This page contains information regarding Godly Game combinations in Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart.

Godly Games

Game Added Effect Genre Chip (Yellow) System Character Chip (Blue) Other Chip (Red)
Final Fantasy Jump +1 Lv.1 RPG Lv.2 Fantasy Lv.1 Orthodox
Mario Kart Enemy Blunt Resist Down Lv5 Lv.3 Racing Lv.3 Bearded Italian Lv.1 Casual
Spelunker Null All Ailments Lv.1 Action Lv.1 Stupid Game Lv.1 Die So Fast
Super Mario Null Stat Drops Lv.1 Action Lv.3 Bearded Italian Lv.3 Killer Title?
Demon's Souls Counter Rate Up Lv5 Lv.3 Action RPG Lv.2 Fantasy Lv.3 Crazy Difficult
Atelier Drop Rate Up Lv5 Lv.1 RPG Lv.5 Synthesis Lv.5 Famous Artist
Call of Duty Null Instant KO Lv.2 FPS Lv.5 Pretty 3D CG Lv.5 War
Kamaitachi no Yoru Null Reaper Lv.2 Novel Lv.4 Silhouette Lv. 3 Investigate
Pokemon Regenerate HP Lv2 Lv.1 RPG Lv.3 Monster Lv.2 For Kids
Uncharted SP Use Down Lv5 LV.5 TPS Lv.5 Pretty 3D CG Lv.4 Adventure
Virtua Fighter Enemy Flash Resist Down Lv5 Lv.3 Fighting Lv.3 Polygon Lv.4 Famous Creator
Gran Turismo Mov +1 Lv.3 Racing Lv.5 Pretty 3D CG Lv.5 Worldwide
Metal Gear N/A (God Game not in game) Lv.2 Stealth Lv.3 Older Man Lv.5 War
Tokimeki Memorial Enemy Shot Resist Down Lv5 Lv.3 Girl Game Lv.4 Moe Lv.3 Love
Town Accumulate SP Lv5 Lv.2 Novel Lv.2 Photorealistic -
Dead Rising Critical Rate Up Lv5 Lv.1 Action Lv.4 Zombie Lv.4 Million Seller?
Super Robot War Enemy Pierce Resist Down Lv5 Lv.5 Strategy RPG Lv.4 Robot -
Monster Hunter Instant KO 20% Lv.5 Hunting Lv.5 Synthesis Lv.3 Killer Title?

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