Hi-Five Radio♪

The background during a Hi-Five Radio event

Hi, 5pb here! Been a while! We're taking messages from our listeners right now. I'll read them here and carry the messages on to whoever they want! These can be about anything: life updates, thank yous, love confessions, whatever! The messages can be for someone special, or just to me. Okay. Here are some messages we got today.
— 5pb. during Hi-Five Radio

Hi-Five Radio♪ is an internet radio program hosted by 5pb. that airs on an infrequent basis.

In Hyperdimension Neptunia,  When the player finishes an optional quest, a new message can be seen in Hi-Five Radio, which can be viewed in the Explore tab. When accessed, 5pb. introduces herself at first and then shares the messages she received. At the end of the message, the sponsor of the message will be announced. The sponsors are random, from "Lady White Heart" to "Compa's grandpa". Up to two messages can be viewed per access. When there are no messages left, Hi-Five Radio♪ is inaccessible except through the Tomes section in the pause menu, where previous messages can be re-read.


There are up to 80 messages that can be seen, including DLCs.

Quest Message
Keeping Peace and Order This one's from forum member 'Civilian' on Planeptune. 'Good evening, 5pb!' Good evening, Civilian! 'I feel like less monsters are on Planeptune lately. It's thanks to those who are fighting on our behalf. I wanted to just send my thanks to those brave souls.' Planeptune used to be ravaged by monster attacks, but it looks like peace is coming back. I'll cheer them on with my songs too, so please keep at it, everyone!
Giant Bull Awakens Here's one from 'Beef Lover' on Planeptune. 'Good evening, 5pb. Have you heard of a Big Buffalo? It's a giant bull monster sealed inside a Planeptune ruin. The other day, some adventurers went to fight it and made jerky out of its meat. It's really tasty and is becoming a local specialty. Try it next time you're here.' Okay, I'll look for it next time I visit Planeptune. I hope they don't sell out first!
Golden Dragon A letter arrived from Old Teru, 75, from Planeptune. 'Guess what, 5pb?' Hmm, what? 'The Shining Dragon was defeated after many years of my effort. Someone else did it, but the though of its demise makes me so happy. I'd like to thank those who went and took care of the dragon at long last.' I'm sure those courageous folks are tuned in too. I know your words will reach them, Old Teru!
Lineage of Justice Here's one from Ganache, which is his real name, I guess. 'Good morning, 5pb. I switched jobs the other day. After quitting my previous job, I considered relaxing with my pile of money, but before I realized it I was working a new job. Working is awesome! I love a glass of beer and your music when I get home.' Thanks, Ganache! I'm glad my songs help you to stay motivated and working hard. I'll do my best at my career too, so best of luck!
A Goddess' Memory A letter from someone with a screen name named Histy. Hmm... 'Hello, 5pb. I always enjoy your radio show. Do you have a favorite goddess? I am interested to know for record-keeping purposes.' Well, they're all so unique... Sorry, but I don't think I can pick just one. They're so different, I love them all!
Speedy Blue Shadow From Director Yuzarin: 'Greetings, 5pb. I've been troubled by monsters attacking our cargo trucks, but who would've guessed a group of girly teens would come along and take care of the threat? Such power at such an age... They were like goddesses. You never know what life will throw at your way, huh?' I', happy for you, Director Yuzarin. Monster-hunting girls, huh? Maybe they really were goddesses!
Planeptune Reconstruction Here's a letter from forum member IluvPlaneptune. 'Hey 5pb, I finally did it! I made a Lady Purple Heart pillow case! You should make of yourself, too. If you want, I could help you make it! Actually, YES, LET'S DO IT!' Um... I see... Pillow cases, huh? Personally, I'd rather compose a new song than a pillow case...
Rampaging Dragon Here's a letter from the screen name Sergeant Planeptune. 'Good evening, 5pb. I have a favor to ask of you today. Please participate in the anti-illegal disc copying campaign. Many incidents have been reported where monsters appear inside illegal discs bought from black markets. Please help people become aware of the danger!' Sure! They're dangerous and you could get hurt. Promise me, okay?
Worst Machine of the Year From Chairman Million. 'Hello, 5pb! This year's Worst Machine of the Year was horrible. I didn't expect it to go out of control, but I suppose that made it the worst! You should visit the show next year. It'll be fun!' It sounds interesting, but kind of unsafe. I'll come check it out... um... if I get the chance.
Bug King Here's a newsflash from Planeptune Defense Force. The reported herd of bug-like monsters near Neo-Geo Front has been cleared thanks to the help of several volunteers. Great! I was worried. No casualties are reported, either. Even if the goddess is absent, I know she's watching over them from somewhere.
Revenge for the Betrayal A letter from Priere, a Planeptune resident. 'Hiya, 5pb!' Hiya, yourself! 'I just got my stolen stuff back from when an ally betrayed and attack me. They were gifts from an old friend, so I'm happy. My wounds are almost healed so I can't wait to get back on the field and fight monsters again!' I can't believe someone would betray and steal from their ally. Fighting monsters is important, but make sure you rest up for now.
Indomitable Spirit A letter from screen name IluvDogoo. 'Hey, 5pb. I have a random question for you. Heard of Dogoos?' Sure have! They're the cute monsters with dog ears, right? Light-blue bodies with cute, round eyes. They even have doggy tails! I want one as a pet. I wonder if they're smart enough to learn tricks? If any listeners keep a pet Dogoo, please let me know what it's like!
The Goddess Who Leapt Through Time A letter from someone with the screen name Histy. 'Good evening, 5pb. If you could travel back in time what would you do? I would try to stop my best friend from making a very bad decision...' Hmm, I'd... Actually, I don't know. I've done all I could so far, and that's why I'm here. I don't really have anything in the past I want to change, but if anything, maybe I'd show off my current self to my past self.
Take Down the Fake Purple Heart I have an unexpected letter here from the Sanctuary. 'The fake Lady Purple Heart who appeared a few days ago has been successfully defeated by several courageous individuals. 'Oooh, I heard about this. Similar incidents occurred on other landmasses too, right? I wonder what happened to them.
Gamindustri Memories Here's a letter from Histy with no return address. 'Good evening, 5pb.' It is a good evening! 'I have a question to pose. What was the most memorable moment in your life so far? Please share your tale.' Hmm, probably the times I got to meet different people through my music. I can't pick one best moment. There are as many good memories as the number of my songs.
Soaring Development Fees Here's another letter from Planeptune's Director Yuzarin. 'Hello 5pb. Do you go to arcades? If you have a favorite game, let me know. I'd like to use your feedback when developing our next title.' Sure, I play the musical rhythm games, like pressing buttons matching icons on the screen. The background dancers are so cute! I also like the shooting game
Botroll Bounty Oooh, an update from the Planeptune Defense Force on the Troll Subjugation. Looks like the land is slowly having peace restored. It's an ongoing effort, so if anyone is confident enough to help, please do!
Lost Employee Here's a letter from Macaroon, currently residing on Planeptune. She's looking for a customer who forgot their receipt. The customer's name starts with 'N' and ends with 'E.' She said she'll have to find this customer again if nobody comes to claim it. 'Again?' So, does this person forget their receipt often?
Defeat the Seven Dragons Here's a report from the Planeptune Sanctuary. 'The seven dragon kings have been successfully subdued thanks to some courageous individuals.' I was worried, but cool. Lady Purple Heart is still missing and the protection seems to be weakening. I'm glad they took care of the dragon kings before this land was completely destroyed!
Revenge of the Seven Dragons I have an urgent letter from Planeptune's Sanctuary! 'The seven dragon kings have reappeared, but they were stopped once more by courageous volunteers.' I heard it was a fierce battle, but at least it's over. I'd like to also say thanks to those involved!
The Bell Tolls for a Goddess Here's a letter from Histy with no return address again. 'Good evening, 5pb.' Good evening, Histy. 'I have a question.' I wonder what it is! 'What do you thing about the goddesses presiding over each land? Please share your opinion.' Hmm, I like Lady Purple Heart and Lady White Heart. They're so cute! I wish I had little sisters like them. Lady Black Heart is cool and dependable. Lady Green Heart is mature and lady-like. I look up to her. That's it!
Accepting Applicants Here's a message from Leanbox knights. 'We subjugated the evil dragon in Planeptune's ruin. Thank you to all who stood and helped us fight.' I'm all for people helping out in a time of crisis. This'll definitely lead to a peaceful world.
Sleeping Statue A letter from the screen name IluvArchaeology, from Planeptune. '5pb and all her listeners, good evening!' Hi there! 'I am sending this letter to thank those who helped me get to an area I normally wouldn't be able to reach. Thank you, Nep-something and her party members!' Miss Nep-something, good work! Good luck on your research, IluvArchaeology!
Legend of a Hero This letter's from the screen name Hideo, from Leanbox. 'Hello, 5pb. I'm writing this to thank someone. I hope they are listening to you somewhere on Gamindustri. Thank you for defeating the Ababab! Peace has returned to Leanbox thanks to you. I wish you a wonderful and fulfilling voyage. Thanks.' What a nice story. I'm sure your words have reached the hearts of those people, Hideo!
Dancing Butterfly This letter's from the screen name LeanBoxParliamentSuxxors. 'Guess what, 5pb? We beat the monsters in a Lastation ruin. So many people replied to our online invitation. They all did so well, especially these young girls. They were kickass! We'll keep protecting our land so you can perform safely anywhere, anytime!' I admire your philosophy of protecting our own land yourself. I promise I'll put on a great show when peace returns to your land!
Fierce, King of Giant Bulls This one is from forum member Young Count, from Leanbox. 'Hey 5pb! We finally took down the King Buffalo! It was a long battle... Thanks to everyone who helped us!' Wow, that's awesome! I'm sure Leanbox is more peaceful now. I visit the area often, so I'm glade. Thanks, guys!
Griffon Hunting Here's a letter from screen name Griffon Hunter, from Leanbox. 'Hello, 5pb. Have you heard of Griffon Hunting? It's a popular Leanbox activity. You exercise with friends and bring peace to the land. You should try it!' It sounds fun. Maybe I'll try if I get the chance. Who wants to come with me?
Search for an Employee This is a letter from a shopowner on Leanbox. 'I want to show my appreciation.' To whom? 'Thank you to hose who helped find my lost employee. If you get a chance to visit Leanbox again, please come to my shop for a discount of some kind!' I admire the people who helped him, but I admire him for showing his gratitude in a tangible way. I wanna shop there, too!
Griffon Hunting 2 Here's a letter from Griffon Hunter! 'Grand evening, 5pb!' I guess it is! 'The Griffon Hunting trend has contributed in keeping the peace in Leanbox. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated.' I've noticed the change in Leanbox's safety as well. It's all thanks to you guys!
Three Valkyrie Sisters This letter is from the screen name Odin, from Leanbox. 'Yo, 5pb!' Yo yourself, Odin! 'Have you heard of the Three Valkyrie Sisters of Leanbox? Their chain of victories were shattered by three traveling girls. Until then, nobody else stood a chance against them. Just thought I'd share this with you, 5pb!' You can never judge a book by its cover, huh? I heard the goddesses look like young girls, too. What if those girls were the goddesses? Probably not, huh...?
Versus Fake Green Heart I have an e-mail from the Leanbox Sanctuary. Let's see... 'With the help of many people, we successfully subdued the fake Lady Green heart.' Everything's all good? I can't imagine what would happen, but I'm glad it's taken care of.
Dragon with a Blue Shadow Here's a letter from forum member Sho, from Leanbox. 'Hello, 5pb. I always enjoy listening to your radio broadcasts. I'm writing today to share a story. Our town was attacked by a violent dragon, but these girl travelers came and beat the dragon up in the blink of an eye! I want to be an adventurer like them when I grow up!' I'll cheer you on until your dream comes true! Thanks for the story and best of luck, Sho!
Stargazing Boy A letter from screen name Minami, from Leanbox. 'Hello 5pb! My name is Minami.' Nice to meet, Minami. 'I wanna tell you something cool. I was looking up into the midnight sky when I saw a ray of light strike a tower in Lowee. No one believes me... Do you?' Of course! I wonder what the light was? Send me another letter when you find out!
Leanbox Special Forces This one is from Macaroon, of Leanbox's Special Forces. 'Good evening, 5pb! This is Macaroon.' Hi there! 'I actually have a mega-favor to ask.' Hmm? 'We're hosting a huge live show in Leanbox soon and we want you to be one of the guest performers. People would be mega-excited to see you there!' What? An offer to join Leanbox's official live show? Of course I will!
Innocent Gift Here's one from forum member Pure Man, from Leanbox. 'Hey 5pb, I need your help! I've had a crush on this girl for a long time and I finally asked her to hang out with me. It's a date, right?! I'm gonna take her to your show at the end of the night, so will you sing a song for us?' Congrats, Pure Man! My Leanbox show, right? Of course. I'll sing my favorite love song just for you two!
Disc Search A letter from Leanbox's Sanctuary. 'Hello, 5pb. We'd like your help today. Will you ask the listeners to report any kind of illegal disc distributors to the Sanctuary? It is all to make a better, safer land.' Sure, I'd love to. Everyone, do as he asked and report those trying to buy or sell illegal discs. It'll make the world a better place!
Take My Dragon Here's a letter from forum member DragonMaster. 'Guess what, 5pb? My beloved dragon, raised since infancy, just lost to some teenage chicks! I'm so upset my tears won't stop. Please cheer me up with your powers!' You betcha. I'm going to have a show in Leanbox soon, so come see me. I'll sing a special song to cheer you up!
99 Knights Here's one from Mr. Turq-...Wait, the screen name is LadyWhityPooXOXO, from Leanbox. 'Hello, 5pb. I need your sexy advice.' Sexy advice? Um, what? 'To train my knights, I asked some friends to fight them. My knights were decimated and now they have no self-esteem. How can I boost morale?' Well, why not ask your friends again, but make it so your knights are more likely to win?
From the Dark Underground Here's a letter from the Leanbox Sanctuary. 'The robot rampage incident at a Leanbox mine was successfully quelled by some excellent fighters. Minimal damage is reported. We'd like to mention all the workers were safely evacuated.' Mm-hmm, glad to heard nobody got hurt! Except for the robots.
Beast's Forest I'm going to read this report I got from Leanbox's Sanctuary. 'Greetings. The number of Gyuki in Leanbox has decreased, probably due to those helping out. I represent the entire Sanctuary when I say thank you.' Great! Gyuki are known for their violent tendencies. Everyone, keep up the great work. I'll cheer you on!
Doggy Delusion A letter from the screen name IluvPochi from Lastation. 'Good day to you, 5pb!' And a good one to you. 'I'm writing today to thank someone who fought for my now-gone Pochi. Thank you.' I'm sure your words have reached Pochi, too.
Disastrous Flames Here's a note from Tony, a Lastation resident. 'Hi 5pb. I'd like to give my appreciation to those who defeated this monster said to bring disaster. Peace has returned to Lastation thanks to you!' A monster that brings disaster? Scary! Hopefully another one isn't hiding somewhere else...
War Against Creation Hmm, another note from Lastation's very own Tony. 'Sorry, but I gotta get my message out!' No problem, Tony. 'To the girls who beat the sacred monster: Gamindustri's peace is safe thanks to you. I wish you the best of luck and may the goddesses' blessings shine on you!' If you do something good, you'll always have the goddesses' protection!
Together Forever This letter's from screen name Monocro. Evening, 5pb. I have a favor to ask. My pets Shiro and Kuro finally came home after days, but they've left again! Could you ask your listeners to contact me if they see them?' Everyone, let him know if you see his pets. Wait... there's no contact info... or description of the pets! Monocro, please include these things!
Anti-Work From screen name MyRoomRulz. 'Guess what? I beat up a Gyuki all by myself. Aren't I great?! I'll keep doing what I can to save Lastation, so good luck to you, too!' Whoa! Defeating a Gyuki alone? Fantastic! I bet you could save the world if you tried. Thanks!
Out-of-Control Robot Forum member Kura-tan sends this message from Lastation. 'Good evening, 5pb. Are you keeping your PC safe from viruses? I'm looking over all the security systems to protect my machines from danger. I recommend you do some research, too!' Thanks for the advice! I'm pretty sure mine's safe, but I'll double-check tonight.
Invasion Well, Kura-tan sends us this letter from Lastation. 'Evening, 5pb! Have you ever bought a counterfeit product before? I've actually never had that experience. I've used my instruments for a long time and I handmake all my costumes. Hehehe, what do you think? Impressed yet?
Dear Neptune A letter from Ganache. '5pb, I have a question. Do you let someone listen to your music before you record them or make them public? Who do you ask to listen?' I usually ask my close friends and manager. They're used to criticizing me, which is why I'm able to create the best music I possibly can.
Operation Bounty I've got a notice from Lastation's Parliament. The Augustuses in Mega Storage 5 are slowly but surely getting taken care of by volunteer fighters. They're asking for more help, since the operation is ongoing.
Alchemy Helper I have a note from forum member Alchemist, who lives in Lastation. 'Hey, 5pb. I wanted to thank someone over the radio. To those who helped me get the Giant's Soul, thanks! I passed my assignment and am ready for more advanced courses.' Congrats on passing and good luck with your studies, Alchemist!
Threat Letter A letter from Singe, a Lastation resident. 'Neptune, I won't lose next tie...!' Hmm... What? That's all? Singe...? I think I've heard that name. No, can't be... Gotta be someone else!
Steel Soul Here's a letter from Lastation resident Singe. 'Hello 5pb. I'd like to know how you feel about machines. Share your opinion.' Machines, huh? Well, I guess my guitar and amps are machines. They're like my musical partners... Was that a good enough answer, Singe?
Emergency Request This one's from the screen name Kurohaka, a Lastation resident. 'Good evening 5pb. I'm willing to say thanks to the people who saved our town from Tadpole monsters the other day. Thanks a bunch!' I never knew there were Tadpole monsters... I wonder if they grow up and become froggies? W-Well, I guess that's not too pleasant to imagine.
For Our Goddess Um, this one doesn't have an address, but it's from... Ex-Extremist. 'Guess what 5pb? I quit being an Extremist. Everyone's got the right to worship whoever they please, but fighting over it is wrong. I'm going to be a Moderatist. I'm sorry for those I troubled in the past.' I think it's always best to do what you think it's right. I wish you the most bestest life in a new Guild. I'm cheering for you!
Arfoire's Spirit Here's a letter from screen name Histy, with no return address. 'Hello, 5pb.' Heya Histy! 'A question for you. Do you believe in ghosts or supernatural entities?' I don't really like ghosts... I try to pick well-lit areas for street performances. Um, I also don't leave my house any time it's Friday the 13th.
Request from an Overlord This is a letter from someone called NetherLord, of Lastation. 'Yo, 5pb. This is my first letter to you.' Cool, I'm glad I get to read it live! 'I want to thank those who defeated the Rehab for me. I appreciate it. Thanks to them, my training is going well. Haaaah ha ha ha ha!' ...Imitating that laugh is hard.
Glistening Memorial From screen name Nameless, of Lastation. 'Nice to meet you, 5pb. Have you heard of the legendary tree in Lastation?' I sure have! If you confess your love to someone under it, you'll live together happily ever after, right? What a romantic story.
Versus Fake Black Heart An urgent update from Lastation's Sanctuary. Okay... 'With the help of several volunteers, we successfully took down the fake Black Heart.' Huh? I feel like there was something similar happening elsewhere... I wonder what's happening? I'm glad this got settled.
How Dare You! Noob Goddess! Oh, here's one from forum meber, Hell's Lord. 'Good evening. The Dark God has been digging a dungeon with his pickaxe again. Will you dedicate a celebratory song upon its completion?' Creating a dungeon with a pickaxe sounds tough! I give my respect to that Dark God. I'll do a show when it's done, sure. Get me some more details later!
Whistling in the Wasteland Here's a report from Lastation's Basilicom. Looks like they captured Siegfried and Haken. Awesome! I was so worried since first hearing the news. I think I'll have a concert in Lastation to celebrate.
Abnormality in Snowland I have a letter here from Lowee's Basilicom. They found a massive number of Slapping Lobsters near a Lowee ruin and they're asking for volunteers to help quell the monsters. People! Please help Lowee's Basilicom if you're a good fighter.
Amazing Shrooms Screen name MamaMia from Lowee sent this. 'Hey 5pb. I ate this red and white mushroom and then my body grew twice its size. Can you believe that? I'm bigger than my litter brother and I can smash blocks with ease. I'm so happy! Wahoo!' Twice your size? ...Is it just me or could the mushroom actually be dangerous?
Shiva's Visit Here's a letter from an anonymous Lowee citizen. 'Good evening, 5pb.' Hi! Let's see, he says... 'I got a letter from someone saying they beat a monster, but I can't make out the monster's name. I've enclosed a copy of that letter. Can you help?' Well, let's see... Looks like... Cherub? No... Sh-... Sherpa? N-No... Umm... What? You can read it? Oh, you wrote it down for me. Thanks. Ahem! Your friend beat the monster Shiva. See? I knew I could read it! Ah-hahaha...
World's Labyrinth F. 1 Here's a letter from LabbyResearcher, from Lowee. 'Guess what, 5pb? I finally conquered the first floor of the Labyrinth thanks to those who helped me. Thanks! Best of luck with your career, 5pb!' Thanks. I'll do my best with my music, so you do your best too, LabbyResearcher!
World's Labyrinth F. 2 A letter from LabbyResearcher, from Lowee. '5pb, I managed to complete the second floor of the Labyrinth! I faced a lot of danger. Sometimes I almost even died!' What?! Seriously?! 'I made a discovery that will change Lowee's future. It was so fulfilling! Now, off to another adventure!' Whoa, I'm very amazed. Please don't push yourself too hard. Knowing when to retreat is also important.
World's Labyrinth F. 3 Some mail came in from LabbyResearcher. 'What's up 5pb?' Oh you know, just reading mail. 'I Completed the third floor of Lowee's Labyrinth. I made a new discovery and I feel so accomplished. I'll keep updating you!' That is so cool, LabbyResearcher. You're gonna finish all the floors in no time! I'm looking forward to hearing fro you.
World's Labyrinth F. 4 Ta-da! Mail from Lowee's LabbyResearcher! 'Hello, 5pb. I've reached the end of the fourth floor of the Labyrinth. I'll give you all the info regarding its geography and monsters if you want to visit. It's cold, but this interesting place could surely inspire your creativity.' Congrats, LabbyResearcher! I'll make sure to visit it when I come to Lowee. Thanks!
Proof of Purchase Here's a message from forum member, Op-Op, hailing from Lowee. '5pb, hello! I want to thank someone through the radio. To the girl with purple hair and her friends, thanks for getting Purchase Permit back! In exchange, I'll give you a Purchase Permit for a super rare item. No worries, I've got a ton of these.' Wow, I wonder what this permit's for? I'm curious!
Singing of Lorelei Here's a note from screen name Furian, from Lowee. 'Good evening, 5pb. Have you heard of a singing monster? Don't you think that's odd?' I guess there are all sorts of monsters out there. As a musician, I'm interested to hear this monster sing!
Born Hazardous Here's a letter from forum member Tyrant, from Lowee. 'Hi, I'm writing today to extend my appreciation to some folks out there. Thanks for taking care of the monster troubling our village. Now everyone can sleep easy.' I didn't hear about it on the news or anything, but I'm glad everyone feels safer!
Upstart Dungeon Here's one from MoneyMaker, a resident of Lowee. 'Good evening 5pb. I recently made a good chunk of profit through my business. With it, I got a surround sound system in my house and I listen to your music while cranking it to I I. I look forward to your next album! Good luck.' It makes me so happy to hear you do that for my music... Thanks! I won't disappoint you!
Girlfriend's Revenge A letter from Plus, a forum member of Lowee. 'You won't believe it, 5pb! I was worried for a week since my crush wasn't answering my calls. Turns out, he went on a vacation with his virtual girlfriend on his B5! This is all after I tried to make his favorite meal. What should I do, 5pb?!' Well, um, okay! Why don't you start playing a virtual date game, too? Maybe he'll get jealous. I think it's a good idea...
Reverse Survival This letter comes from screen name Narihodo, from Lowee. 'Good evening, 5pb. Guess what? I won 100,000 Credits at the Pachinko parlor. With this money, I finally got all of your releases and swag! Count on me and you'll always sell out!' Thanks! I appreciate the effort, but... Don't overspend, okay?
Ancient Medal I have a letter from forum member MedalCollector, from Lowee. '5pb. Have you heard of Ancient Medals? They're rare coins used way back when as currency. I'll give super rare items as a reward to anyone who brings me one. My address is...' Oh, sorry MedalCollector. I can't divulge any private info over a public broadcast. But those who are interested, find him on the forums!
Quality Certification Here's one from screen name DubMill, from Lowee. 'Good evening, 5pb.' Hello, good evening. 'The sales of our company's security robot has reached double million digits! All thanks to those who helped test them out. Thanks!' I'm happy for your success! I hope you keep making great products in the future, too!
Versus Fake White Heart Here's an update from Lowee's Sanctuary. 'Thanks to many volunteers, we successfully took down the fake Lady White Heart who appeared a few days ago,' ...Hmm? There are similar incidents happening elsewhere, right? Well, I'm glad this one was taken care of!
Dragon, Baby A letter from the screen name MamaMia, from Lowee. 'Guess what happened the other day, 5pb? Y'know the incident where a baby was taken by a dragon? It was my nephew. He returned safely thanks to a few travelers who helped in the rescue efforts. Thank you!' I'm glade your nephew returned safe and sound. Really, you can't leave your babies with any dragon these days!
Way of Faith A letter arrived from forum member IluvWhitypoo. 'Marry me, Lady White Heart, plz k thx bai!' ...That's it. This person's got a lot of nerve, proposing to a goddess...
King of Dragons Um, 'Dear 5pb. I've waited for the rise of an idol such as you for years. If you accept to become my idol and mine alone, I will grant you half of this world to rule...' W-What?! S-Sorry guys, this must be a mistake. Is someone playing a prank on me...?
Yin-Yang Act This one's from Furian, a citizen of Lowee. 'Hello 5pb. Did you hear about the Lowee dragon attacks?' Oh yes, two dragons attacked a town right? 'Fortunately, things were taken care of before damages were too severe. I'd like to thank Miss Neptune for saving us. Also, please be good friends with Lady White Heart... She doesn't seem like she has many friends.' W-Wait! I think I just made an accidental broadcast to the world about Lady White Heart... I'm in so much trouble...