Of course. I will wash away all the sadness that rains down upon you. I shall take the pain that pierces through you, as well.
— Kiria
Title Chosen One
Gender Female
Personification Sword Art Online
Personal Status
Occupation Beta Tester
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Sayaka Senbongi
English voice Allegra Clark

Like many others, Kiria is a player participating in the beta test of 4 Goddesses Online. She's also a bit of a show-off. At her core, she's a good, hardworking individual who's talented at gaming. She can be a little too honest, though. Sometimes, this allows others to take advantage of her kindness. She met †Black Cat Princess† in another game, and often seeks her approval, but she's often ignored.

Her reflexes are excellent which lend to her incredible gaming skill. She's often known in other games as "The Black Knight," and is a highly ranked player in several titles.[1]



Kiria resembles a boy at first glance. She has spiked black hair with light blue coloring in various spots, accenting her cold blue eyes.

Her attire is mostly covering, composed of a black jacket accent in turquoise on the torso and several straps and accents of silver. The coat tails have dull blue coloring on the inside, while her sleeve cuffs are rolled up to reveal white coloring and black lining. She wears a pair of denim pants with a single strap hanging from each hip, and around her neck is an indigo cloth held with an ornament.



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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

In Logi Mountain, †Black Cat Princess† and Kiria sees Neptune fall down from a cliff. †Black Cat Princess† thinks Neptune has bad gaming skills. Kiria says she won't catch anyone but †Black Cat Princess† as she is the angel that fell to her side.



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  • Kiria is a very obvious reference to the main character of the series Sword Art Online, Kirito (AKA Kazuto Kirigaya). They both are Beta Testers, have similar looks, and have 'Kiri' in their name.




Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Characters

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