Tutorial! is the second plot scenario in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


Neptune is awakened by the sound of an alarm clock. It is then she meets a nurse-in-training by the name of Compa who explains that she carried Neptune back to her apartment after she fell from the sky and pierced the ground like a spear. Neptune and Compa introduce themselves and Neptune receives the nickname 'Nep-Nep.' With Neptune being injured from the fall, Compa volunteers to bandage her up but does it far too tight which makes Neptune decide to do it herself instead.

After getting bandaged up, Neptune asks where she is. Compa tells her that they're in the central city of Planeptune. Neptune also brings up the world below to which Compa explains that Planeptune is one of the major landmasses beneath Celestia. Neptune inquires more about the landmasses, and Compa states that there are four floating around that sometimes come close to one another and dirft away.

When Neptune says she doesn't remember anything regarding the information given to her, Compa deduces that Neptune has amnesia. Neptune asks if there is medication for it, but Compa says no since amnesia is usually a temporary thing so Neptune will begin to recall things eventually. She also says that Neptune should get some sleep, take it easy, and that she'll be better in no time. Compa's words make Neptune recall her conversation with Histoire and she remembers her call for help.

Compa mentions the rising monster attacks in Planeptune and the other lands which leads to Neptune concluding that there is a boss generating the monsters somewhere. She decides to go out and find the source so she can save the world. Compa agrees to help her, saying that it would be impolite of her only save the injured and not those being threatened by monsters.

Using Dungle Maps, Compa and Neptune find a dungeon with weak monsters, and Compa explains more about the world and its goddesses. As they make it to the end of the tutorial, Neptune learns how to transform and reverts shortly after beating the boss. Histoire contacts Neptune, and Neptune states that she found something 'weird and shiny' just now.

Histoire explains that the item found by the two of them is in fact a Key Fragment, which is needed to release her from the seal. There is one on each landmass, each guarded by a strong adversary which must be defeated in order to obtain the fragment. Neptune is reluctant to help at first, wanting to save the world more than just a single person. However, when Histoire says that saving her is tantamount to saving the world and gives her a motivational speech to boost her drive, Neptune willingly goes off.

New Characters

  • Compa


  • Compa + Amnesiac 1-2
  • First Dungeon 1-2

Dungeons Explored

  • Tutorial Dungeon

Key Items

  • Planet Hammer
  • Descent Bell

CGs Viewed