The battle system in Hyperdimension Neptunia is turn-based by unit, where each character's turn comes based on their speed. Characters expend AP to attack enemies. Characters will only synthesize and use items when certain conditions are met.

Bullet Ring

Ranged attacks will be affected by the elemental bullet selected. There are five elements that can be acquired: Neutral, Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth.

Logo Bullet Element Obtain
Bullet Bullet None Tutorial Dungeon
Fire Bullet Fire Bullet Fire Tutorial Dungeon: Monsters
Wind Bullet Wind Bullet Wind Monster drop: Lindwurm
Ice Bullet Ice Bullet Water Monster drop: Hot Dog
Grand bullet Grand Bullet Earth Monster drop: ??? (Black Heart)


To escape, the player must have an Eject Button in the inventory. Without an Eject Button, escape is impossible.

Guard Break

Guard Break lasts from when the GP reaches 0 until the gauge recovers. During Guard Break, the Combo's chain will carry over. Combos will chain with others even if the player doesn't use the Combo Link or Switch systems. The Guard Break gauge will gradually recover after the enemy enters this state.


There are three types of stats present in Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Basic status

The player can increase/decrease a character's basic status by leveling up. The stats of a CPU's HDD form can increase/decrease by changing the equipped Processor Units.

Stat Description
Strength The character's physical power. Affects close-combat ability.
Vitality The character's willpower. Affects defensive abilities.
Agility The character's speed. Affects their action turn in battle.
Intelligence The character's intelligence. Affects ranged-combat ability.
Mentality The character's mentality. Affects magical/ranged resistance.
Luck The character's luck. Affects critical hits.


Parameters can increase/decrease depending on the equipment a character is wearing.

Logo Stat Description
HP Parameter Hit Points (HP) The character will fall unconscious during battle if this depletes.
AP Parameter Action Points (AP) Attacks are conducted by consuming AP. The more AP, the more attacks possible.
Attack Power Attack Power Influences damage output of physical attacks against enemies.
Defense Power Defense Power Influences defense against enemy physical attacks.
Magic Power Magic Power Influences damage output of magic and bullet attacks against enemies.
Resistance Power Resistance Power Influences defense against enemy magic attacks.
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance Influences resistance against elemental attacks with the fire affinity.
Wind Resistance Wind Resistance Influences resistance against elemental attacks with the wind affinity.
Water Resistance Water Resistance Influences resistance against elemental attacks with the water affinity.
Earth Resistance Earth Resistance Influences resistance against elemental attacks with the earth affinity.

Processor Unit Parameters

In addition to basic status, Processor Units have their own unique stats that are applied when a CPU is in HDD form. Processor Units also affect a CPU's elemental resistance.

Logo Stat Description
Clock Frequency Clock Frequency Processing ability. It affects overall CPU performance.
Memory Memory Memory ability. It affects mainly resistance.
Heat Heat Unit temperature. The higher the value, the higher your attack power.

Status ailments

There are six status ailments in Hyperdimension Neptunia. Status ailments can be inflicted by enemies and characters alike. Some Item Skills can inflict a Status Ailment to a character's self or to other allies.

Status Ailment Description
Poison HP slowly deteriorates. Character loses HP every turn.
Paralyze May fall to act. Character may fail to attack during a turn.
Lo-Tension Slower speed, decreased AP. Character moves slowly in turn order, but AP consumption per action is decreased.
Hi-Tension Faster speed, increased AP. Character moves faster in turn order, but AP consumption per action is increased.
Heal HP will slowly recover. Character will gain HP every turn.
Lunatic Attack power increases, but Item Skills will not activate. Skills may become normal attacks.


There are two types of skills in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Combo Skills and Item Skills.

Combo Skills

Main article: Combo Skill (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

In Hyperdimension Neptunia, a Combo Skill is a type of skill that can be assigned to a character to create attack sequences. The character may utilize up to four Combo Skills in a single sequence. If the player executes a certain combo in a sequence, the player is given a chance for a character to perform a skill called an End Bonus.

Item Skills

Main article: Item Skill

An Item Skill is a type of skill a character has in Hyperdimension Neptunia. It allows a character to synthesize and use items in the heat of battle without having to waste a character's turn. The usage of an Item Skill is determined by several factors: the quantity of Item Synthesis Materials: (Tuffmil, Reflex, Gelatin, and Detoxin) currently in possession, the activation percentage, and various battle conditions.

Turn Order

Order is determined by each ally's speed and will be displayed with icon symbols. A cursor will point to the character taking action. The targeted enemy's icon will flash.

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