again those carrying our blessings shall appear. Grant them the sacred treasures, and call to us. Keep guard of the treasures until that comes". The adventurers before Bouquet are the "Chosen Ones". She requests they gather the Sacred Treasures at Tetyu Temple to revive the 4 Goddesses.

Neptune remembers that the models for the 4 Goddesses are based on them so she really wants to meet them. Now that they know the final boss, Blanc wants to know what they have to do first. Bouquet tells them to head to Wishuel, a city just pass this forest, an adventurer's hub. Afterwards, they should head to Cautlprim Cathedral where the 4 Goddesses are worshiped.

Vert understands. Neptune thanks Bouquet for the directions and tells her they will clear the first dungeon in no time. Bouquet wishes them all good luck. The forest is to test and train all potential "Chosen Ones". She tells them to learn at their own pace to navigate Alsgard and says her goodbyes. Neptune tells Bouquet they will see her soon.

In the forest, Neptune finds the monsters and wants to show off her stuff. Noire warns Neptune not to waste all her energy. If she does, they won't help her. Neptune says Noire can say that but Noire will never keep up with her. That fires up Noire's competitive spirit and she tells Neptune that she will never outgame her in a million years.

Closer to the end of the forest, Neptune notes that she is getting the hang of the controls. She wonders if everyone is the same but hears a noise. Neptune wonders what it is. Vert thinks it is the tutorial boss. Neptune thinks there is nothing to fear. Vert assures them that even if they used their bare hands, the boss would fall to them.

The party easily defeats the boss and Neptune comments on how easy it was. In Wishuel, Blanc wants to see the shops and Vert wants to go to the Cathedral. Neptune wants them to let her pick what to do.

Vert and Neptune enjoy the atmosphere of Wishuel. Vert is glad Neptune likes it and notes that one must be immersed in the environment to spend many hours in the game. Blanc and Noire think Neptune is addicted to 4 Goddesses Online. Noire tells her the first step to recovery is admitting the problem. Neptune denies her addiction. Blanc tells Neptune her denial and lack of self-awareness are the textbook symptoms of addiction. It may be too late for Neptune.

Neptune starts to worry that she will end up like Vert. Vert is hurt by the fact everyone thinks it is so bad to be like her. Noire tells Vert to stop with the fake tears. Blanc stops joking around and admits that Wishuel is beautiful and understands how one can pass the time in this game.

Later, Noire wonders what online games Neptune has been playing. Neptune has been playing online games largely on her console, not PC. She happily remembers the time she was accused of hacking when she got a rare item as item drops were especially rare in those games. The game ended its services so Neptune is playing the sequel as well as 4 Goddesses Online. Neptune wonders what Blanc has been playing.

Blanc has been playing a MMO based on a well-known RPG which is liked by kids for how easy it is.

Noire has started an RPG after it got its remake. The two of them also play 4 Goddesses Online. Neptune knows it is not worth asking but Vert is playing 4 Goddesses Online. Vert confirms that she is and she also played all the games the other Goddesses mentioned. She even likes World Break Online noting that it was great.

World Break Online ended its service after a major error in maintenance and the company going under. Neptune remembers that all her characters she worked on were all gone. Vert liked World Break Online as much as 4 Goddesses Online yet only memories remain of that game. Vert can't stand remembering that grim day and wants to return to the previous discussion.

Vert notices that everyone has some gaming experience and if they need any help they can rely on her. Neptune remarks that Vert's glowing face coupled with her previous statement makes her look like a Goddess. Vert reminds Neptune that she is a Goddess. Neptune says it was just a figure of speech but she will lean on Vert. Vert is happy to let Neptune lean on her but she tells Neptune she will not carry her.

Vert tells them getting experience is in gaming is important. Eventually they should naturally acquire the ability to play for 96 hours straight. Ignoring rest is a basic requirement for online gaming and she can last 4 days with the help of special drinks. Neptune warns the audience to not try anything Vert is suggesting.

At the 4th night, Vert wonders if her real self is in the game and if her real self is just a virtual avatar. Noire wonders what happens to people like Vert when games like World Break Online end. Blanc has heard about people staging protests outside the game company demanding that the game be kept online. Neptune finds that ridiculous as all they need to do is start over in another game. Vert urges them to avoid that topic.

Near a bulletin board, Vert explains that one can request or search for parties, ask for strategies and tips and chat. One can greatly expand their world. Noire thinks they should try to use it to their advantage. Neptune remarks that with this board, even a lonely Noire can make 100 friends. Noire demands Neptune take that back and chases her down.

Afterwards, the party heads into the Cathedral. Vert is awe, Noire notices the solemn atmosphere and Blanc feels at home. Neptune points out the statue of the 4 Goddesses. She finds them pretty especially Purple Heart. The other Goddesses prefer the Goddess that was based on them.

Noire remarks that the people here definitely worship the Goddesses. Bouquet appears and welcomes the Chosen Ones to Cautlprim Cathedral. Vert is overjoyed to see Bouquet and embraces her. Bouquet thinks the "bouncy bouncy" feels softer and has a nosebleed. Neptune tells the audience that Vert is using softness to win over Bouquet and they should continue watching to see if it works.

Noire pulls Vert away from Bouquet while Blanc heals Bouquet's nosebleed. Bouquet pulls herself together and explains that to save the world, they need to awaken the four Goddesses. Vert agrees that they need the power of the Goddesses to defeat the Demon King. Neptune wonders why the Goddesses don't just return on their own. They should know that their world needs them.

Bouquet tells Neptune she was going to get to that part. The Goddesses exhaust a great deal of their strength to come to Alsgard. Normally Leanverde would restore them but the damage they sustained from the Demon King could be healed by Leanverde. They had to return to the Divine Realm but the Demon King cursed them to be unable to wake up if they returned to the Divine Realm.

They need to gather the Sacred Treasures to build a rainbow bridge to the Divine Realm to awaken the 4 Goddesses. The Sacred Treasures, they need are the Amethyst Glass, Black Diamond Sword, Moonstone Hairpin and Emerald Mirror. Those treasures are sealed to prevent misuse and only the Chosen Ones should release the seal. Unfortunately, a powerful dark magic broke the seal and 2 of the Sacred Treasures ended up in the hands of the followers of the Demon King. The alliance of Paladins and Black Knights are attempting to retrieve the treasures but are having difficulty fighting the strong monsters.

Neptune asks for the location of the two treasures that are not stolen. Bouquet tells her they are in Logi Mountain and Yiear Forest.

Vert chooses Logi Mountain. Blanc asks Vert for her reasons. When Vert hears a mountain, she must climb it. That is what her heart says as well as that is the recommended level progression. Neptune wonders if Vert just has a feeling that there are rare items there. Vert tries to deny that and they should focus on saving Bouquet and this world. Once they get the Sacred Treasures Vert can have her union with Bouquet and all the Goddesses.

Neptune reports that Vert is drooling on Bouquet. Bouquet anxiously wonders what sort of bouncy fate awaits her. Blanc finds all of this ridiculous and hopes Vert is not a bad influence on the AI. Noire promises to control Vert so Bouquet does not have to worry and would appreciate her advice along their adventure. Bouquet accepts Noire's offer and looks forward to their next meeting.

The party heads over to Logi Mountain. Noire wonders what monsters live here and hope they aren't too strong. Neptune is sure there are no strong monsters. Noire wonders how Neptune is so sure. Neptune reminds her that this is the early game. Blanc warns Neptune to stop dropping her guard or else she will be the first to bite the dust. Vert promises to support the party with all her gaming instincts. Neptune is glad to have a reliable game junkie in their party.

Near the end of the dungeon, Neptune wonders if this is the place Bouquet mentioned. Bouquet appears and is glad they made it all the way safely. Bouquet points them to a small shrine. Neptune notices a monument in it. Bouquet explains that they need to write a spell to the monument to get the Sacred Treasure, Amethyst Glass. Neptune realizes that they need a password so she decides to enter in "pudding is the best thing in the world". Vert tries "My adorable little sisters, Nepgear and Bouquet hehehehehehehe". Noire tells the two to stop. She knows this goes against their characters but they should take this seriously for once-. Neptune and Vert get the Amethyst Glass.

Bouquet congratulates them and now the two of them have the power of the Awakening. Blanc cannot believe that is the password. Bouquet explains the game is still in beta therefore the password for the monument is not implemented and any password works. Neptune knows it is word coming from her but Bouquet should not be breaking the fourth wall.

Bouquet tells them to treat as if it was a notice from the administrator. This game is a beta so to test her learning capabilities, she has no filters against her speech except for confidential and banned terms. When the game is released, her speech will likely be restricted to not break player immersion. Vert is concerned and wonders if this is the only time to talk to Bouquet's true self and if she will forget about the time they spent together. Bouquet does not know if her memories will be erased and believes that is dependent on adventurers like them.

Neptune agrees and remembers a story about how an AI learned strange things then had to be frozen. She tells everyone to not teach Bouquet weird things. Vert tells her not to worry as she will protect the memories with her life. Her love for Bouquet will overcome all obstacles.

Blanc decides to enter "Password" to the monument. Noire thinks Blanc is being naive, haphazard and careless. She decides to enter a more secure password which is Lastation's birthday and 123. Neptune announces that Noire has the most naive password. Noire tells Neptune to shut up and she would never use that password in her real accounts. Neptune asks if Noire is sure. Noire says it does not matter as they got the Sacred Treasures.

Since the mission is accomplished Vert wants to spend some quality private time with Bouquet. Bouquet asks her to do something not overwhelming. Vert is glad she is accepted and decides to play tag. She asks Bouquet to chase her. Bouquet tells her to wait and chases her. Neptune notes that it has been a while since Vert was so happy.

The party returns to Wishuel. Noire receives a message. Neptune wonders who it's from. Noire says it's Uni and she is playing the 4 Goddesses Online Beta as well. Vert notes that only high ranking players from 4 Goddesses Online can get keys. If she is high ranking, Vert would like to invite Uni to her guild. Noire tells her that Uni is not interested in these types of games. She likes FPS games which means she got her key from... Neptune says it was Nepgear, her little sister that won the keys from a prize. She gave Uni, Rom and Ram and they are all playing together.

Neptune begins a brief explanation on the CPU Candidates. Nepgear is her little sister and the two of them are currently playing in the same room. Uni is Noire's little sister. Rom and Ram are twins and Blanc's little sisters. Neptune will go into depth about the candidates later. Noire reports that they already got the first Sacred Treasure. Neptune thinks this is expected of the CPU Candidates.

Later, Noire receives Uni's message that they are returning from Logi Mountain and alerts the Goddesses. Blanc suggests that they should wait in the plaza for the candidates' return. Vert can't wait for her lovely Nepgear. Neptune thinks it's nice that Vert likes Nepgear but she is her little sister and tells Vert not to forget that.

Later, Neptune sees her sister and calls out to her. Nepgear is glad to have met up safely, but remarks that they already have as they are in the same room. Vert wants to introduce the audience to her little sister, Nepgear and embraces her. Nepgear tells Vert to stop squishing her so hard but notes that this does feel warm. Neptune notes that Nepgear has been afflicted with a status effect and complains that Vert already has Bouquet.

Vert explains that she is an adult woman and can have as many little sisters as need be. Neptune thinks it is time to introduce the audience to the candidates. She starts off with Nepgear, her little sister and the CPU Candidate of Planeptune. A candidate is like the second or third CPU. Because of how Nepgear presents herself, she is often seen as the older sister. She is really good with machines and networks making her a reliable tech geek. This makes Neptune proud of her.

Next is Uni, Noire's little sister, the CPU Candidate of Lastation. She is a gun-loving military otaku who looks up to Noire and strives to be like her. She gets along with Nepgear due to their similar tastes and on their days off, they hang out by looking for parts.

Finally, Rom and Ram are Blanc's twin little sisters, the CPU Candidates of Lowee. Rom is the quiet older sister. She is introverted, shy and clings to Ram but will talk when she is used to you. Rom has a habit of saying her emotions out loud but it depends on the person's personality if they can hear it. Ram is the energetic younger twin. She is a lefty, has longer hair, super active and mischievous. If one adds Rom and Ram together then divide by two, one gets Blanc. The twins like to draw on Blanc's notebook which annoys her but in the end, they love each other. Lowee is the land of magic and in real life, the twins use magic.

That is it for the candidates and Neptune asks the cameraman to get back to focus on them all again.

Neptune compliments Nepgear for having a cute Mage outfit. Nepgear thanks her sister and thinks Neptune would make the perfect paladin. Nepgear did want to support Neptune as a Priest but Blanc already took that class so she decided to choose the Mage class to support her with long range magic.

Blanc notices that Ram is a Ninja while Rom is a Samurai. Since Blanc was always protecting them in real life, Rom and Ram decided to protect her in this game. Blanc is glad and wants to their best together. Neptune encourages Rom and Ram to make a ruckus with her in the front lines. Ram explains to Neptune that Ninjas use ninjutsu which is like magic. She won't always be in the front lines but will fight with a hit and away.

Neptune summarizes her understanding of that as Ninjas are equipped for attacks, ranged magic and evasion. This is a strong and dirty character which is expected for a ninja. Neptune wants to show off the strength of the Paladin class. Vert is glad that their party has doubled. Nepgear thinks they will have twice the fun.

When the party first arrives in Tetyu Temple without getting all the Sacred Treasures. Noire wonders why Neptune is here for that reason. Neptune was curious as this dungeon was unlocked after they got a Sacred Treasure. Blanc urges them to find the Sacred Treasures. Neptune wants the cool things here that they can miss. Vert tells Neptune the choice is hers. They can look around and earn money in the ruins.

The party has made it to an altar in Tetyu Temple. Bouquet appears and welcomes them. Neptune is happy to see her. Vert is glad that fate has allowed the two sisters to reunite. Bouquet tells Lady Vert that she is not her sister unless she is remembering that incorrectly. Vert tells Bouquet to not be so formal with her as they are quite close. Bouquet admits that they do know each other but...

Neptune notices that Bouquet is not as awkward around Vert. Bouquet decides to explain that this is the altar where they will offer the Sacred Treasures to release the Goddesses. It is the closest place in Alsgard to the Divine Realm. Due to the recent increase in monsters, less and less people have been making a pilgrimage here. Their presence pleases the Goddesses.

Neptune wants to place the Amethyst Glass, the Sacred Treasure they have right now. Noire doubts anything would happen as they only have one. She remembers needing four for anything to happen. Neptune thinks that is fine and offers the Amethyst Glass anyways. Ram wonders if the Goddesses are here and calls for them. Neptune thinks that can't be case as they need 4 for them to show up.

Purple Heart's voice can be heard. She gives the Chosen Ones blessings from the Goddesses and the party acquires the Source of Life. Neptune recognizes her voice. Bouquet reminds them that this altar is connected to the Divine Realm. An offer of a Sacred Treasure allows them to feel the presence of the Goddesses.

Neptune is happy the trip was worth it. They are all more pumped. Neptune is ready to head back. Noire reminds her to pick up the Sacred Treasure. Neptune is glad to have the reminder as she would not want anyone stealing the Sacred Treasure. Blanc tells them if that is done, they should head back and find the rest of the Sacred Treasures.

Now that the party has expanded thanks to the candidates Vert wants to name the party. Neptune notes that this is like a guild so she supports this. Nepgear wonders what it should be and suggests everyone spout whatever comes to mind.

Neptune wants "Goddess Communications". Noire does not hate it but fears it is too long. She suggests "Goddess Talk". Neptune tells Noire if she is going to change it that little, they may as well keep her suggestion.

Ram thinks since they are all Goddesses, they should go with "The Goddesses". Rom agrees and also suggests going for "The Guardian Goddesses". Neptune thinks its cute but might be too long. She wonders if there is another way to word it. Vert remembers that in Gamindustri, they are called Console Patron Unit, so suggests "CPU".

Everyone likes the name. Neptune declares that their party will now be known as "CPU". Vert thought they would argue more about this but is glad they settled it.

CPU then takes the Certification quest at Logi Mountain. In Logi Mountain, Neptune tries to jump to a foothold to climb higher. Noire, Blanc and Vert are displeased with this and warn her not to fall. Neptune tells them not to worry as she is confident in her platforming skills and promptly proceeds to fall off. At the base of the mountain, Neptune gets back up. She is upset that she could not get to the foothold. She was so close. Neptune decides to hurry back to CPU.

CPU finishes the Certification quest and returns to Wishuel. Now that their strength has gone up Vert advises them to think about party reorganization before searching for other Sacred Treasures. Nepgear notices that Vert has been rather enthusiastic about completing this game. Neptune explains that she has been targeting Bouquet, a cute little girl as her sister. That being said, Neptune claims she is still the protagonist of this game, which is called "Cyberdimension Neptunia" not "Vertia".

All that aside, Nepgear is glad to have Vert in CPU. Vert is happy to help and tells Nepgear to not be afraid to ask for help in this game. Nepgear accepts her offer as she has never tried a Mage class and she will take any advice on using it. Vert knows Bouquet is lovely but Nepgear is just too adorable.

Uni notes that Vert has been clingy with Nepgear ever since they got here. Rom and Ram wonder if Uni is jealous. Uni blushes and denies that. Neptune believes a love triangle has formed with Vert and Uni pursuing Nepgear. She then realizes that she is also pursuing Nepgear so that would make it a love rhombus. Uni tells them all it is not like that. Noire tells them not to forget about her as she won't let Uni be taken away by Vert. Uni cannot believe her sister is getting involved. Neptune notes they have a love pentagon and it may become an octagon but even she would stop there.

Vert believes the party should balanced according to the skills and expertise of each player. After the party reorganization, Neptune thinks they should look for the next Sacred Treasure.

CPU decides to check out the Chaos Factory and finds IF and Compa. Neptune is surprised that the two of them are also in the beta. Compa thinks it is a nice surprise to see Nep Nep and the other CPUs. IF greets Neptune and believes they all started at the same time.

Neptune introduces the two of them as her super close friends. IF works for the Intel Guild in Planeptune. She is cool, reliable and her hobbies include cellphones and motorcycles. Compa is a nurse, the fluffy healer type. Compa is good at cooking so sometimes, she comes over to the Planeptune sisters to make them dinner.

IF thinks it is expected that the party has progressed so far given that Vert is in their party. The two of them just focused on managing shops in this city. Compa reports that IF gathers materials and she mixes them. Neptune thinks that is nice and realizes that they won't join her party. IF confirms this as there are too many side quests and they are only playing this on their free time from work. Compa welcomes Neptune to come over if she ever needs medicine. Neptune accepts and thanks them for the offer then leaves.

Some time afterwards, Neptune strongly urges IF to go to the pond for a walk together. There will be consequences if she was late. Later, Neptune and Compa arrive 30 minutes late to the pond to find IF doing something. They get concerned and ask what is wrong. IF tries to explain that when the character goes idle, they do this weird dance. She then scolds the two for being late. Neptune smirks and apologizes. Since IF is her close friend, she feels okay with being 30 minutes late. Compa laughs. IF sighs. The three of them then go for a walk.

CPU checks out the Gion Blacksmith. Blanc recognizes the owner and greets her. She wonders what she is doing here. The owner notes that it has been a long time. Neptune asks Blanc if she knows the owner. Blanc explains that the owner helped her out a long time ago. She never expected to meet her in this game. The owner introduces herself as Tamsoft and her occupation is a Blacksmith.

Neptune asks Tamsoft since she has a traditional Japanese vibe, if she specializes in sword smithing. Rom excitedly wonders if she can improve her katana. Tamsoft tells them to bring in the materials and she will upgrade them. She is not limiting herself to swords, she can do guns as well. Tamsoft notes that they need strong weapons to beat this game so they should not hesitate to call her. Blanc promises that they will and are happy to see her.

A mysterious person greets Neptune and wonders if she is in trouble. The person has a lot of top quality items which they will make cheap for Neptune to purchase. Neptune does notice that the mysterious person has some rare materials. She wonders what the mysterious person recommends. The mysterious person says that they will hide the item and Neptune will know how great it is once she uses it. Neptune is tempted by the number of items that seem hard to collect. She wants to buy some.

Nepgear arrives to stop her sister. The items are expensive and she should discuss this with everyone before buying. Neptune agrees. Nepgear notices that it almost time for CPU to meet up. She says goodbye to the mysterious person.

Phiaros runs into CPU. He is happy to see them. Neptune wonders if they met this NPC before. He explains that he guards the holy Yiear Forest. He needs to request something of them, the Sacred Treasure, Black Diamond Sword has been taken by the forces of the Demon King. Neptune complains about their bad security. Phiaros has no excuses but asks them to retrieve all the Sacred Treasures and revive the Goddesses. He already put the request at the guild.

Since it is official, Neptune is happy to accept the quest and tells Phiaros to leave it to them. CPU heads to the guild.

In the guild, they accept the request. The Goddesses begin to squabble on their reliability in this quest. Neptune thinks the best way to prove all of this is in the field. Of course, Neptune will the MVP.

In Yiear Forest, Neptune is pumped and ready to get the Sacred Treasure. Later in the forest, Uni stops and alerts her sister to something. It is a couple of players. Neptune is surprised to see other players. Since there are here, Nepgear suggests talking to them. Vert agrees.

Nepgear shows up and greets them. Kiria cuts her off stating there is no time for her and urges the princess to go ahead. The princess knows it is dangerous but relies on Kiria's protection. Kiria promises to wash away her sadness and take her pain. The two leave.

Nepgear finds it a shame that they left after she built up all that courage to talk to them. Neptune tells her sister not to let it get to her. Vert thought they were making the most progress in this game. Noire thought so too but it seems like there are even gamers that are better than Vert. Neptune thinks its not over yet and they should hurry after them. Ram thinks they cannot be faster than a ninja and runs after them telling them to wait. Neptune won't lose to a ninja and runs off.

Near the end of the forest, the princess notes that CPU took their sweet time. Neptune is surprised to run into the couple again. Vert thought they were lucky and passed the couple but they got here first. Kiria brags that they didn't just get here first, the two of them defeated the boss and they have the Sacred Treasure as proof. Neptune and Vert are shocked.

The princess thanks Kiria for her hard work and making her happy. She wants to reward her for her faithful service and asks what she wants. As her faithful servant, Kiria says her words eternally reward her soul. The princess just loves how Kiria is. Kiria promises to be with the princess forever. The princess wants to go back to shop. Kiria asks to be her escort back. The princess agrees.

Neptune's jaw drops. CPU enters the end of the dungeon. Nepgear spots something in the distance. Neptune recognizes it as the boss and wants to get the Sacred Treasure. The party defeats the boss.

CPU gets the Sacred Treasure, Black Diamond Sword. Bouquet appears and congratulates them on their successful retrieval of the Sacred Treasure. She thanks them all for their hard work and she has something to tell them but... Bouquet apologizes as even if this is a holy forest, the monsters' impurities are affecting her. Vert notices that Bouquet's face is flushed and she seems to be in pain as well. She as the older sister wants to nurse Bouquet as nursing scenes are essential to any game.

Bouquet wonders what nursing scenes and decides to research it. Neptune thinks Bouquet is too wobbly for that and tells her to hold it off until she recovers. Then she can study all the silly things she wants. Bouquet decides return to the Cathedral herself. Maybe the Goddesses' protection will remove her impurities and she will feel better. Bouquet promises to talk to them there and she teleports away. Neptune wonders if she really will be better in the Cathedral. Neptune thinks they can wrap a leek around her head. It should cure the common cold. Nepgear thinks Bouquet is not suffering from the common cold. CPU returns to Wishuel.

In Wishuel, CPU decides to head to the Cathedral. Neptune says that she has an errand and tells them to go on without her. Noire reminds Neptune that Bouquet had something important to say so she should remember to meet up with them. Neptune knows and tells her not to worry.

Neptune heads over to the Chaos Factory. She calls for Compa. Compa welcomes Nep-Nep. She asks Neptune what she is looking for. Neptune asks Compa if she knows an NPC named Bouquet. Right now, Bouquet is all wobbly and Neptune wonders if Compa has some medicine for her. Compa does know Bouquet who she talks to for her Healer quests. Compa asks Neptune for more information on her condition as she is worried as well.

Neptune remembers Bouquet mentioning something about "Goddesses' blessings" and "impurities". Compa suggests giving her a Potion of Protection as it has received the Goddesses' blessings. Neptune compliments the potion for having a panacea ring for it. She thinks it looks expensive and asks for how much it is going to cost her. Compa explains that she got this from a quest reward but she is close to making some on her own. This is on the house for Neptune. Neptune acquires the Potion of Protection. Neptune thanks Compa and wants to get this to Bouquet right away. Compa tells her if anything happens, she is here to help.

Neptune runs into Vert and is glad for the timing. She asks Vert if Bouquet is back in the Cathedral. Vert says that she is in the Cathedral and she seems okay but needs rest. Vert thinks they should work on their own and asks if Neptune is done her errand. Neptune is and she shows her the Potion of Protection for Bouquet. Vert is surprised that Neptune could get such an expensive potion. They should get this to Bouquet immediately. Neptune explains that Compa gave her the potion and she would like to go with Vert to Bouquet to give her the potion. Vert agrees but since Bouquet may be asleep so she asks Neptune to do her best to be quiet.

In the Cathedral, Bouquet is surprised Vert and Neptune. Neptune asks Bouquet if she is okay. Bouquet apologizes for her disgraceful sight. Neptune tells her not to sweat it, Bouquet should see her when she doesn't get her naps or when she is working too... hard. Vert shows Bouquet the medicine they brought. Vert explains that should make Bouquet feel better.

Bouquet thanks them and drinks the medicine. Bouquet is moved that they would do this for her and does not know how to thank them. As a candidate for older sister, Vert tells her not to worry and asks Bouquet to rely on her more. She will accept any selfish request from her younger sister. Bouquet couldn't possibly trouble her with that and her one wish is to fulfill her mission but she is happy. They are a strange bunch to go so far for a lowly NPC. Bouquet gets sleepy.

Vert notices this and tells Bouquet to get some rest. Bouquet goes to sleep. Neptune is impressed that Vert can act so natural as an older sister. She might be getting an identity crisis. Neptune wants to contribute as an older sister as well. She decides to sing a lullaby. First, Neptune needs to warm up her vocal cords. Vert tells her there is no need. If Neptune does anything to disturb her younger sister, Vert will not forgive her. Bouquet snores soundly.

Later, the remaining party arrives to see Bouquet in the city. CPU is happy to see Bouquet back to normal and they each brought gifts for her. Bouquet is grateful for everything CPU has done for her.

Bouquet then asks Vert if having a younger sister is all that important. Vert says it is as she is the only one without a sibling of her own. In addition, in Gamindustri, moe is still heavily trending so everyone wants a younger sister by their side. Nepgear thinks as younger sisters, the older sisters are who they look up to the most. However, if Nepgear had a younger sister, she wonders what it would be like. If that is the case, Neptune would get another sister. She begins thinking of names for her such as Nep-pitcher, Nep Mk.3 and Nep the Third. Bouquet finishes her learning on that topic and records that segment in her archives. Anyways Bouquet would like to begin to explain the legend surrounding the Sacred Treasures. Neptune tells her to go ahead.

The Demon King commands a duo of unrivaled leaders known as the Paramount Pair. They both lead the king's army of monsters known as the Wicked Believers. The king and his army went on a rampage that brought Alsgard to the brink of destruction. The four Goddesses fought against them but the battles were a constant struggle. The Goddesses created the Sacred Treasures and amplified their power in order to seal the king, which depleted all their power making them unable to descend to this world.

Vert notes that the Demon King and Paramount Pair are new bosses and not in the main Four Goddesses Online series. Noire asks if their plan is for the Paramount Pair to gather their forces to revive the Demon King while the Goddesses are still away. Bouquet confirms Noire's assumption. Vert's heart races at hearing at the new bosses. She promises to play in earnest from now on.

Neptune worries about what playing in earnest entails. Will Vert give them energy drinks to fight monsters all night? Will they have to quit their job to try to beat the game? Nepgear hopes that it won't be like that.

Regardless, Bouquet warns that if the Demon King is revived with his full power, defeating him will be difficult. She urges them to gather the Sacred Treasure before all that can happen. Vert tells Bouquet not to worry, with her 5 younger sisters and 3 pleasant companions, they will save this world. Neptune has a few things to say about Vert's sentence but first she wants Vert to not include Nepgear as her younger sister.

Vert tells them not to worry about the details and they should try to save the world at full speed. Neptune is happy to continue. Bouquet believes they will succeed.

Neptune visits a new shop, Fancy Shop. She notices some familiar faces. Plutia is happy to see Neppy. Peashy is excited to see her Neptuna. Neptune is glad to see the two and asks what`s up and if they are okay. Plutia tells her they are doing great. Peashy reports that she is always full of energy. Neptune notices that the audience want her to introduce the two. Neptune obliges.

Neptune first introduces Plutia. Plutia or Plutie loves naps and is really good at sewing. She is very relaxed and moves at her own speed. Neptune warns all the good girls and boys to ignore any S-vibes that might linger at the end of her sentences. Neptune has not further comment.

Neptune moves on to Peashy, Pea or P-ko. She is a five year old girl that Plutia cares for, for complicated reasons. Peashy is very rambunctious and usually likes tackling Neptune. Also, Neptune likes to write Nep's on all her pudding in the fridge but that only makes Peashy want to eat them. Neptune wrote her name to prevent this but maybe that only makes it an easier target. Plutia wants Neptune to come back to them. Neptune wraps up the introductions.

Peashy shows Neptuna some accessories. Plutia asks Neppy if she would like one. Neptune realizes that the two are running an accessory shop. She thinks it suits Plutia. Neptune realizes that Peashy is playing an online game which is something she is too young for. Plutia explains that when she brought Peashy here, she really liked the shop so they started one up in order to play pretend shopkeeper. Neptune gets it, this shop would attract more customers than if they started a pretend shop in her room. Plutia confirms Neptune's statement.

Peashy explains that she is the posterchild of the shop. Since they just opened, she asks Neptune to buy something. Neptune laughs and notes that this is expected for the little shopkeeper. Neptune promises to bring everyone so she asks Peashy to wait a little bit. Peashy's eyes sparkle as she asks if more people will really come. Plutia decides to put her nap off to wait for the customers. Neptune tells her not to worry as even if she did fall asleep, Peashy would wake her up. Neptune asks them to have their best items stocked up when she returns.

Later, in the Fancy Shop, Peashy sees Neptuna and calls her as she runs in tackling her. Neptune wonders if she was hit by a wild Peashy in her blind spot. She is then glad that this is a game and not real life. Peashy's tackles are like that of a pro-wrestler. If this was in real life, Neptune admits she would surely be grimacing from the pain. Peashy asks Neptuna to step right up. Neptune wonders if she means welcome, otherwise it is like Peashy is running a carnival not a shop. Neptune asks if Plutia is napping right now since Peashy is running the shop.

Peashy tells her that is not the case. Plutia's shop is over there while her shop is right here. Neptune is shocked that Peashy actually has her own shop. Peashy explains she takes shinies instead of money. Neptune realizes she is dealing with a bartering system and looks to see if she has a shiny item. She has a shiny rock. It is shiny despite being made of cheap material. She also has a gold ring.

Peashy happily trades something for that shiny! Neptune acquires the Water of Life. Neptune is happy to get a nice recovery item. Peashy then decides to trade something else for the gold ring. Neptune is upset to get a grass material worth 5 bells despite the gold ring being worth a lot more. Peashy gets upset and explains that she likes the shiny rock more. Neptune understands that is what it comes down to. She does not like it but it is Peashy's shop. Neptune will bring more shinies when she finds them. Peashy thanks her.

In Wishuel, Neptune notices someone in the distance, Uzume. It has been a long time. Uzume is happy to see Nepsy and apologizes for not visiting in a while. Neptune asks if the audience knows what time it is. It is snack time. Neptune is kidding, it is introduction time.

Uzume Tennouboshi has a fiery heart. She is so passionate and always stands by her friends. It may be surprising for some but she is a daydream and has a girly side to her. Uzume tries to hide this but sometimes it just comes out.

Neptune did not know that Uzume is beta testing. She wants to form a party with her. Uzume apologizes as she cannot form a party with Neptune. She is playing solo to boost her stats. Neptune is in awe and notes that it is classic for Uzume to be so cool. If Uzume ever changes her mind, she can always find Neptune to form a party with.

Uzume understands and she is cheering Neptune from the sidelines. Uzume just remembers that she wants Nepsy to tell Gearsy that she said what's up. Neptune assures her that she will pass her message. Uzume knows that she is playing solo but she would like Neptune if she runs into to her later to say hi. Uzume says her goodbyes.

CPU visits the guild. Luke, the person who runs the guild praises CPU for their timing as an important quest was just posted. Neptune asks if it is the quest to find another Sacred Treasure. Luke confirms this and explains the quest came from a report from an archelogical team when they returned from the ruins. While they were excavating in Oneiro Corridor, they stumbled into the boss monster who took the Sacred Treasure. The monsters nearby are also obstructing the excavation so they thought of asking adventurers to defeat the monsters and boss in one go. The researchers promise to not claim the Sacred Treasure. Their desire is for the Chosen Ones to wield it.

Noire understands but she laments that the Black Knights never get their chance to shine. Neptune would appreciate it if the Paladins tried a little harder but she guesses they will be fine if they try really hard.

In the dungeon, Neptune notices the couple and decides to greet them. She remembers that they haven't introduced themselves yet. Neptune introduces herself but she realizes that it doesn't matter as players can see each other screens. Neptune reads Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†'s name. She praises them for being sweet names. Vert tells Neptune that the symbols in the princess' name are not crosses but daggers. They are only decorations so Neptune does not need to pronounce them. Neptune still likes how cute the crosses are and overall it shouldn't matter.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that Neptune understands her naming sense. Kiria notices that CPU uses the name of the Goddesses of Gamindustri. †Black Cat Princess† also notices that their appearances are the same. She asks if they are impersonating them.

The four Goddesses decide to discuss this between themselves. Neptune wonders if they should hide their identities. Blanc thinks that is hardly worth answering as anyone would doubt they are actually the real Goddesses even if they said they were. Noire wonders what Vert is doing in this game with her name. Wasn't she was going by Green Heart or something in the other game. Neptune decides to briefly explains that in the real Gamindustri, when Vert transforms, she is called Green Heart so she still is using her real name.

†Black Cat Princess† is amused that CPU even imitates the way the Goddesses talk but she notes they need more research to roleplay as them. For example, the real Lady Neptune is much squishier and cuter. Neptune wonders if she be offended by that statement. At least she is cute. Noire guesses that could be the case but she did call Neptune a cheap knock off. Neptune gets upset as she is the real one. Kiria tells them dressing up is fine but warns them not impersonate as the Goddesses.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† continue to point out how different the Goddesses are from the real Goddesses until Noire asks if they have actually seen the real Goddesses. They have not. Kiria apologizes but asks CPU to let the two of them to go. They are a bit busy. Vert tells her there is no need to rush and asks the couple humor them a little. Vert wants to consult something with them. Kiria wonders what this is about. Vert explains that in terms of story progression, the group here is the furthest ahead. The next time a difficult quest appears, they should work together. Neptune adds that if their party is bigger, defeating the Demon King will be easy as pudding.ea.

Kiria thinks this is a foolish question as she has no intention of wielding this sword for anyone but the princess. †Black Cat Princess† finds this a wonderful suggestion. CPU does look strong especially Vert the Enchanter. †Black Cat Princess† wants to be her younger sister. Vert is caught off guard and wants to refuse. †Black Cat Princess† implores Vert.

Neptune is glad that Vert won't claim Nepgear anymore. Vert notes that the Goddesses are finding all of this amusing and protests as being an older sister is different from being just sisters. Kiria manages to convince the princess to only allow herself the sole opportunity to fight for her. As a result CPU won't work with the couple.

Nepgear goes up to Kiria and notices her equipment is really high level. She asks if she can see her sword. Kiria shows it to them. Uni is impressed with the mechanical component in her weapon which is rare in this world. Nepgear is glad Uni sees how special the weapon is. Neptune is impressed that the mech otakus were reeled in so easily.

Kiria then notices that the two of them have stayed for too long and they must hurry to the boss as soon as possible. †Black Cat Princess† says her goodbyes to everyone and the two leave. Nepgear would like a weapon like that one day. Neptune thinks its like her sister to say that. She suggests that Nepgear take her wish to Tamsoft for help. Nepgear tells her sister she is right as Tamsoft is a Blacksmith and sure to have some advice.

At the end of the dungeon, Neptune hear footsteps up and wonders if anyone else can here it. The boss is here and is chasing a couple of people. Neptune wonders who are the ones being chased by the boss and realizes it is Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. She calls for them and wonders if they are okay. Neptune tells they will take it from here and asks them to stand back.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† are reluctant to do so as they weakened the boss. However, they cannot win so they pass the torch to Neptune and CPU but hope that they can get the final blow in. Neptune urges CPU to Nep the boss up.

CPU defeats the boss and everyone acquires the Moonstone Hairpin. Ram is glad they were first this time. Neptune reports that if there are 10 people in first place then that means the next person is 11th. Rom reads that the Sacred Treasure is called the Moonstone... but she is too tired to read. Neptune happily announces that she did not log in here to read because she can't right now and lets Noire take that role. Noire wants to know what Neptune means when she can't read right now but knows that she should expect this from Neptune anyways.

†Black Cat Princess† is upset that even the final strike was taken from them. Kiria apologizes but that just angers †Black Cat Princess† even further. She lashes out at Kiria and accuses CPU of gloating therefore being horrible people before leaving. Kiria follows after her. Neptune wonders why they are leaving so soon. She was hoping to a victory toast together.

Bouquet appears and Vert is excited to see her. Bouquet praises everyone for the work. There is only one Sacred Treasure left. Noire is happy that it is finally time and remembers the last Sacred Treasure as the Emerald Mirror. Neptune reminds everyone that they do not know where it is. She wonders if the Knights found it yet. Bouquet reports that they have and it is in the oldest and most sacred place in the world. Blanc asks if it is in the Altar of the Goddesses. Bouquet tells her it is not but it is a good guess.

Since it is not in the Altar, Neptune wonders if there are any other important looking buildings on the world map that they may have missed. Alternatively, it could just be unlocked now since they have progressed so far. Bouquet tells them the resting place of the final Sacred Treasure is on the foot of the World Tree, Leanverde.

The CPU return to Wishuel and the Planeptune sisters and Uni decide to pay a visit to Gion Blacksmith. Neptune calls for Tamsoft and asks if she has a minute for something they have to ask about. Tamsoft asks what's up. She notices that Neptune is excited. Tamsoft asks if something big happens. Neptune explains that a player they met had a weapon... and... um... She asks Nepgear and Uni to explain the details. The candidates explain the details and pique Tamsoft's interest.

When Tamsoft gets the chance, she'd like to smith one herself. But for their information Tamsoft is a relatively new Blacksmith. She does not know about all of the weapons. She apologizes for not being much of a help. Neptune notes that Nepgear and Uni can't equip swords. She asks if them if that is just for their collection. Nepgear reminds Neptune that she can equip and as long as she can see it in action, she okay with that. Uni is the same.

Tamsoft laughs and notes that they've taking a liking to it. She tells them that she will look out for it. Tamsoft asks them to drop off if anything happens. She would like to see this weapon in order to sharpen her skills. Tamsoft reminds them that she needs the right amount of materials and bells from them. Uni guesses that means materials take precedence between all else. Neptune assures them that drop rates don't affect her. They will collect all the materials while they are completing the story.

CPU enters the guild, Neptune asks if there is a quest for the Sacred Treasure at the World Tree. Luke tells her there is a quest for the root of the World Tree, in Yiear Sea of Trees, and asks if she is really sure about going there. Neptune is excited that even the Guild member is afraid of this. Well that should be the case for the final Sacred Treasure. Neptune tells Luke he can't stop them. Luke warns her of an abnormal amount of revived monsters roaming the area. He asks them to try to stay alive. He wishes them good luck. Neptune understands and thanks him. Luke leaves.

Neptune notices that the guild is pretty busy today. She wonders if something is going on. Ram tells Neptune she is behind the times, everyone is talking about the Grim Reaper. Rom shivers at the thought of ghosts. Neptune is confused about this Grim Reaper, ghosts.

CPU overhears in the corner, three players, Naoya, Maron and Wildcat are discussing the Grim Reaper. Naoya reports that it has happened again, someone walking alone in a dungeon was insta-killed by the boss. Maron thinks it was just a newbie going into a high level dungeon. Naoya explains that it took place in the first mountain dungeon. No one knows where the Grim Reaper will strike. Maron wonders if some newbie killing raid boss was implemented recently. She wonders what it looks like. Wildcat explains that the Grim Reaper is draped in black and has eyes, red eyes. Looking into it is looking into death itself. The Grim Reaper creeps up on you without making a sound and by the time you notice him, you're already dead. Maron was planning to gather materials but now she is too scared.

As a fan of the occult, Neptune would like to see the Grim Reaper. For now, Neptune decides to accept the quest and head out.

In Yiear Sea of Trees, Neptune notices that they are in the base of the World Tree and that it is huge. She knows she can see the place from the city but seeing up close is incredible. Vert notes according to the Guild member, there are powerful monsters here and tells everyone not to let their guard down. Neptune understands.

Deeper in the dungeon, Neptune has found the boss and urges CPU to take down the boss and get the Sacred Treasure. She encourages everyone to Nep'Em up. Noire's spirits are motivated and she will Nowa them all. Neptune is glad Noire is getting into this. She orders everyone in the front to rush the boss. However, their attacks aren't working. Neptune is confused.

A NPC Elmia arrives. She warns them that they are not going to make it out at this rate. She urges them to hurry and get out while they still can. Neptune thinks they may have missed an event that makes this boss beatable. Vert thinks that is plausible and notes that it has been quite some time that something has given her such a scare. Elmia tells them they can talk after, for now she will use this. The boss backs off. Neptune does not know what is going on but she urges everyone to retreat.

After getting away, Elmia is glad she made it in time. Ever since the Sacred Treasure was taken, the monsters in the area have become really strong especially that boss holding the Sacred Treasure. If it starts rampaging for real then no one can stop it. However if they had a high-grade Purification Arrow, they might be able to weaken it. Elmia is sure the Chosen One can defeat it after that. Elmia notes that it would be good to post that to the guild but she had to keep weird mercenaries from getting close.

Elmia decides to head to the guild and warns everyone that this place is dangerous and urges everyone to be careful. Neptune understands and asks Miss Guard Lady to be careful as well. Vert notes that they need to return to the city to accept the quest and once they have regrouped- The boss has caught up to CPU. Neptune wonders when did that happen and calls for Miss Guard Lady. Since they do not have the flags raised to fight this boss, Blanc urges them to run away.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† arrives. Kiria notes that they meet again. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and remarks that they are in a pickle. Neptune recognizes Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Kiria tells them to sit back and watch this round. †Black Cat Princess† tells them those that stand in their way will end up like this. The two make short work of the boss.

Neptune is surprised that they were able to defeat it as she thought that boss fight was unwinnable. Was all they had to do to knock that thing out was raise their level? †Black Cat Princess† laughs and leaves them with a parting gift. Another boss appears. Neptune wonders what is going on with all the bosses. Nevertheless, Neptune is glad to have the opportunity to recover our disgrace. Nepgear notices that her sister is waiting for someone to comment but Nepgear guesses she will correct her sister. It's "recover our honor".

Vert wonders what is with that boss, and makes sure no one broke a branch. Neptune wonders why Vert would mention breaking branches, unless she meant summoning that boss, in which case such an item doesn't exist yet, at least she never saw it. Blanc points out that those items are not found in the shop. Nepgear adds that if it isn't from an item, it must have come somewhere else, which is suspicious. Uni wonders if it could that boss, the people in the guild were mentioning. Noire notes it can't be the Grim Reaper, besides they aren't dead yet. Neptune thinks they are just too strong. Vert thinks they should just focus on the boss for now. CPU defeats the boss.

Neptune is glad it is finally over. She would appreciate it if the game let up on its surprises already. Bouquet appears and notes that something abnormal is going on with this floor's data. She asks if everything is okay. She realizes that its CPU and greets them kindly. Vert is glad to see her and guesses Bouquet is here as AI must check for bugs in the beta.

Bouquet analyzes the data immediately to find the cause. After the analysis, Bouquet has no results. She does not know of the cause. Neptune complains that Bouquet has to break down now of all times. Vert tells Neptune that is not the case, patrolling around is not Bouquet's job. Bouquet confirms this, her job does include compiling a report as soon as she encounters an error. This is all very strange and Bouquet urges them to return to the city at once.

As they venture deeper into the dungeon, they see the same boss as multiple monsters. Neptune thinks that can't be right as they are heading back. Vert thinks it may the anomaly that Bouquet reported. They could fight them off. Blanc thinks that would be a useless battle. Vert leaves the decision up to Neptune.

Near the end of the dungeon, Bouquet reports that while traveling with CPU back to the city, she checked the library with the error but it was too large to load. She wants to report this to the GM so they check this out. She asks if that is okay. Vert is glad that she would as that would be much more reliable than just submitting an error report. Bouquet asks them to wait for a moment and in place of Bouquet, the GM appears.

GM introduces herself as the 4 Goddesses Online Admin, and they may refer to her as Game Master or GM. Neptune thinks GM sounds fine and realizes how strange it is for the GM to make a personal appearance. GM thanks CPU for their help in the beta test and she explains that she has determined by the report that this error is urgent. She decided to see it for herself. GM begins to perform an analysis.

She announces to those logged in that in approximately 10 minutes, she will perform an emergency maintenance in the Yiear Sea of Trees area. She asks the players to avoid entering Yiear Sea of Trees for the duration of the maintenance. She apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks everyone for their cooperation. GM then personally apologizes to CPU that it would take some time until the end of the maintenance.

Bouquet returns and explains that the story quest is now available. It takes place in another area so they should have no trouble progressing. To create the item to weaken the boss requires 3 ingredients. They should first head to the guild and accept the quest. Neptune understands and thanks Bouquet.

After going to the guild, CPU accepts the quest to get the first of the three ingredients required to weaken the final Sacred Treasure boss. It takes place in Arodie Cavern. In the dungeon, Ram hears a weird noise. Rom worries as she hears the noise and her screen is weird. Blanc does not hear anything on her end. Perhaps it has something to do with the connection. She asks Neptune if anything is wrong on her end. Neptune has no problems and thinks the two are imagining it.

After collecting all the items for the quest, Neptune is glad as a bonus that they are all still in good condition.

Back at the guild, CPU overhears Minor Players A and B discuss the Grim Reaper. Minor Player A got killed by the Grim Reaper. There was corrupted text so he couldn't read anything. Minor Player B thinks it is a shame as the two were starting to do well, they were sent back to the city. They have to fight the boss again and when they were defeated, their display went all weird for a moment. It was pretty spooky.

Ram can't believe that the Grim Reaper is actually real and begins to worry. Rom shivers at the thought of such a scary thing being real. Blanc tells them not to worry as she is right with them. Neptune agrees and besides if they do run into it, they will knock him out.

CPU takes the next quest for the ingredients. They are to hunt a Volcerios in Fiyar Mines for the ingredient, Shining Dragon Stone. A newbie player warns Neptune and Noire about to stay away from dungeons for a while. The rumor about the Grim Reaper is real. Neptune is interested and wants to know if he saw it. The newbie player has not seen it and since his level is low, he is just trying to level up in areas where it is less likely to appear.

In Fiyar Mines, Noire comments on the Grim Reaper being unsettling. Neptune thought Noire did not believe in occultish things. Noire does not but players seem to be struggling with this. She can't help but feel worried about this. Vert is also worried about the boss, but for now, they have to defeat the target monster and complete the quest.

Deeper in the dungeon, Uni notices the target monster. Neptune leads CPU in attacking. CPU defeats the target monster and acquires the Shining Dragon Stone. Neptune reports that they got the ingredient. Vert notes that they can return to the guild now, or continue the quest in one go. She will leave the decision up to Neptune.

CPU takes the final quest to get the ingredient to create the Purification Arrow. They are to defeat a target monster in Hestie Crater. In the middle of the dungeon, Nepgear asks the other members what would happen if they were to run into the Grim Reaper. Would they be able to handle now as they are? Neptune thinks if they can't beat him, they can run away. Even if they lose, they only get sent back to town so it is no big deal.

CPU finds the target monster for the quest. Uni asks if beating this monster means they will get the ingredient to create the Purification Arrow. Neptune confirms this and wants to defeat it quickly. CPU beats the target monster.

Back in Wishuel, CPU reports their quest acquiring the Branch of Leanverde. Since they have all the ingredients Neptune reports that they only need to get the Purification Arrow. Neptune is worried about the Grim Reaper but for now they should go on with the story first. Noire remarks that what Neptune said was surprisingly appropriate of her. Noire thinks they should create the arrow first and if they are lucky the maintenance period should end. They should talk to Compa about this. Vert agrees with Noire as no one in their party is able to mix ingredients. It is a staple of online gaming to get help from other players.

Neptune visits the Chaos Factory. IF and Compa greet her. IF asks Neptune about the main story. Neptune tells her that a lot is going on but it honestly is a pain. Compa wants more details. Neptune explains her adventures so far. IF learns that Neptune is currently unable to progress to the next boss as the game is currently under maintenance. Neptune and the rest of CPU were able to gather all the ingredients for the Purification Arrow so it is alright in the meantime. Compa wants to mix the ingredients for her friend. While Neptune was completing the main story, she upgraded her Mixing Skill a whole bunch.

Neptune is glad to let Compa create the Purification Arrow. She hands Compa the materials and it turns out that the level required for mixing the ingredients is high. Compa needs someone to help her. That will greatly increase the chance of success. Neptune eagerly volunteers to be Compa's helper. Compa agrees to allow her to help. She asks Neptune to mix the ingredients slowly. Neptune follows her instructions and notices the color changing as she does. Shortly after, Neptune acquires the Purification Arrow.

Compa is glad to have successfully mixed the ingredients and praises Neptune for her luck. Well in real life, Neptune is always lucky so this should be no surprise. Neptune is glad and thanks Compa for her help, now they can defeat the boss. IF notes that they haven't gotten too far in the story yet but it is nice to help CPU progress in the story. Compa announces that they will properly support all players with their shop.

Neptune returns to CPU in the middle of Wishuel. The GM then announces "This is a notice to all logged in players. The maintenance that was being conducted in Yiear Sea of Trees has safely concluded. Thank you for your co-operation." Neptune finds this perfect timing. Vert agrees and wants to hurry to Yiear Sea of Trees but first they should visit Bouquet. Neptune agrees and CPU heads to the Cathedral.

In the Cathedral, CPU finds Bouquet. Noire reports the rumors of the Grim Reaper instantly killing players and asks if Bouquet knows about that. Bouquet does and the GM has already received reports on it. Her investigations has not caught up to the Grim Reaper yet and she apologizes for continued inconvenience. On behalf of the administration Bouquet also apologizes.

Neptune tells her not to worry about it. It is the beta and anything could happen. As long as they are participating, they will keep requesting stuff. CPU then offers to their help if Bouquet ever needed it. Bouquet thanks them for their concern and returning to the story, the last treasure is the Emerald Mirror. Should they acquire it, the Goddesses will soon return. The monsters are sure to guard it desperately. Something unexpected might happen.

No matter what powerful enemy appears, Vert believes they will safely retrieve the final Sacred Treasure. And when that final battle is over, Vert wants to go on a date with Bouquet. Bouquet is shocked. Neptune warns Vert that she is setting up a death flag. Vert is still sure they will get the Sacred Treasure safely and as sisters, Bouquet and her will go on a date. Bouquet stutters as she clarifies what Vert means by a date is something where they walk together, go shopping, eat out and be loveydovey. Vert confirms that is what she means and asks Bouquet if she willing to do that. Bouquet continues to stutter as she admits it sounds like fun but she has never been on a date before. She feels it is too soon for her.

Neptune and the other Goddesses wants to do the same and hang out later. Bouquet asks if that means everyone is requesting a date. At this rate, she might get an overflow error and her brain begins to sizzle.

Noire worries about Bouquet. If Bouquet went out on a date in this situation, she might pass out again. Vert snickers as she has something to look forward to. She will break any death flag in half and do her best.

In Yiear Sea of Tress, Neptune wonders if they get all the Sacred Treasures, would they be close to clearing this episode. Noire tells Neptune that is counting your chickens before they hatch. Neptune does not really understand what Noire is saying but she guesses that means once they have the Sacred Treasure, the game will get serious. Noire confirms this and adds that no one said the world will be saved once they have the Sacred Treasure.

Later in the dungeon, Vert points out that it seems like it has arrived. This time, they will defeat it. Neptune notes that as usual it looks super strong but they won't run. Neptune decides to use the Purification Arrow and the boss screams in pain. Neptune thinks it is working and believes they can defeat it now. She thanks the guard person for her help. Vert will Vert them all up. Neptune tells Vert not to steal her catchphrase. She paid good money for that.

CPU defeats the boss and Neptune cheers as they finally did it. CPU acquires the Emerald Mirror. †Black Cat Princess† already knew they could do it. Kiria has a pained expression. Neptune is happy to see the couple and notes they have not seen each other in a while but she was thinking about them here and there. Last time things got pretty messy with that monster. Neptune asks if they have been doing alright.

†Black Cat Princess† assures Neptune that they are. In fact there isn't a fragment of a possibility of them losing to someone else so her worry is needless. In fact it isn't her damn business. Neptune notices the grim expression and asks †Black Cat Princess† if she is feeling okay. Blanc is sure they are just going to gloat in their face again.

†Black Cat Princess† agrees with Blanc, as they need to learn that she is much greater than them all. In fact she is going to beat this knowledge into their bones. The candidates are worried that they will soon be fighting.

Neptune understands people can get heated when they are being competitive but that is no reason to not be friends. Vert agrees with Neptune that it is best for fellow gamers to enjoy the game by helping each other out and competing on occasionally. †Black Cat Princess† laughs at the idea that they are fellow gamers that will help each other. She declares that she is supreme in this world and there is no one who can compete on her level. She asks if they don't understand that there is a wall between a princess and a common player. They cannot overcome it.

†Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that to try out the new function of the tool now. Kiria does not feel right using it on actual players. †Black Cat Princess† tells her to stop grumbling and do it already. Kiria understands and will do everything for her sake. The two use the tool. Neptune notices that they have fused and transformed. The new form they have looks like that animal. Nepgear thinks her sister is talking about a cheetah.

Vert remembers that monster from the main 4 Goddesses Online. It sparked a lot of controversy with the players which is why it was removed in patch 1.02. It is known as Cheetah. It was meant as a joke that uses a cheetah as a motif. It was a play on the word "cheater". Back when admins were working on countermeasures for cheaters, they used Cheetah as a sandbag monster in events. At the end of the festival, the GM would fire the Cheetah and explode it as fireworks. That was their cheat eradication campaign.

Neptune gets worried as from the gist of that, it means the couple are... Vert praises Neptune for being perceptive, she did catch on one word in their conversation she won't let go. Blanc is sure she heard them use the word "tool". She wonders if they have access to a cheat tool. Uni summarizes this as the two are cheaters who have turned into... a cheetah. Are they seriously doing this for the sake of a pun?

Neptune begins to snicker but tries to hold it in. Noire can't contain her laughter as she asks Neptune what is she laughing about as this is hardly the time to... Blanc also can't contain her laughter agrees with Noire and they will make her... Vert can't contain her laughter as she scolds the other Goddesses for being rude. The two of them went through quite the spirited transformation. Neptune deflects this onto Uni as she started it. Uni thinks she should not have said anything. Neptune thinks it was just such an awful joke and she can't take it. She asks if she can just laugh a bit.

†Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them not to laugh as their tool could not change how they look. It is not their fault. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them that they should really watch their mouths. The two of them aren't going to be so kind like before. Kiria in Cheetah tries to reason with the princess as she does not think this is a good idea. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells Kiria to shut up and just control the thing. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah declares that they are truly unparalleled in 4 Goddesses Online and releases a burst of electricity.

Rom and Ram tell Cheetah to stay back. Neptune tells them to look alive. They should stop staring and start fighting. Neptune assures that it will work out, asks that it will work out and hopes it will work out. Alright, Neptune leads the charge against Cheetah. CPU defeats Cheetah and their body begins crumble. Neptune cheers as they did it they defeated Cheetah. Neptune wonders if the two of them will return to their normal form. Vert thinks it would be good if they can discuss this peacefully.

The Grim Reaper shows up breathing. The Grim Reaper picks up Cheetah and leaves. Neptune calls for Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† but it's no use as they are gone. Vert wonders what that means. Do monsters just kidnap other players now. Uni thinks that the Grim Reaper was an ally to Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† and came to their rescue. Noire believes the Cheetah is likely controlled by another cheater. Blanc thinks it is best to report this to the GM. Vert agrees and wants to see Bouquet's face in order to find peace after what happened.

CPU returns to Wishuel and decides to visit the Cathedral. Neptune wonders if Bouquet will come if she calls for her. Neptune calls for Bouquet, if she is here, she should say something. If she is not she should tell them she is not here. Nepgear tells her sister that likely won't work.

Bouquet arrives and is glad to see everyone. Firstly she congratulates them on collecting all 4 Sacred Treasures. Now the time has come, they must hold the ceremony to revive the Goddesses and soon as there may have been enemy movements. Bouquet reports that the Paramount Pair have finally awoken and they are working towards the destruction of the world.

Neptune is excited to hear that the enemy captains are appearing soon. Bouquet shows CPU a personal description of them. Bouquet warns that if the Demon King's forces catches wind of the Goddesses' revival, they will surely interfere. Before the enemy organizes themselves, Bouquet asks them to hurry to the Altar of Goddesses in Tetyu Temple.

Vert tells Bouquet that they have progressed the story safely so far but they encountered a fair amount of errors in their previous quest. Bouquet worries and asks if that means another abnormality has occurred again. Blanc tells her it was not an abnormality but it was illegal behavior carried out by other players. Bouquet can't believe it, the defenses against such an activity should be impenetrable. She wants to know more details. Neptune tells her that players by the name of Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† turned out the be a conniving couple of Cheetah cheaters. Bouquet does not understand what Neptune is trying to say.

Noire admits it is hard to explain but essentially the players used a cheat tool to transform themselves into a Cheetah. Neptune says that was what she was trying to say. They were Cheetah cheaters! After that happened, they attacked CPU. Blanc reports that they fought them off but they were taken away by a monster that looks like the Grim Reaper from the rumors. Could it be that they were working together? Bouquet notes that the administration is investigating the Grim Reaper but... for now she will check everyone's logs. She asks them to wait a moment. Bouquet notices that the data is flowing in a strange direction.

Bouquet's voice turns robotic and she alerts that an unexpected error has occurred. She will terminate NPC control system. The GM appears and apologizes for barging in on them like this. However, an error greater than what the AI's auto repair can handle has occurred. It might take some time to repair so she apologizes for the inconvenience. She has also verified the reports of unauthorized tool usage and thanks them for their cooperation before teleporting away.

Neptune is shocked by how quickly she came and left. She wonders if everything is alright. Noire thinks at the very least that their reports were verified. Blanc thinks they should leave this to the GM. They should keep progressing the story. The next destination is appearing now. Neptune reports that it is settled, they will leave the heavy lifting to the GM.

CPU accepts the quest to deliver the 4 Sacred Treasures to Tetyu Temple. Since the Goddesses will appear after they take the Sacred Treasure to the temple, Neptune tells CPU to pay close attention. Nepgear thinks it will get confusing if she calls the Goddess "Neptune", so maybe she should call her "Lady Purple Heart". Nepgear is unsure that she can get used to doing that but she still wants to meet her soon.

Rom is also eager to meet the Goddesses too. She tells Ram that they should talk to their in-game sister. Ram agrees with her sister and shares her eagerness to see the Goddesses. Since they have made it this far, Blanc is ready for whatever the game throws at them. Vert agrees as they have overcome all the trials so far. No matter what enemy shows up, Uni says she will blast them away with her guns. Neptune is glad everyone is full of fighting spirit and leads them to Tetyu Temple.

In Tetyu Temple, Vert asks if it is possible for the Paramount Pair to interfere with the revival. Blanc thinks the monsters wandering inside the temple could be their troops. Neptune remembers that Bouquet said that the Paramount Pair were still gathering their forces. They are still waiting in the wings. Noire tells Neptune they do not know that. They don't know who will show up but they should proceed carefully.

CPU makes it to the Altar of Goddesses and Bouquet welcomes them. She also admits that she does not remember what happened last time. She asks what happened. Nepgear explains that they reported a problem and and error occurred during her analysis. Perhaps her memory around the time was reset.

Bouquet understand that they are referring to the case, the GM is currently investigating. Either way, Neptune feels a lot better seeing Bouquet alright. Bouquet asks them to forgive her for worrying them. Neptune is ready to awaken the Goddesses. Bouquet asks them to place the 4 Sacred Treasures in the altar. Blanc thinks they should set it down in order. Neptune prefers putting it all down at once. Vert agrees with Neptune but wants them to do as pairs of sisters.

Neptune points out that Vert would be left out but realizes that Vert may be after her sister. She refuses to let Vert take Nepgear. Vert tells Neptune she misconstrues her words. Nepgear will pair up with Neptune and her partner will be Bouquet. Nepgear would have been fine with the older sisters handling this part but she is happy that they can do this together. Neptune finds her sister being in a good mood so cute. The other pairs of sisters get ready. Neptune tells everyone on two, they will offer the Sacred Treasures.

On two, everyone offers the Sacred Treasure and Neptune is in awe. Bouquet reports that the door to the Divine Realm has opened. The earth and Divine Realm are connected by a rainbow. Blanc ponders what is on the other side of the gate... Bouquet confirms Blanc's thoughts that on the other side is the Divine Realm where the Goddesses reside. Noire knows that this is just an event in the game but it does feel like quite the accomplishment. Vert thinks it is still too early to celebrate, they need to meet the Goddesses. Neptune agrees and everyone goes to the Divine Realm.

In the Divine Realm. Neptune is awe. Purple Heart tells the Chosen Ones have done well to come this far. They have been waiting a very long time for the day they would meet. Neptune is impressed with "me". Neptune understands the audience might not understand but in the other games, she actually transforms to Purple Heart. The other Goddesses talk to the Goddesses that was based on them.

Black Heart notes that the Demon King's power is great but if everyone is united in battle, they have a chance in victory. White Heart urges everyone to gather their strength and defeat the Demon King. Green Heart tells them the time for the final battle is soon. It is time for the Goddesses to descend to Alsgard. CPU's firepower has increased and Neptune thinks the Demon King is nothing compared to them. Purple Heart laughs and she promises on behalf of the Goddesses that she will show them the power of the Goddesses. Nepgear thinks it is expected that both Neptunes make a great combo.

The Goddesses all return to the altar. Bouquet welcomes everyone back and notes that it is such a honor to behold the countenances of the Goddesses. She asks them to please put an end to the evils in this world. Purple Heart thinks Bouquet has done well to guide this world as the Royal Geist. She wants her to continue her good work. Bouquet promises that she always will. Neptune wants to say something too. She tells her "other me" that they should do their best. Purple Heart does not understand what Neptune means by "other me".

Blanc tells Neptune she shouldn't have to say this to her but their narrative is not going to make sense to the in-game Goddesses. It seems to be case so far and Nepgear tells her "older sister" not to worry about it. Purple Heart has no idea what she means by older sister. Nepgear apologizes and explains that she just looks like so much like her. It will be a hard habit to break. Purple Heart thinks in any case they have descended safely upon earth and they will always be by the Chosen Ones' side. They should fight together from now on. Neptune and others agree.

Back in Wishuel, White Heart comments on how frickin long it has been since they were last here. She can't even remember the last time she was here. Blanc is concerned with White Heart's language. White Heart asks Blanc if she has a problem with her language. It is how she talks and Blanc just has to deal with it. Neptune finds this a relief as when White Heart was speaking in the last event politely, she was unsure whether or not to point that out to her. Blanc is disappointed as she preferred the way White Heart spoke in the Divine Realm.

White Heart explains that she was only speaking like that because Green Heart kept on yappin' to her about watching their mouth when they're actin' as Goddesses. Green Heart scolds White Heart for her language. White Heart is a divine guide and should act like one. This goes to all the other Goddesses. Neptune notes that she's like the eldest of the 4 Goddesses. Vert adds that if Green Heart has 3 younger sisters then she is quite jealous. However, Vert is quite sure that the other Goddesses are treated as sisters.

Bouquet arrives and is glad that they have safely returned from the ruins. She introduces the 4 Goddesses to Wishuel, a hub for adventurers. The 4 Goddesses are glad that Wishuel still stands after all that time. Bouquet knows that the Goddesses have just returned but they are approaching the ultimate battle with Demon King. They have overcome many different trials until now and with all their strength Bouquet truly believes they can save this world.

Green Heart reports that the Demon King's captains have built a gate to the Demon Realm at Atlio City Ruins. It is possible they are trying to revive him as well. White thinks they should get there immediately before he revives. Purple Heart tells White Heart that is difficult as there is a barrier up that prevents outsiders from entering. Bouquet tells them that it is the Demon King's captains, the Paramount Pair, who are maintaining the barrier. Uni is glad the Paramount Pair are finally here. Black Heart summarizes the situation as they need to defeat the Paramount Pair in order to destroy that barrier.

Rom remembers Bouquet showing them pictures of the Paramount Pair. She is determined to fight the armor guy and the cow guy. Neptune tells Rom not to assume that they are dealing with an armor guy. It could be a pretty girl inside that suit of armor. With only two bosses left, no matter how baddies show up, Ram is sure they will win. Nepgear notes that the Goddesses just arrived. She would not be surprised if they were a few more for them in the end of the story.

Bouquet tells them to be careful. They did receive reports that the Paramount Pair are hiding in a different dimension. Green Heart thinks that is a job for the Goddesses. They will triangulate their location based on the waves of evil they radiate. Vert is happy to leave the navigation to the Goddesses and they will prepare for the quest. Bouquet tells them once they are ready, they should stop by the Cathedral.

Megami Wo TsunTsun Shichau CD




Name (ENG) Name (JP) Price Stats Obtain
ロングソード 500
└ロングソード・改 1000
└ロングソード・蒼 1500
ディスソード 1000
└ディスソード・改 1500
└グランディスソード 2000
└クリムディスソード・改 2000
ナイトソード 3000
└ ナイトソード・改 2000
└セントナイトソード 2500
└セントナイトソード・改 3000
└ナイトエンドソード・改 2500
└ナイトエンドソード・極 3000
└魔剣カリヴルヌス・改 4000
└業魔剣カリヴルヌス 6000
└聖剣アーティフィシャル・改 3000
└聖剣エクスカリバー 3500
└聖剣エクスカリバー・改 4000
└真・エクスカリバー 5000


Name (ENG) Name (JP) Price Stats Obtain
普通のプレート 500
└普通のプレート・改 1000
└普通のプレート・極 1500
丈夫なプレート 1000
└丈夫なプレート・改 1500
└丈夫なプレート・極 2000
上質なプレート 3000
└上質なプレート・改 2000
└上質なプレート・極 2500
└聖騎士のプレート・改 2500
└聖騎士のプレート・極 3000
伝説のプレート 10000
└伝説のプレート・改 3500
└伝説のプレート・極 4000


Name (ENG) Name (JP) Price Obtain
ネプテューヌのパープルヘア Neptune's default hair.
ネプテューヌのシルバーヘア 3000 Fancy Shop
ネプテューヌのオレンジヘア 3000 Fancy Shop (Guild Rank 8)


Name (ENG) Name (JP) Price Obtain
Paladin Uniform (White) 聖騎士の制服(白) Initial Equipment
Paladin Uniform (Black) 聖騎士の制服(黒) Yiear Forest: locked Treasure
Paladin Uniform (Pink) 聖騎士の制服(桃) 5000 Pierre's Emporium (Guild Rank 4)
Paladin Formal Wear (Green) 聖騎士の儀礼服(緑) Fiyar Mines: locked Treasure
聖騎士の儀礼服(白) 5000
聖騎士の儀礼服(黒) 5000
Parka Dress パーカーワンピ 5000 Fancy Shop when first unlocked (After seeing Bouquet's nursing event)


Name (ENG) Name (JP) Lv. Obtained SP Effect
Fire ファイア 1 4 Shoots a single fire bullet.

[Power] INT

Ice アイス 8 4 Shoots a single ice bullet.

[Power] INT

Thunder サンダー 16 4 Shoots a single thunderbolt.

[Power] INT

Wind ウインド 24 4 Shoots a single gust of wind.

[Power] INT

Meteor Flame メテオ・フレイム 20 12 Shoots several flame bullets.

[Power] INT

Grand Blizzard グラン・ブリザード 28 12 Shoots several ice bullets.

[Power] INT

Lightning Lore ライトニング・ロア 36 12 Shoots several lightning bombs.

[Power] INT

Spiral Breeze スパイラル・ブリーズ 12 Shoots several gusts of wind.

[Power] INT

Sea of Healing シー・メディック 14 8 Recover 30% all party members' HP.
Up Slice アップ・スレイブ 1 6 Upward slash.

[Power] STR

Cross Edge クロス・エッジ 8 12 Slash two times in a row.

[Power] STR

Ray Split レイ・スプリット 18 14 Slashes surrounding enemies while rotating.

[Power] STR

Energy Burn エナジー・バーン 26 30 Quickly dashes towards enemies and slashes.

[Power] STR

Lightning Rave ライトニング・レイヴ 24 An upward slash followed by downward slash.

[Power] STR

Blade Rush ブレイドラッシュ 36 Five consecutive sword slashes.

[Power] STR






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