Ah, of course you guys have progressed this far... you're in a party with Vert! Nice, we're focusing on managing shops in the city.
— IF
Title Chosen One
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 150 cm
Weight 39 kg
Sizes B74-W55-H77
Cup A
Personification Idea Factory
Personal Status
Occupation Beta Tester
Item Salesman
Base of operations Chaos Factory
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Kana Ueda

She belongs to Planeptune's Intelligence Guild. She's known Neptune and Compa for a long time, and they're all very close. As one of the few people around with common sense, she is usually the one looking out for others. When someone is being ridiculous, she'll usually be the first one to say something about it. That being said, she's, of course, constantly troubled by the zany antics of Neptune and Compa.

She has chosen the Adventurer class within this game. Together with Compa, she collects or synthesizes items, then sells them in their shop for money and EXP. IF is in charge of utility items. [1]



IF's overall figure remains the same. However, her outfit has changed from her Spectral Brand to look a lot more adventurous. She now a black Leafy Bow with that is golden at the ends. It has a yellow button in the center. She also wears a teal cape, gray shoulder guards and black shorts. Her jacket reveals her midriff. On her outfit are three belts, one on her shorts and two on her sleeves. Her sleeves are now white. The belt on her shorts hold a cell phone case.


From her experience over time, IF is a knowledgeable girl, but she can sometimes be overconfident over what she knows. She is headstrong and always plans and finishes things her way. Because of this, she does not like doing things that does not benefit her or any of her group's main objectives. Nevertheless, she's dragged along things that she does not want to do. Despite being almost always serious, IF can be sarcastic over some things.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Neptune arrives in the Chaos Factory and is surprised that the IF and Compa are also in the beta. Compa thinks it is a nice surprise to see Nep Nep and the other CPUs. IF greets Neptune and believes they all started at the same time and notes it is expected that the party has progressed so far given that Vert is in their party.

The two of them just focused on managing shops in this city. Compa reports that IF gathers materials and she mixes them. Neptune thinks that is nice and realizes that they won't join her party. IF confirms this as there are too many side quests and they are only playing this on their free time from work. Compa welcomes Neptune to come over if she ever needs medicine. Neptune accepts and thanks them for the offer and leaves.

Vert arrives and decides to check out their shop. IF is happy to have her. Vert knows this is off subject but she asks the two if they have seen a GM. The two of them have not. IF wonders for what reason Vert wants to see one. Vert has no reason, she was just curious in what they look like. She tells them to ignore what she just said. Compa says that just makes them more curious. She promises that if they see them, they will tell Vert. Vert thanks them.

Later, IF is waiting by the pond for Compa and Neptune and upset that are they late. She remembers that Neptune was strongly urging her to go to the pond for a walk together. There will be consequences if she was late. Yet Neptune is the one who is late. IF remembers that in the pond is a spirit that can grant a wish. However, no one knows how to summon it. She decides to play on her phone, but ends up trying to summon the spirit.

Afterwards, Neptune and Compa see IF doing something. They get concerned and ask what is wrong. IF tries to explain that when the character goes idle, they do this weird dance. She then scolds the two for being late. Neptune smirks and apologizes. Since IF is her close friend, she feels okay with being 30 minutes late. Compa laughs. IF sighs. The three of them then go for a walk.

Tamsoft pays a visit to the Chaos Factory and asks IF and Compa for some lively ores. IF does not know what lively ores are but she does have Blacksmith materials available for sale. She asks Tamsoft to take a look. Compa welcomes Tam-Tam. Tamsoft tells Compa she does not need a nickname. Compa decides to call her Soft-Sotht, Soft-Sot, Sofpht but can't get the word right. IF tells Compa she can't use that as an alternative. Tamsoft does not want to trouble Compa and allows her to call her whatever she wants.

IF asks Tamsoft what specifically she is looking for. Tamsoft wants cheap materials for practice. She is paying out of pocket so she accepts any quality. IF tells Tamsoft to give her a minute and she looks for some materials.

IF overhears Tamsoft talking about training her smithing skills and breaking failed works into materials for reuse. IF returns and suggests that she sell her failed works. That is more profitable than recycling the items.

Tamsoft can't sell people failed work. A failure is a failure. IF finds that Tamsoft has quite the professional attitude. She asks that if Tamsoft has made any cool items while practicing that she come back here. IF will buy it off her. IF hands Tamsoft some ores with a little extra as usual.

Tamsoft thanks IF and promises to come back soon.






Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Characters

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