This pages contains information regarding Idea Chips in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation.

Idea Chips

Genre (Yellow)

Name Effect Location
Strategy Smarts lv.5
RPG lv.1 Add Poison Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 2
Shooting RPG lv.2 Add Poison Lv.2
Action RPG lv.3 Add Poison Lv.3
Adventure RPG lv.4 Add Poison Lv.4
Strategy RPG lv.5 Add Poison Lv.5
Shooter lv.3 Act Fast Lv.1
Light Gun lv.4 Act Fast Lv.2
Bullet Hell lv.5 Act Fast Lv.3
Sports lv.1 Critical Rate + Lv.1
Golf lv.2 Critical Rate + Lv.2 Stella's Dungeon - Area 2
Racing lv.3 Critical Rate + Lv.3
Soccer lv.4 Critical Rate + Lv.4
Baseball lv.5 Critical Rate + Lv.5
Adventure lv.1 Consumed SP Down Lv.1
Novel lv.2 Consumed SP Down Lv.2
Girl Game lv.3 Consumed SP Down Lv.3
Maiden Game lv.4 Consumed SP Down Lv.4
Pretty Girl Game lv.5 Consumed SP Down Lv.5
Board Games lv.1 Add Skillseal Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon-Area 3/Otori Forest Hidden Treasure
Mahjong Add Skillseal Lv.2
Quiz lv.3 Add Skillseal Lv.3 Nekutoki Forest (Big Dungeon Change) - Harvest
Puzzle/Logic lv.4 Add Skillseal Lv.4
Party lv.5 Add Skillseal Lv.5
FPS lv.5 Break Damage Limit
Arcade lv.1 Add Poison Lv.1
Port lv.2 Add Poison Lv.2
Series lv.3 Add Poison Lv.3
Fan Disc lv.4 Add Poison Lv.4
Remake lv.5 Add Poison Lv.5
Simulation lv1 Post-HDD SP Drain - Lv.1 Zeca Ruins No.2 Hidden Treasure
Pachinko lv.2 Post-HDD SP Drain - Lv.2
Strategy lv.3 Post-HDD SP Drain - Lv.3
Battle Strategy lv.4 Post-HDD SP Drain - Lv.4 Stella's Dungeon - Area 8
Business Sim lv.5 Post-HDD SP Drain - Lv.5
Action lv.1 Add Paralysis Lv.1 Jet Set Range Hidden Treasure
Stealth lv.2 Add Paralysis Lv.2 Stella's Dungeon - Area 3
Fighting lv.3 Add Paralysis Lv.3
Crime Action lv.4 Add Paralysis Lv.4
Hunting lv.5 Add Paralysis Lv.5
Infrared Comm. lv.3 Poison Immunity Nekutoki Forest (Big Dungeon Change) - Harvest
LAN Party lv.3 Skillseal Immunity
1-Player Online lv.3 Virus Immunity
MO lv.3 Ambush Immunity Nekutoki Forest (Big Dungeon Change) - Harvest
MMO lv.4 Paralysis Immunity
TPS lv.5 Nulls All Ailments

System (Blue)

Name Effect Location
Idol lv.1 Dragon Defense Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 1
Rat lv.2 Dragon Defense Lv.2
Bearded Italian lv.3 Dragon Defense Lv.3
Robot lv.4 Dragon Defense Lv.4
Famous Person lv.5 Dragon Defense Lv.5
Voice Actor lv.1 Ghost Defense Lv.1
Handsome Man lv.2 Ghost Defense Lv.2 Stella's Dungeon - Area 3
Gorilla lv.3 Ghost Defense Lv.3
Zombie lv.4 Ghost Defense Lv.4
Tsundere lv.5 Ghost Defense Lv.5
Yandere lv.1 Insect Defense Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 2
Kudere lv.2 Insect Defense Lv.2
Older Man lv.3 Insect Defense Lv.3
Moe Burnin' lv.4 Insect Defense Lv.4 Otori Cave Hidden Treasure
Burnin' Moe lv.5 Insect Defense Lv.5
Tough-yet-quiet lv.1 Plant Defense Lv.1 Jet Set Peak Hidden Treasure
Useless Hero lv.2 Plant Defense Lv.2
Teen Makeover lv.3 Plant Defense Lv.3 Haneda Mountain Range Hidden Treasure
Weird Sidekick lv.4 Plant Defense Lv.4
All-star lv.5 Plant Defense Lv.5
Animal lv.1 Aquatic Defense Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 1
Ripped Macho lv.2 Aquatic Defense Lv.2 Stella's Dungeon - Area 2
Monster lv.3 Aquatic Defense Lv.3
Silhouette lv.4 Aquatic Defense Lv.4
Super Deformed lv.5 Aquatic Defense Lv.5
Pixel lv.1 Dogoo Defense Lv.1 Virtua Forest Safe Zone Hidden Treasure
Photorealistic lv.2 Dogoo Defense Lv.2 Stella's Dungeon - Area 3
Polygon lv.3 Dogoo Defense Lv.3
Anime lv.4 Dogoo Defense Lv.4
Pretty 3D CG lv.5 Dogoo Defense Lv.5 Nekutoki Forest (Change Dungeon) - Dreadnaught Dogoo
Uses Mic lv.1 Avian Defense Lv.1 Zeca Ruins No.1 Hidden Treasure
Special Controller lv.2 Avian Defense Lv.2
Special Peripheral lv.3 Avian Defense Lv.3
Motion Controller lv.4 Avian Defense Lv.4
3D lv.5 Avian Defense Lv.5 EM ES Magma cave Hidden Treasure
Free Scenario lv.1 Data Defense Lv.1
Custom Sound lv.2 Data Defense Lv.2
Color Editor lv.3 Data Defense Lv.3
Stage Editor lv.4 Data Defense Lv.4
Combined lv.5 Data Defense Lv.5
Kinda Pervy lv.1 Animal Defense Lv.1
Fantasy lv.2 Animal Defense Lv.2
Sci-Fi lv.3 Animal Defense Lv.3
Metafiction lv.4 Animal Defense Lv.4
Horror lv.5 Animal Defense Lv.5
Jump lv.1 Vader Defense Lv.1 Otori Forest Hidden Treasure
Shoot lv.2 Vader Defense Lv.2
Charge lv.3 Vader Defense Lv.3
Combo Focus lv.4 Vader Defense Lv.4
Super Secret Move lv.5 Vader Defense Lv.5 EM ES Magma cave Hidden Treasure
Stupid Game lv.1 Machine Defense Lv.1
Emotional Game lv.2 Machine Defense Lv.2
Western Game lv.3 Machine Defense Lv.3 Stella's Dungeon - Area 8
Life Game lv.4 Machine Defense Lv.4
Juvenile Game lv.5 Machine Defense Lv.5
Non-RPG Growth lv.1 Inorganic Defense Lv.1
Hover Movement lv.2 Inorganic Defense Lv.2
Japanese Taste lv.3 Inorganic Defense Lv.3
All Attacks lv.4 Inorganic Defense Lv.4
Touch Controls lv.5 Inorganic Defense Lv.5
Auto-map dungeon lv.1 Physical Defense + Lv.1
Random Encounters lv.2 Physical Defense + Lv.2

Zeca Ruins No.2 - Tough Monsters

Symbol Encounter lv.3 Physical Defense + Lv.3
Surprise Encounter lv.4 Physical Defense + Lv.4
Seamless lv.5 Physical Defense + Lv.5
Parameter Tweak lv.1 Magic Defense + Lv.1
Slot lv.2 Magic Defense + Lv.2
Special Gauges lv.3 Magic Defense + Lv.3
Lv.4 = Rumble lv.4 Magic Defense + Lv.4
DLC lv.5 Magic Defense + Lv.5
Auto Save lv.4 Ignore Category

Other (Red)

Name Effect Location
Low Price lv.1 Drop Rate Up Lv.1 Soni Wetlands Hidden Treasure
DL Only lv.2 Drop Rate Up Lv.2
Limited Edition lv.3 Drop Rate Up Lv.3 Kobaba Ruins Hidden Treasure
Includes Videos lv.4 Drop Rate Up Lv.4
Launch lv.5 Drop Rate Up Lv.5
Big Online lv.1 Battle End HP Heal Lv.1
Middle School lv.2 Battle End HP Heal Lv.2
All Nighter lv.3 Battle End HP Heal Lv.3
Whatever lv.4 Battle End HP Heal Lv.4
Hardcore-oriented lv.5 Battle End HP Heal Lv.5
Casual-oriented lv.1 Battle End SP Heal Lv.1
Child-oriented lv.2 Battle End SP Heal Lv.2
Male-oriented lv.3 Battle End SP Heal Lv.3
Core User-oriented lv.4 Battle End SP Heal Lv.4
Female-oriented Battle End SP Heal Lv.5
Wahahahaha! lv.1 Gradual EXE Fill Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 1
Muddy lv.2 Gradual EXE Fill Lv.2
Love lv.3 Gradual EXE Fill Lv.3
Whoaaa! lv.3 Gradual EXE Fill Lv.4
Yuriyuri lv.5 Gradual EXE Fill Lv.5
Famous Voice lv.1 Gradual HP Recovery Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 2
The Hellis Allthis lv.2 Gradual HP Recovery Lv.2
Industry First! lv.3 Gradual HP Recovery Lv.3 Nekutoki Forest (Big Dungeon Change) - Harvest
Famous Creator lv.4 Gradual HP Recovery Lv.4
Famous Artist lv.5 Gradual HP Recovery Lv.5
Niche lv.1 Gradual SP Recovery Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 3
Wide Market lv.2 Gradual SP Recovery Lv.2 Haneda Mountain Peak Hidden Treasure
Killer Aim lv.3 Gradual SP Recovery Lv.3
Million Aim lv.4 Gradual SP Recovery Lv.4
Worldwide lv.5 Gradual SP Recovery Lv.5
Preorder Campaign lv.1 VS Human Defense Lv.1 Stella's Dungeon - Area 1
Special DLC Code lv.2 Escape Rate Up Lv.2
Mediamix Strategy lv.3 Escape Rate Up Lv.3 Haneda Mountain Range Hidden Treasure
True Story, Bro lv.4 Escape Rate Up Lv.4
Console Pack-in lv.5 Escape Rate Up Lv.5
Fight lv.1 Gained Credits Up Lv.1
History lv.2 Gained Credits Up Lv.2
Investigative lv.3 Gained Credits Up Lv.3
Journey lv.4 Gained Credits Up Lv.4
War lv.5 Gained Credits Up Lv.5
Linear lv.1 Gained EXP Up Lv.1
Open-ended lv.2 Gained EXP Up Lv.2 Stella's Dungeon - Area 8
Crazy Difficult lv.3 Gained EXP Up Lv.3
Can't Grind lv.4 Gained EXP Up Lv.4
Many Resets lv.5 Gained EXP Up Lv.5
Die So Fast lv.1 Critical Defense + Lv.1
Pinch Revival lv.2 Critical Defense + Lv.2
Min-Max lv.3 Critical Defense + Lv.3
Learn by Dying lv.4 Critical Defense + Lv.4
Death is The End lv.5 Critical Defense + Lv.5
Orthodox lv.1 Lily Up + Lv.1
Jargon lv.2 Lily Up + Lv.2
Nature lv.3 Lily Up + Lv.3 Nekutoki Forest (Big Dungeon Change) - Harvest
Near Future lv.4 Lily Up + Lv.4
Harem lv.5 Lily Up + Lv.5
Drill lv.3 HDD Activation Full Heal Large Medal Z

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