Sis is...

  • Condition - Use Blanc & Nepgear during scene 4-5

What's DQN?

  • Condition - Use Noire & Vert during scene 5-5

Backstage Talk

  • Condition - Use any combination of Neptune, Noire, or Vert during scene 6-3

Lawful Wife Nepgear

  • Condition - Use Nepgear & Uni during scene 6-5

Uni realizes she has no money for lunch, after buying a bunch of gun parts, and has to survive on tap water until she gets her allowance. Nepgear then show up with lunch for her, because this happens to Uni every month, so she'll be making lunch for her until then. Uni thanks Nepgear for being such a good friend. Blanc makes a comment in the background that they seem to be a lot more than just friends

Pure Tamsoft

  • Condition - Use Blanc & Tamsoft during scene 8-2

Blanc finishes writing a section of the script, so Tamsoft asks if she can read it. Tamsoft seems horrified about 'raunchy' scenes that Blanc has written in. Blanc asks her to read out which part is bothering her. Tamsoft attempts too, but gets too embarrassed by it

Survey Results

  • Condition - Use Vert & Tamsoft during scene 8-4

Vert suggests that they should try shooting in something other than their school uniforms, but Blanc reminds them that they don't have a budget for costumes. Vert apologises for not being able to provide them. Blanc considers asking Noire, but remembers her nickname is the "Ice Queen VP", to which Noire protests. Hearing this Blanc attempts to get money from her, to which she refuses. Blanc then suggests they use outfits they already own and shoot in them. Noire has a bad feeling about it.

The scene cuts to Vert, Tamsoft and Ram in their school swimsuits. Tamsoft is wondering how she got dragged into this. Vert explains that a survey suggested that 70% of boys liked larger 'assets'. Wondering why Ram was involved, Vert also explains that 20% of boys kept claiming "Flat is Justice". Noire asks Blanc whether she's OK with her sister being exploited like this, to which she replies that she normally would be, but Ram's having fun, so it's fine

Sadie Revisited

  • Condition - Use Plutia & Uzume during scene 9-4

Uzume the Betrayer

  • Condition - Use Peashy & Uzume during scene 10-1

Magical Blancella

  • Condition - Use any combination of Noire, Blanc, or Rom during scene 11-5

Steps to Adulthood

  • Condition - Use any combination of Noire, Blanc, Rom, or Ram during scene 11-8

Director Blanc is born

  • Condition - Beat 1-1 a second time

Defeated Multiplay Big Boss

  • Condition - Start Multiplayer after defeating all of the big bosses

The four CPU's are discussing how they've just defeated all of the Dark History monsters on the island, and how they work well as a group. Neptune makes a comment about some of them work better alone, and Noire takes that as an insult, even though she never mentioned a name. Nepgear then rushes over and tells them that the monsters have reappeared, so all of them except Noire rush to help. Noire gets annoyed at them for leaving her behind, so Neptune mentions that they only need 4 people for this (referring to the multiplayer aspect of the game). Vert also adds that Noire said she works better alone

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