I'd like to go in swinging against the boss too, but, for now I'll do my best to help with support.
— Blanc
4GO Blanc
Title Chosen One
Gender Female
Race Goddess
Height 144cm
Weight 36kg
Sizes B71-W53-H77
Cup A
Weapon Staff
Personification Nintendo Consoles
Personal Status
Relatives Rom
Occupation Beta Tester
Video game Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Kana Asumi

The Goddess of Lowee. Although a generally reserved individual, when she becomes too stressed, she snaps and is unable to be stopped by anyone. Her favorite hobby is reading, and she writes her own works of fiction in her spare time. She sells her novels in secret, although not many people seem to buy them. It seems as though she's looking for inspiration for a new story idea while playing 4 Goddesses Online.

She has chosen the Priest class. She is an essential part of the party as she wields both healing and support skills.[1]



Blanc still bears her child-like figure but she now wears a blue and white puffy hat. In addition to her hat she wears a matching blue and white dress with a big red ribbon on her collar. She wears brown leather guards. Blanc also has a brown belt on her waist. She wears brown sandals and white knee socks that reach up to her thighs. Her hat and sandals are decorated with a 8 pronged wheel symbol on it.


Initially, Blanc seems like a quiet and introverted girl. She normally speaks in soft calm voice and appears to be extremely innocent. However, under that innocent exterior is a foul-mouthed, easily angered girl. She swears a lot and insults people right to their faces when she doesn't like them or if they piss her off. Blanc seems to be a lot calmer than White Heart.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Noire and Blanc logs in. Noire notices that Neptune is early.Blanc notes that no one is ever late for a new game. Neptune praises Blanc's priest outfit as it gives her goosebumps and is incredible.

Vert then logs in as the Enchanter class, the only class to bestow attributes to players depending on the situation. Neptune observes that Noire and Vert have switched the weapons, they wield in real life. Vert notices that everyone did change but with all the balance of their classes, they will be a splendid party.

With the initial dialogue out of the way, Neptune decides to introduce everyone else to the player.

Blanc gets annoyed as she heard something about "shortcomings" during Neptune's description. Noire also gets annoyed but Vert is excited. Neptune gets worried and tells the girls that this was their imagination. Noire does not buy it and chases her.

Vert agrees with Neptune and urges Blanc to get the tutorial started. Vert can't wait to try out the combat system. Blanc sighs and notes that it always ends up like this. Vert takes the time to appreciate the fact that while they normally compete they can work together in this game. Vert tells them the party shares a common destiny and no one should go off and solo.

Blanc and the others think Vert is the first to go solo. Vert assures them for this one time, she will not concern herself with rank or completion. She will sincerely explore the world, make new friends and tell others about the game as this is her responsibility of being granted early-access by the 4 Goddesses Online management.

Blanc and Neptune are shocked. Noire respects Vert's decision. Vert thanks Noire and explains that this episode of 4 Goddesses Online takes place in a different world and the idea of starting at level 1 gets Vert all excited.

At the tutorial event point, a NPC arrives and introduces herself as Bouquet, a guardian spirit, Royal Geist. She is sent by the Goddesses to guide them. Bouquet begins to explain the story of the world but Vert grabs her and embraces her. She asks Bouquet to be her little sister. Bouquet notes that her vision is blocked by the "bouncy bouncy". Noire pulls Vert back.

Blanc can't stand the "bouncy bouncy" remark but she notices that Bouquet reacted in real time to Vert's actions. She wonders how this is possible. Vert thinks it is nice of Blanc to notice as one of the features of this game is an advanced communication AI that can learn.

This is a result of Planeptune's technology. Noire gets defensive and says Lastation's technology is better in everything else. Blanc defends Lowee by saying technology does not matter and their long history of supporting everyone from all ages makes them the best. Vert reminds the girls that the real world is irrelevant. After Bouquet collects herself, she begins her story.

Long ago, the 4 Goddesses descended from the Divine Realm to an empty world. Purple Heart, the Goddess of Fate, Black Heart, the Goddess of Prosperity, White Heart, the Goddess of Order, and Green Heart, the Goddess of Fertility created Alsgard, home to the World Tree Leanverde aka Tree of Life. That tree is the source of all magic in this world and created all life. 1000 years ago, the Goddesses sealed up the Demon King Jester, who tried to take Leanverde's magic. However, that took a toll of them and Leanverde's restorative magic could not restore the Goddesses. The Goddesses left Sacred Treasures which housed their remaining power and retreated to the Divine Realm to heal.

Before the Goddesses left, they told Bouquet's great great great grandmother, the Royal Geist at the time that "When the world is in danger once again those carrying our blessings shall appear. Grant them the sacred treasures, and call to us. Keep guard of the treasures until that comes". The adventurers before Bouquet are the "Chosen Ones". She requests they gather the Sacred Treasures at Tetyu Temple to revive the 4 Goddesses.

Now that they know the final boss, Blanc wants to know what they have to do first. Bouquet tells them to head to Wishuel, a city just pass this forest, an adventurer's hub. Afterwards, they should head to Cautlprim Cathedral where the 4 Goddesses are worshiped. Bouquet wishes them all good luck. The forest is to test and train all potential "Chosen Ones". She tells them to learn at their own pace to navigate Alsgard and says her goodbyes.

In the forest, Neptune finds the monsters and Noire wants to compete with her to defeat them. Blanc tells the pair not to die and leave the healing to her.

Closer, to the end of the forest, the party hears the tutorial boss. Blanc's instincts tell her to go in swinging at the boss but she will support the party instead.

The party easily defeats the boss. In Wishuel, Blanc wants to take a look at the shops. Vert wants to see Bouquet in Cautlprim Cathedral. Blanc is okay with Vert's plan as there is likely an important event first. They can always check out the shop later. Neptune wants them to let her pick what to do.

Vert and Neptune enjoy the atmosphere of Wishuel. Vert is glad Neptune likes it and notes that one must be immersed in the environment to spend many hours in the game. Blanc finally understands how addictions occur. Noire thinks Neptune is addicted to 4 Goddesses Online and the first step to recovery is admitting the problem. Neptune denies her addiction. Blanc tells Neptune her denial and lack of self-awareness are the textbook symptoms of addiction. It may be too late for Neptune.

Neptune starts to worry that she will end up like Vert. Vert is hurt by the fact everyone thinks it is so bad to be like her. Noire tells Vert to stop with the fake tears. Blanc stops joking around and admits that Wishuel is beautiful and understands how one can pass the time in this game.

Later, the Goddesses discuss what online games they have been playing. Neptune has been playing online games largely on her console as well as 4 Goddesses Online.

Blanc has been playing a MMO based on a well-known RPG. Kids like the game, as it is easy to pick up. However, she is busy with Lowee so she has not logged in for a while. Blanc's plans are to play 4 Goddesses Online now.

Noire has started an RPG after it got its remake. She also plays 4 Goddesses Online but she is busy with affairs in Lastation. Vert has played all the games the other Goddesses mentioned. She even likes World Break Online noting that it was great.

Noire remembers the story of how World Break Online came crashing down. Blanc remembers that World Break Online had a error during their maintenance causing all services to end. In addition, the company went under. Neptune remembers that all her characters she worked on were all gone. Vert liked World Break Online as much as 4 Goddesses Online yet only memories remain of that game. Vert can't stand remembering that grim day and wants to return to the previous discussion.

Vert notices that everyone has some gaming experience and if they need any help they can rely on her. Blanc is relieved to have Vert in their party, she can take her time to get used to the game.

Vert tells them getting experience is in gaming is important. Eventually the should naturally acquire the ability to play for 96 hours straight. Blanc thinks one would fall asleep half way at most. Vert explains that ignoring rest is a basic requirement for online gaming and she can last 4 days with the help of special drinks.

At the 4th night, Vert wonders if her real self is in the game and if her real self is just a virtual avatar. Noire wonders what happens to people like Vert when games like World Break Online end. Blanc has heard about people staging protests outside the game company demanding that the game be kept online. Neptune finds that ridiculous as all they need to do is start over in another game. Vert urges them to avoid that topic.

Near a bulletin board, Vert explains that one can request or search for parties, ask for strategies and tips and chat. One can greatly expand their world. Noire thinks they should try to use it to their advantage. Neptune remarks that with this board, even a lonely Noire can make 100 friends. Noire demands Neptune take that back and chases her down. Blanc sighs and notes that Noire always loses her cool. Vert tells Blanc that the online community can be coarse and Blanc should build some resistance to instigation. Blanc angrily agrees but asks Vert who has been instigating her all this time.

Afterwards, the party heads into the Cathedral. Blanc feels at home. Neptune points out the statue of the 4 Goddesses. Neptune and Noire prefer the Goddess that was based on them. Blanc think White Heart is just lovely and inspiring praising the designer for fantastic taste. Vert tells Blanc if she wants inspiration, she should look at Green Heart's figure. One can get inspired by her voluptuousness. Blanc angrily asks why Vert is singling her out.

Noire remarks that the people here definitely worship the Goddesses. Bouquet appears and welcomes the Chosen Ones to Cautlprim Cathedral. Vert is overjoyed to see Bouquet and embraces her. Noire pulls Vert away from Bouquet while Blanc heals Bouquet's nosebleed.

Bouquet collects herself and explains that to save the world, they need to awaken the four Goddesses. The Goddesses exhaust a great deal of their strength to come to Alsgard. Normally Leanverde would restore them but the damage they sustained from the Demon King could not be healed by Leanverde. They had to return to the Divine Realm but the Demon King cursed them to be unable to wake up if they returned to the Divine Realm.

They need to gather the Sacred Treasures to build a rainbow bridge to the Divine Realm to awaken the 4 Goddesses. The Sacred Treasures, they need are the Amethyst Glass, Black Diamond Sword, Moonstone Hairpin and Emerald Mirror. Those treasures are sealed to prevent misuse and only the Chosen Ones should release the seal. Unfortunately, a powerful dark magic broke the seal and 2 of the Sacred Treasures ended up in the hands of the followers of the Demon King. The alliance of Paladins and Black Knights are attempting to retrieve the treasures but are having difficulty fighting the strong monsters.

Neptune asks for the location of the two treasures that are not stolen. Bouquet tells her they are in Logi Mountain and Yie Ar Forest. Vert chooses Logi Mountain. Blanc asks Vert for her reasons. When Vert hears a mountain, she must climb it. That is what her heart says as well as that is the recommended level progression. Once they get the Sacred Treasures Vert can have her union with Bouquet and all the Goddesses.

Neptune reports that Vert is drooling on Bouquet. Bouquet anxiously wonders what sort of bouncy fate awaits her. Blanc finds all of this ridiculous and hopes Vert is not a bad influence on the AI. Noire promises to control Vert so Bouquet does not have to worry and would appreciate her advice along their adventure. Bouquet accepts Noire's offer and looks forward to their next meeting.

Vert notes that a little sister is like an elusive shadow. The more she chases her, the more she flees. Perhaps she should try drawing her in. She decides to pray in the Cathedral so her feelings will reach Bouquet. Feelings aside, Blanc wants to know what else the Cathedral offers.

The party heads over to Logi Mountain. Noire wonders what monsters live here and hope they aren't too strong. Neptune is sure there are no strong monsters. Noire wonders how Neptune is so sure. Neptune reminds her that this is the early game. Blanc warns Neptune to stop dropping her guard or else she will be the first to bite the dust.

Near the end of the dungeon, Bouquet appears and is glad they made it all the way safely. Vert is glad to see Bouquet and embraces her. Bouquet struggles and tries to tell Vert she wanted to tell her for a long time. Vert embracing Bouquet is rather embarrassing for her. Vert thinks that is nonsense as they are sisters and wants to spoil her more. Bouquet notes that when she is surrounded by the bouncy, her head fuzzy as if she was hypnotized.

Blanc notes that Vert stated that they were sisters like fact. Bouquet returns to her senses and points them to a small shrine. Neptune notices a monument in it. Bouquet explains that they need to write a spell to the monument to get the Sacred Treasure, Amethyst Glass. Neptune realizes that they need a password so she decides to enter in "pudding is the best thing in the world". Vert tries "My adorable little sisters, Nepgear and Bouquet hehehehehehehe". Neptune and Vert get the Amethyst Glass.

Bouquet congratulates them and now the two of them have the power of the Awakening. Blanc cannot believe that is the password. Bouquet explains the game is still in beta therefore the password for the monument is not implemented and any password works.

Blanc decides to enter "Password" to the monument. Noire thinks Blanc is being naive, haphazard and careless. She decides to enter a more secure password which is Lastation's birthday and 123. Neptune announces that Noire has the most naive password. Noire tells Neptune to shut up and she would never use that password in her real accounts. Neptune asks if Noire is sure. Noire says it does not matter as they got the Sacred Treasures.

Since the mission is accomplished Vert wants to spend some quality private time with Bouquet. Bouquet asks her to do something not overwhelming. Vert is glad she is accepted and decides to play tag. She asks Bouquet to chase her. Bouquet tells her to wait and chases her. Blanc is glad everything has gone smoothly.

The party returns to Wishuel. Noire receives a message. Noire says it's Uni and she is playing the 4 Goddesses Online Beta as well. Neptune explains that Nepgear, her little sister that won the keys from a prize. She gave Uni, Rom and Ram and they are all playing together.

Blanc thinks Rom and Ram are too young to be playing online games. She decides to play 4 Goddesses Online in the same room as them. Noire tells them not to worry, they already got the first Sacred Treasure. Later, Noire receives Uni's message that the candidates are returning to Wishuel. Blanc is glad that they are safe and has already checked on Rom and Ram. She thinks they should wait in the plaza.

Later, the candidates make it to the plaza. Neptune sees her sister and calls out to her. Nepgear responds but Vert suddenly grabs her and embraces her. Nepgear tells Vert to stop squishing her so hard but notes that this does feel warm. Neptune complains that Vert already has Bouquet.

Vert explains that she is an adult woman and can have as many little sisters as need be. Besides Blanc has two little sisters despite... and glances at Blanc. Blanc gets annoyed and reminds her that chest size has nothing to do with having little sisters. Vert wonders why Blanc is taking about chest size. She has never mentioned anything about that. Blanc is able to lash out at Vert until Rom and Ram stop her.

Rom and Ram ensure that Blanc is calm. Blanc assures them that she was always calm and notices that Ram is a Ninja while Rom is a Samurai. Since Blanc was always protecting them in real life, Rom and Ram decided to protect her in this game. Blanc is glad and wants to their best together. Vert is glad that their party has doubled. Nepgear thinks they will have twice the fun.

When the party first arrives in Tetyu Temple without getting all the Sacred Treasures. Blanc urges them to find the Sacred Treasures. Neptune wants the cool things here that they can miss. Vert tells Neptune the choice is hers. They can look around and earn money in the ruins.

The party has made it to an altar in Tetyu Temple. Bouquet appears and welcomes them. Bouquet explains that this is the altar where they will offer the Sacred Treasures to release the Goddesses. It is the closest place in Alsgard to the Divine Realm. Due to the recent increase in monsters, less and less people have been making a pilgrimage here. Their presence pleases the Goddesses.

Neptune offers the Amethyst Glass. Blanc notices that the atmosphere has gotten more reverential. Rom notes that it feels like they are in the Cathedral. Ram wonders if the Goddesses are here and calls for them. Neptune thinks that can't be case as they need 4 for them to show up.

Purple Heart's voice can be heard. She gives the Chosen Ones blessings from the Goddesses and the party acquires the Source of Life. Bouquet reminds them that this altar is connected to the Divine Realm. The offer of a Sacred Treasure allows them to feel the presence of the Goddesses.

Neptune is happy the trip was worth it. They are all more pumped. Neptune is ready to head back. Noire reminds her to pick up the Sacred Treasure. Neptune is glad to have the reminder as she would not want anyone stealing the Sacred Treasure. Blanc tells them if that is done, they should head back and find the rest of the Sacred Treasures.

Now that the party has expanded thanks to the candidates Vert wants to name the party. Neptune notes that this is like a guild so she supports this. Blanc notes that there is no guild system implemented by they are a de facto guild, nonetheless. Nepgear wonders what it should be and suggests everyone spout whatever comes to mind.

Blanc wants something more related to Gamindustri. She suggests "8 Bit" as there are 8 of them. Vert does not hate the idea but what if their group grows. Vert remembers that in Gamindustri, they are called Console Patron Unit, so suggests "CPU". Blanc likes that its short, easy to remember with a "classic-game" feel. The other Goddesses like the name as well. Neptune declares that their party will now be known as "CPU". Vert thought they would argue more about this but is glad they settled it.

CPU then takes the Certification quest at Logi Mountain. In Logi Mountain, Neptune tries to jump to a foothold to climb higher. Noire, Blanc and Vert are displeased with this. Blanc wonders if it is okay for Neptune to fall from this high. Vert notes that they will not take damage but it will be a nuisance to climb back up again. Neptune tells them not to worry as she is confident in her platforming skills and promptly proceeds to fall off. Blanc notes that she fell quite a ways down.

CPU finishes the Certification quest and returns to Wishuel. Now that their strength has gone up Vert advises them to think about party reorganization before searching for other Sacred Treasures. Blanc thinks trial and error without the fear of failure is important. After the party reorganization, Neptune thinks they should look for the next Sacred Treasure.

CPU checks out the Gion Blacksmith. Blanc recognizes the owner of the blacksmith and greets her. She wonders what she is doing here. The owner notes that it has been a long time. Neptune asks Blanc if she knows the owner. Blanc explains that the out helped her out a long time ago. She never expected to meet her in this game. The blacksmith introduces herself as Tamsoft and her occupation is a blacksmith. Tamsoft tells them to bring in the materials and she will upgrade them. Tamsoft notes that they need strong weapons to beat this game so they should not hesitate to call her. Blanc promises that they will and are happy to see her.

Megami Wo TsunTsun Shichau CD








Lv. Name SP Cost
Fire 4
Ice 4
Thunder 4
Wind 4
Meteor Flame 12
Feel Force
Sea of Healing 8
Heal Raid 16
Resurrection 24
Recovery 12






Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Characters

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