Cutscene Quotes

  • "I don't like that word, "eavesdropping"... I much prefer "monitoring."
  • "Honestly, I'm kind of crushing on that raven-haired CPU. I like tormenting her kind."
  • "Noire, I Would really like it if you referred to me with a cute little pet name, like Anny."
  • "I told that I'm more a behind-the-scenes type. I'm not made for all this sexy action."
  • "Now, now! My heart is that of a pure maiden!"
  • "Aww, what a tasteless fate... To think my tender, virgin existence ends like this."
  • "Tee-hee! As expected, Rei's nearly crying face is adorable."
  • "The girl lost and it appears her old memories returned. A typical and hackneyed happy ending." (Before disbanding the Seven Sages)
  • "Ohmigosh, gee-golly!"
  • "This heralds the end...! The end of our lovely tryst!"
  • "Although, it's much more fun if I get to make strong, independent girls cry."

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