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This page lists all the downloadable content for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION in North America.

Downloadable Content List

DLC Title Date Price Type
Additional Content Pack 1 2015-02-03 $0.99
Additional Content Pack 2 2015-02-03 $0.99
Additional Content Pack 3 2015-02-03 $0.99
Anime Collaboration Set 2015-02-03 Free
Beginner's Item Pack 2015-02-03 Free
Believe in Pippin Set 2015-02-03 Free
Emergency Help Pack 2015-02-03 $0.99
Item Trial Pack 2015-02-03 Free
Nepgear Eye Mask 2015-02-03 Free
Nepgear's [Beam Zapper Zero] 2015-02-03 $0.99
  • All DLC marked "free" are included with the game on the Steam release on PC.

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