The First Dungeon! is the third plot scenario in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


Neptune wants to go off to the next landmass since they've already obtained the Planeptune Key Fragment, but Compa says they can't leave while people still need help. Instead of leaving right away, the two of them head to another dungeon to deal with a Sand Worm monster. In the dungeon, Neptune bumps into a girl named IF who states that she is there to deal with the monster in the dungeon as requested by the Basilicom. Neptune convinces IF to join up with them so that they can conquer the dungeon together.

After defeating the monster, Neptune and Compa explain the situation regarding the Key Fragments and Histoire to IF. While skeptical at first, IF decides to join them on their journey due to feeling that the world would be doomed if left up to the two of them. In order for them to travel to other landmasses, they must receive a Terraportation permit. The girls head to the Basilicom to signup for Terraportation. While signing up, Neptune asks the man assisting her more about Basilicoms and receives a brief history lesson about the creation and purpose of Basilicoms.

New Characters

  • IF


  • New Friends and the Mission 1-3
  • Terraportation Registration

Dungeons Explored


Key Items

  • Bandit Bangle

CGs Viewed