Battle System

Battle Basics

Battles play out in a turn-based manner. You, the player, control each character upon their turn and then instruct them to carry out their actions.

Attack ranges differ based on the equipped weapon or Skill chosen to be used, so tactical character placement and positioning will be vitally important in surviving difficult battles.

Battle Screen

Battle Commands

SP Skills

These are character-specific moves that consume SP.

EXE Drive

The EXE Drive Gauge is used to activate a character's special move, called their EXE Drive.


With an enemy in range, press the x button to execute a normal attack. If you set several subsequent attack skills via the combo setup function, you can unleash a combo of attacks, giving you up to a total of four attack commands per turn!


By ending your turn early, you can defend and reduce any damage a character would receive until their next turn.

↑ [R]  Button Toggles Command Window ↓

Hard Drive Divinity

Nepgear, the other CPU Candidates, and the CPUs are able to transform into their goddess forms by using the HDD ON command. This requires that they sacrifice 20% of their maximum SP value. By accessing HDD, any Processor Units a character has equipped will add to their base stats, which will result in a much stronger character while HDD is active.


This function lets a front-line fighter switch places with their Coupled partner in the rear.


This brings up a list of currently owned items for use in battle.


To use this function, a character must be adjacent to the battlefield's edge. The "Flee" option will then be selectable from the Command Menu. Note that depending on your agility, the escape attempt may fail.

※Battles central to plot advancement cannot be escaped from.

Stella's ☆ Dungeon

In Stella's ☆ Dungeon, by selecting the equipment of Stella and sending her to a specific dungeon, she'll go adventuring.

The progress of Stella's dungeon search occurs in real time. Once the search time has expired, Stella will return. With successful adventuring, you obtain useful items.

Adventure Procedure

1 - Select the dungeon in which you want to go adventuring.

2 - After selecting the dungeon, select the specific area of adventuring. Search time is set in each area.

3 - After selecting Stella's weapons, equipment and accessories, the adventuring begins.

4 - Once search time has expired, by accessing Stella's report when she has come back, items and Stella specific items are obtained.

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