Title: Even Goddesses Don't Have It Easy?!

Volume: Hyperdimension Neptunia: Megami Tsuushin Volume 1

Next Chapter → 02


Neptune, Vert, and Blanc are kicked out of Celestia by Histoire for lazing around and not taking their jobs as CPUs seriously. The the three of them land in Lastation where they the decide to freeload off of Noire only for her to refuse by saying she doesn't have the money to let them stay there for free. They then propose helping Noire in Lastation as return for letting them stay instead which makes Noire change her mind. However, Neptune and Blanc end up breaking things which causes Noire to try and kick them out of her Basilicom. Neptune gives a speech about how they fought together to defeat Arfoire and how they were friends while begging for Noire to let them stay. Noire gives in and agrees to not kick them out.

Key Events

  • Histoire kicks Neptune, Blanc, and Vert out of Celestia so they can learn how to be proper CPUs.

New Characters


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