CPU Memory

A visual of the CPU Memory

A CPU Memory is an item that first appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory that can only be obtained from Memory Cores. CPU Memories only exist in the Ultradimension and are considered extremely rare as the appearance interval for them is randomized.

Functions & Requirements

The sole purpose of a CPU Memory is to allow humans to become goddesses. While you need the item to become a CPU, it doesn't mean that anyone with it can become a CPU. The user of the CPU Memory requires certain qualifications from birth, so if someone lacking tries to use it they will take on the form of a nasty monster.  It is for this reason why competition for CPU Memories is extremely light.


  • In the original Japanese version of Victory, CPU Memories are called Goddess Memories.
  • In Victory, it is shown that CPUs and CPU Candidates that enter the Ultradimension must obtain a CPU memory in order to regain their divine abilities. However, in the true ending of Victory, anyone can cross between the Hyperdimension and Ultradimension freely. The CPU Candidates also join your party, but if you enter the Ultradimension, they still retain all their powers as Candidates. This is either a plot hole in the game made for convenience, or it's due to the fact that the two dimensions were permanently linked from that point on, similar to how their time differences synced up.
  • The CPU Memory is similar to the "Ray Sphere" in "inFamous", turning potential CPUs into CPUs.

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