Hyperdimension Neptune Duet Sister Song Vol.3
Rom x Ram Information
Japanese Title超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌデュエットシスターズソング Vol.3
Romaji TitleChoujigen Game Neptune Duet Sister Song Vol.3
Number of Tracks8

Tracklist Order

Track Number Song Title Artist Length
1 Futari de Hitotsu Yui Ogura (Rom), Kaori Ishihara (Ram) 4:05
2 Heart wo Tsunaide Yui Ogura (Rom) 4:04
3 Tokimeki Heart Kaori Ishihara (Ram) 4:04
4 Futari de Hitotsu (Off Vocal) Yui Ogura (Rom), Kaori Ishihara (Ram) 4:04
5 Heart wo Tsunaide (Off Vocal) Yui Ogura (Rom) 4:03
6 Tokimeki Heart (Off Vocal) Kaori Ishihara (Ram) 4:04
7 Cast Comments Yui Ogura 1:21
8 Cast Comments Kaori Ishihara 0:57


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