There are 41 trophies in total for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: SISTERS GENERATION.

(27BronzeTrophy/9SilverTrophy/4GoldTrophy /1PlatinumTrophy)

Trophy Name Desc. Grade
RB2Plat Gamindustri's Ultimate Savior You played so much, everyone now agrees that Nepgear is a good main character, too! PlatinumTrophy
GameStartRB2English Nepgear's Journey, Start! You began your adventure. BronzeTrophy
UniRB2 Lastation's CPU Candidate You have met Uni. BronzeTrophy
RomRamRB2 Lowee's CPU Candidate You have met Rom and Ram. BronzeTrophy
C1RB2 Chapter 1 Clear Cleared Chapter 1 BronzeTrophy
C2RB2 Chapter 2 Clear Cleared Chapter 2 BronzeTrophy
C3RB2 Chapter 3 Clear Cleared Chapter 3 BronzeTrophy
C4RB2 Chapter 4 Clear Cleared Chapter 4 BronzeTrophy
C5RB2 Chapter 5 Clear Cleared Chapter 5 BronzeTrophy
C6RB2 Chapter 6 Clear Cleared Chapter 6 BronzeTrophy
C7RB2 Chapter 7 Clear Cleared Chapter 7 BronzeTrophy
NepgearUpRB2 Nepgear's Awakening Nepgear's HDD version has been powered up! BronzeTrophy
UniUpRB2 Uni's Awakening Uni's HDD version has been powered up! BronzeTrophy
RomRamUpRB2 Rom's and Ram's Awakening Rom's and Ram's HDD versions have been powered up! BronzeTrophy
FirstBattleRB2 Rehabilitation Engaged in your first random encounter. BronzeTrophy
100BattleRB2 Fully Experienced Fought 100 battles. BronzeTrophy
500BattleRB2 Battle Master Fought 500 battles. BronzeTrophy
80HitsRB2 Combos Performed an 80-hit combo. BronzeTrophy
ComboRB2 Combo Maker Created your own original combo setup. BronzeTrophy
FirstDunRB2 Stella's First ☆ Dungeon Made use of Stella's ☆ Dungeon for the first time. BronzeTrophy
MillionareRB2 100 Million Credits Obtained a total of 100 million Credits. BronzeTrophy
DiscMakeRB2 Game Creator Created your first game disc. BronzeTrophy
RemakeRB2 Game Remake Used the Remake System for the first time. BronzeTrophy
DamageRB2 Maximum Firepower Inflicted over 100,000 points of damage. BronzeTrophy
LV99RB2 To the Limit All characters have attained level 99. SilverTrophy
PlannerRB2 Game Planner Discovered 200 Plans. SilverTrophy
DunMasterRB2 Dungeon Master Cleared all Stella's ☆ Dungeon levels SilverTrophy
HistoireRB2 Histoire Histoire joined the party. BronzeTrophy
KeiRB2 Kei Jinguji Kei Jinguji joined the party. BronzeTrophy
MinaRB2 Mina Nishizawa Mina Nishizawa joined the party. BronzeTrophy
ChikaRB2 Chika Hakozaki Chika Hakozaki joined the party. BronzeTrophy
NormalRB2 Normal End Watched the Normal Ending. SilverTrophy
MakerRB2 Human End Watched the Human Ending. SilverTrophy
PlaneptuneRB2 Planeptune End Watched the Planeptune Ending. SilverTrophy
LeanboxRB2 Leanbox End Watched the Leanbox Ending. SilverTrophy
LastationRB2 Lastation End Watched the Lastation Ending. SilverTrophy
LoweeRB2 Lowee End Watched the Lowee Ending. SilverTrophy
DelphinusRB2 Delphinus Defeated the hidden boss, Delphinus. GoldTrophy
ConquestRB2 Conquest Ending Watched the conquest ending. GoldTrophy
HolySwordRB2 Holy Sword Ending Watched the Holy Sword Ending. GoldTrophy
TrueEndRB2 True Ending Watched the True Ending. GoldTrophy

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