The Prologue is the first plot scenario in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


Purple Heart and the other CPUs battle in Celestia for the title of True Goddess. Due to the fight having waged on for thousands of generations, the goddesses find themselves at a stalemate. In order to change the tied of their war, Green Heart proposes that instead of trying to defeat the person whom they despise the most, they should defeat the person most difficult to fight.

Green Heart, Black Heart, and White Heart all set their sights on Purple Heart, choosing her to be the signal of the end of the Console War. The three of them gang up on Purple Heart and use their combined powers to defeat her. After this, they throw her off of Celestia and down to the human world below.

Purple Heart, now in her human form Neptune, hears the call of Histoire who states that she is a tome and is reaching out to Neptune for a favor. When Neptune asks how Histoire knows her name, she states that she stands for the world's everything and that the world is her everything, so there is nothing she doesn't know. She also states that she created Neptune and the other three CPUs with the former goddess, though it was dire error. Histoire begs for Neptune to help her, saying she only wishes to end the tragedy caused by her own mistake.

New Characters

  • Histoire (in voice)
  • Neptune (Purple Heart)
  • Noire (Black Heart)
  • Vert (Green Heart)
  • Blanc (White Heart)


  • Opening 1-2
  • Histoire's Cry 1-2

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