Maryo Land



Location Lowee
Video game Megadimension Neptunia VII

Maryo Land is the second dungeon of the Hyper Dimension route of the Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend arc in Megadimension Neptunia VII. It costs 1500 credits to create a route to it.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once. Numbers are marked on the map to denote those treasure chests.

Treasures Hidden Treasures Destructible Object Items From Scouts
1) 3039 credits 1) Seamless Lv. 3 x1
Destroy 16 destructible objects
Evonium Rotten Pork Soup
2) Healing Rain x2 2) Wahahahaha! Lv. 5 x1
Make 12 consecutive symbol attacks without being noticed
Refresh Herb Refresh Herb
3) P. SP Charger x2 - Healing Pod Dark Rabbit Tail
4) History Lv.3 x3 - Horsebird Dung Earth Ripper
5) 3219 credits - P. SP Charger S. Plum-met Piece
6) Rumble Lv. 5 x2 - CPU Chips Green Gel Feeler
7) Healing Pod x1 - - Blue Squeed
8) Revolver Gun α (Uni's Weapon) x1 - - Upper LCD
9) Jump Lv. 5 x1 - - -
10) Puzzle/Logic Lv. 4 x2 - - -
11) 2212 credits - - -
12) EnergyMate x1 - - -
13) Red Light Disc x1 - - -


Main Article: Bestiary/Victory II
  • Enemies marked with * require a scout the "Change Enemies" ability is deployed.
  • Enemies marked with ** will always appear.
  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.

Common Type


Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Dark Rabii Dark Rabbit Tail Bright Rabbit Tail
Dogone S. Plum-met Piece Plum-met Piece
Sea King Squeed Blue Squeed Squeed
Dee 2 Ess Upper LCD SP Charger
Black Rabii* Dark Rabbit Tail -
Doggone!* S. Plum-met Piece -
Dark Fenrir* Earth Ripper -
Camo Claw S Crude Circuit -
Giga Vader Round Antenna -


Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Sea King Squeed Blue Squeed Squeed
Dark Rabii Dark Rabbit Tail Bright Rabbit Tail
Dogone S. Plum-met Piece Plum-met Piece
Fenrir Wolf Earth Ripper Behemoth Claws
Dee 2 Ess Upper LCD SP Charger
High Heal Dogoo** Green Gel Feeler Gel Feeler
Dark Fenrir* Earth Ripper -
Black Rabii* Dark Rabbit Tail -
Doggone!* S. Plum-met Piece -
Camo Claw S Crude Circuit -
Giga Vader Round Antenna -

Scripted Type


Name Drop 1 Drop 2
Darkness Beast Healing Pod -


Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend

The party makes it to the location, Histoire was talking about. Ram says this is just any normal theme park found around Lowee. C-Sha says this would have fooled Kurome Ankokuboshi. S-Sha remarks that it did not. Financier apologizes for the wait and welcomes them to Lowee. C-Sha says it has been a while. Nepgear asks C-Sha if she knows her. Ram explains that in the Gamindustri Rewrite, she helped them out a lot. Rom asks her why she is here.

Financier explains that Histoire asked her to guide them to the location of the Swirl Console. Ram wonders how she met Histoire. Financier explains that while she was training to be a maid in Planeptune, Histoire took care of her. They have kept in touch through email ever since. In fact, the idea of keeping the console in this location was her idea but admits that may have not done them any good. Nepgear remarks that Histoire is well connected. Financier wants to chat more but they must hurry to the console.

The party makes it to an underground facility in the dungeon. C-Sha admits she never knew a place like this existed. Financier explains that it was where the peripherals were held until the revolutionary army took them. Afterwards, it had been forgotten so a forgotten location should serve as a great hiding place for the Swirl Console. However Financier is no longer sure about that as Kurome found it.

C-Sha tells her not to blame herself as Kurome's power would have made it the same for every location. Ram notices someone approaching in the distance. Kurome shows up and announces that she can finally remove the main seal. Nepgear says she won't allow it and demands the console from her. Kurome mentions that Nepgear is persistent and that she intended to keep her alive so she can suffer eternal despair but has decided to change her mind. Nepgear says despair is nothing as even if she borrowed the Share Crystal from Uzume, she will use to cleanse the world with hope every time Kurome tarnishes it with despair.

Uni tells Kurome that no matter how many time she revives of create Dark CPUs, they will defeat her. Kurome tells them they are arrogant for infant CPUs are not even considered her juniors. Kurome sends out a monster. Uni says she is rude but she will just see when the infant CPUs send her to her grave. Uni rallies the party for battle. Nepgear agrees and the CPUs and Gold Third transform for battle. They defeat the monster.

Kurome admits the monster is not enough but she was able to buy time. Ram wonders if Kurome took the console during the battle. Kurome announces no matter how many CPU candidates or Gold Third show up, they are all still morons. Uni wonders if she is sure about that, they may not have lived as long as she has but they still have the their willpower and their right to live.

Steamax sneaks up while Kurome is listening to Uni's defiance and steals the Swirl Console. Kurome is surprised. Steamax thanks Uni for the distraction. Dogoo Man crouches down and approaches Kurome at a blinding speed to deliver a good one punch on her. Kurome screams in pain as she is knocked back. Steamax praises Uni and Dogoo Man for the assistance and announces that the console is safe in his possession. Dogoo Lady says it is expected for the one with the name of "Justice Train", "Dog", "One Punch", "Gooman" to have such a nice punch.

B-Sha is amazed that Steamax's inability to stand out could be so useful and that the Dogoos are here. S-Sha says they can't underestimate his anonymity and admits even she was unable to see him. Nepgear admits that she did not notice him either and only Uni can. C-Sha thinks it must be love. Steamax gets embarrassed and Uni is a little annoyed with their fooling around. Kurome admits that they got her good and is surprised the first person to hit her was a Dogoo. Dogoo Man says it is no exaggeration that he trained his biceps for this day. Nepgear is saddened that she has not gotten to hit Kurome yet and wonders if she is just not good enough to be a protagonist.

Kurome gets angry and is filled with bloodlust. She wants her console back and tells them they will not be leaving alive. Nepgear says Kurome feels completely different from before. Ram remarks that this must be her real strength. Rom says she is scared. Dogoo Man admits that his pectoral muscles are shaking despite the fact he trained them to his utmost limits. Kurome then screams in pain and wonders why her Negative Energy is suddenly being neutralized. She remembers the feeling and says it must be Share Energy. Kurome wonders where they can get such concentrated Share Energy and wonders if they are using that.

K-Sha wonders what is wrong with her as her bloodlust disappeared and she is now in pain. Nepgear says her soul is infused with the Heart Dimension so this must be the work of their sisters. S-Sha continues with the fact that it turns out having one's soul so closely tied to a dimension does have its problems. C-Sha praises Blanc and the other CPUs for their timing. Kurome will not allow her dregs and juniors do this to her and flees. Nepgear and the party decide to head to pursue her to the Heart Dimension.


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