My true joy is to destroy and to conquer!
— Demon King Jester
Demon King Jester
Maō Jesutā
Demon King Jester
Title Demon King
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Demon King
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Shouta Ebina
English voice Austin Lee Matthews


Demon King Jester is the craziest and most powerful boss in 4 Goddesses Online. He holds power that surpasses that of the Goddesses, and he is exceptionally skilled in magic. Curses and taboo spells are his specialty. Ages ago, he led an army to attack Alsgard in an attempt to conquer it, but he was sealed away when the Goddesses released their hidden powers.

His subordinate monsters that survived, however, have been moving in the shadows for the past 1,000 years in order to release Jester's seal. And now, the time of resurrection draws near...


Demon King Jester has the figure of a humanoid but he is gray with sky-blue eyes, teeth and long nails. His attire is rather kingly with a sky-blue plume making his overall appearance look all the larger. His robe is black and his collar is purple. He wears a segmented belt with a blue orb in the middle. In front of him is another blue orb with a dark blue swirl surrounding it.[1]


At the surface, Demon King Jester maintains a funny approachable nature as his name would imply. However beneath that is a manipulative figure that seeks to conquer Alsgard. The Demon King Jester is very effective at tempting otherwise good creatures into darkness such as the case of Minotauros.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

A long time ago, after the Demon King Jester's defeat he saw a powerful being in the forest, Minotauros. This creature was gentle and meant no harm. In order to seduce him into to darkness, the Demon King Jester created illusions of the villagers that the Minotauros helps. The illusions were hostile to Minotauros and brought him into a deep despair.

That was the Demon King Jester's chance and he appeared in front of the creature. He happily greets Minotauros and wonders why he has looks so sad. Minotauros grunts in surprise. Who is this figure? The figure explains that he is the Demon King Jester. He explains that his consciousness was led here by Minotauros's dark despair. He tempts Minotauros to take over this forest given his strength. It is a joke to see Minotauros cry about his situation. Minotauros grunts angrily and tells him to leave now. He has nothing to say to him.

Demon King Jester asks him if he remembers the mistreatment he had to endure and the anger he held. Who will answer for his pain? Minotauros has no response. The Demon King Jester refuses to let Minotauros rot away in a dump like this. He asks Minotauros to join him in his castle and they will accept him. He will have a place where he belongs. Minotauros grunts and asks if he really will be welcome. Demon King Jester guarantees it. He tells him to hurry and fall into darkness.

Due to the accursed Goddesses, he can't appear yet but it will be a little while before his vessel is ready. The Demon King Jester needs Minotauros's help with that. He tells Minotauros he does not need to hesitate. Together, they will take back this world for the denizens of darkness. Minotauros joins the Demon King Jester. He then tells Minotauros for starters, he should tear apart the humans that bullied him. He wants Minotauros to shred them into pieces like the big brute he is. Minotauros says nothing.

The Demon King Jester tells Minotauros he will be relying on him and laughs. The Demon King Jester supposes that Minotauros doesn't really need to destroy the horrible villagers as they were just illusions that he created. Oh well.



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