Terraportation is the fifth plot scenario in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


The girls arrive to the Sky Harbor and Neptune is amazed at how the ground is split, questioning if it happened during some great war from long, long ago. As she goes off on a tangent, IF questions what she's babbling about. Compa tells her to be patient since Neptune really doesn't remember anything.

IF inquires on how long Compa and Neptune have known each other. Compa answers by saying they've only been together for a few days, explaining how she found Neptune in the ground and treated her wounds. IF is surprised, not believing that 'Neptunes grow out of the ground' in Planeptune. Compa clarifies, saying that Neptune fell from the sky and got stuck after. IF addresses the fact of Compa calling her miss all the time, stating that she doesn't need to be so formal, but doesn't like Neptune being overly friendly with her.

Compa explains to Neptune that they're in the Sky Harbor area, where two landmasses come into contact with one another. IF further explains, saying that they use a bridge to cross over to the other landmass, and that they needed the Basilicom's permit to get the bridge lowered so they can use it at any time.

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