RB3 Trophy Logo

There are 42 trophies in total for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation.

(23BronzeTrophy/16SilverTrophy/2GoldTrophy /1PlatinumTrophy)

Trophy Name Description Grade
RB3 Super-dupermension Neptunia Master Super-dupermension Neptunia Master You've nabbed every single trophy. Nice! PlatinumTrophy
RB3 Neptune, Start Neptune, Start You chose to start the game. Here's your reward! BronzeTrophy
RB3 Prologue Cleared Prologue Cleared You cleared the Prologue. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 1 Cleared Chapter 1 Cleared You cleared Chapter 1. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 2 Cleared Chapter 2 Cleared You cleared Chapter 2. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 3 Cleared Chapter 3 Cleared You cleared Chapter 3. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 4 Cleared Chapter 4 Cleared You cleared Chapter 4. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 5 Cleared Chapter 5 Cleared You cleared Chapter 5. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 6 Cleared Chapter 6 Cleared You cleared Chapter 6. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 7 Cleared Chapter 7 Cleared You cleared Chapter 7. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 8 Cleared Chapter 8 Cleared You cleared Chapter 8. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Chapter 9 Cleared Chapter 9 Cleared You cleared Chapter 9. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Normal ending Normal ending You have achieved the Normal Ending. SilverTrophy
RB3 Good ending Good ending You have achieved the Good Ending. SilverTrophy
RB3 True ending True ending You have achieved the True Ending. GoldTrophy
RB3 Social Game Crusher Social Game Crusher You defeated Regu and Bamo. SilverTrophy
RB3 Violence, At Long Last Violence, At Long Last You have survived your first fight. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Hardcore Hardcore You have fought 100 battles. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Battle Master Battle Master You have fought 500 battles. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Combo Master Combo Master You performed a 100-hit combo. BronzeTrophy
RB3 You Are Now OP You Are Now OP You inflicted over 100,000 damage against a foe! BronzeTrophy
RB3 Level Cap, Get! Level Cap, Get! You leveled one character to 99. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Push It To The Limit Push It To The Limit You leveled all characters to 99. GoldTrophy
RB3 Combo Maker Combo Maker You set up an original combo. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Aspiring Game Dev Aspiring Game Dev You made your own disc via Disc Dev. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Superstar Game Dev Superstar Game Dev You created a Godly Game via Disc Dev. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Game Remake Game Remake You activated a Plan. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Game Designer Game Designer You have activated 200 Plans. SilverTrophy
RB3 My First Stella's ☆ Dungeon My First Stella's ☆ Dungeon You have entered Neptral Tower. BronzeTrophy
RB3 Dungeon Master Dungeon Master You have cleared Neptral Tower. SilverTrophy
RB3 Quest Master Quest Master You have cleared 100 Quests! SilverTrophy
RB3 Rolling In Credits Rolling In Credits You finally collected 100 million Credits. Was this your last trophy?! BronzeTrophy
RB3 Loveable Neptune Loveable Neptune You maxed out Neptune's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Plutia Loveable Plutia You maxed out Plutia's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Noire Loveable Noire You maxed out Noire's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Blanc Loveable Blanc You maxed out Blanc's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Vert Loveable Vert You maxed out Vert's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Nepgear Loveable Nepgear You maxed out Nepgear's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Peashy Loveable Peashy You maxed out Peashy's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Uni Loveable Uni You maxed out Uni's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Rom Loveable Rom You maxed out Rom's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy
RB3 Loveable Ram Loveable Ram You maxed out Ram's Lily Rank. SilverTrophy

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